K20000 Type High Pressure Explosion-proof Plunger Pump

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The pump can be equipped with the explosion-proof motor 75 to 200kw and the medium to be pumped can be clear water and emulsion as well.
    ◆That pump can be applied for dust removal, affusion, hydraulic support and coal excavation and also can be used for surface cleaning, such as excavation equipments and pipes etc., as will as pressure test.
    ◆Technology parameters


Our products have a wide range of applications, such as 

1. Industrial pipe cleaning 

2.Shipyard rust removal, paint removal

4.Aviation: expansion joints, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluid on runways cleaning.

5.hydropower station/ dam/dike concrete work treating.

6.Casting clean scale removal rust removal paint, removal sand.

7. Pipe pressure test, hose pressure test, hydro pressure test, etc.

Our company has passed European CE Certificate, ISO9001:2000 certificate,ISO 14001:2004 certificate, and AAA Credit Rating Certificate. It’s a member of Waterjet Technology Association (WJTA) in USA and National Standarlization 

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Q:Can the vehicular inflator pump be used as the air source for the pneumatic dust removing gun?
Generally speaking, the air pump can not be used as the air source of the pneumatic dust removing gun.1, an on-board pump is used for inflating the tyres, cannot be directly used for pneumatic air. To pick up the dust gun, it should be connected to a small air compressor, in fact, that is the larger power of the pump, with dust removal effect of the car pump.2, the car inflatable pump must add a gas tank in order to be pneumatic dust removal gun gas source, or unstable air pressure, while the air pump can not work for a long time, will burn out.
Q:What brand of vacuum pump is cheap and practical?
I want to buy, too
Q:Air pump motor operation, but not how to do the air pump?
It is estimated that the valve plate of the air pump is broken.
Q:The problem of water out of the air pump for a long time.
This "drain valve" means the valve under the belly of the air pump. You bend over and have a look at it. Turn it off with the vise.
Q:For crayfish, does the oxygen pump take 24 hours? Will it burn out?
The original design of the air pump is 24 hours long, so it is best to keep it open for a long time
Q:General pump can be used in the model airbrush on?
You certainly need airbrush spray pump, the general set down a cheaper enough three hundred or four hundred;There is a water filling (county official), have 40ml installed, generally not more than 40, you can buy online 20+, this is the need to dilute with airbrush spray, spray cans as well as ready-made, but not cost-effective, to almost double. Another is the paint (Tamiya, county official, Gaia), are the mainstream brands, have oily water on the points, then this is not elaborate, price 20- a bottle, also need to use dilution. The following is the main floor of thinner, thinner, the brand must be the same, especially Tamiya county official two, each other are insoluble, as for domestic can use, but the scope is very small, but thinner is not expensive, about 20 of 110ml, 250ml 50, 400ml sixty or seventy (Jun Shi). If you have a palette, you can sell the palette, but tell the landlord exactly how small the plate is. There is a cover tape, this is the color with time, like Tamiya, the other type of waterproof tape medical (translucent) effect is good, the price range of change with width of not more than 20 words, online.
Q:What's the difference between a filter and an oxygen pump? Can a fish filter be used only?
The filter is a water pump as the driving force, so that the flow through the filter material, to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality aquarium equipment, common on the filter, side (back) filter, bottom filter, bucket filter, filter. Some filters incorporate oxygen enhancing functions, such as three in one submersible pumps, etc..The oxygen pump is a kind of aquarium equipment that uses air to press air into the water to increase the contact area between water and air and to increase dissolved oxygen in water. General matching pipe, cloth head use.Fish must filter equipment, but not to use the air pump, it is not hypoxia. I don't need two jars. The grass tank produces a lot of oxygen, and it doesn't need it. In the seawater tank, the protein separator is pumped heavily and has enough dissolved oxygen. I have an air pump, which is used only for the hatching of good year shrimps.
Q:How large air pump does 100W laser cutting machine use?
A control valve is added to the vent to control the airflow size
Q:Open oxygen pump goldfish why are you always floating in the water floating a few days and then he died.
First you fish disease, the disease is usually floating water, slows down the action, the latter will turn on the surface of the waterWhat's the matter? Water is the source of misfortune! The water was not taken care of, and many of the fish sold did not pay attention to the water quality, so he was sick when he was there! Why is it okay with him? When you buy fish, you don't see the fish well. Besides, the fish density is large and the oxygen supply is great. Sometimes you can't see the morbid state. And after you go home, you are a long-term farming, the environment has changed, morbid state emerged. Those traders will say what you don't have a good, what should be done, nonsense!Only a small part of the home is not good enough to catch the diseaseThe trick is to pick the fish! Carefully select, the owner of the real fish are bought in the fish shop when the fish just go, or a few days to observe the target fish shop fish, a week later found that the United States to buy the problemIs the control of water quality should be paid attention to in the home, the best is to change the water filtration system, 1/3 have no words for 35 days, don't put the amount of fish food, feed several times after You'll see. they eat much less, can do not much before the water goes bad easily. The fish must be disinfected first. Not only should the fish be isolated after the disease occurs, but the original tank must be thoroughly disinfected
Q:How does the air pump spray the water gun (the principle of the car spray gun)?
Siphon principle is adopted, compressed air suction siphon out.

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