WFB Series Non-Seal Self-Control Self-Suction Pump

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WFB type no seal control self-suction pump, absorbs the domestic and foreign related products in the advanced experience of the foundation. Improved and innovative new product, is the traditional domestic products of the same products replace. The product has good resistance, stress and grinding, "for the first time, permanent drainage self-priming", etc. Products are cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, reinforced polypropylene such as qualitative, five different modelling more than kinds of specifications.

1, the sealing is reliable. This pump USES no leak sealing devices, by secret sealing and with power of auxiliary seal. Instead of the traditional water pump of packing seal, mechanical seal, thoroughly solved the traditional sealed "run, run, drop, leakage", etc. The long axis submerged pumps, submerged pumps, submersible sewage pump and the most ideal products. 2, USES dynamic seal device. When running, no wear, the service life is a traditional product 10 times above; 3, power sealing device, lower cost 10 years for the operation cost of packing seal of 50%, for 70% of mechanical seal; 4, self-priming performance is stable and reliable, and especially the "electric air control valves", to achieve a truly "first drainage, permanent self-priming"

Widely used in the electronics, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, food, fire control, environmental protection, electroplating, water purification, the municipal administration, the national defense, textile, mining, construction and other industries.

Working conditons
Flow: 0.75 6800 m3 / h
Head: 4-130 M
The liquid temperature: 40- 180 degree
Working pressure: The biggest 16 bar

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Q:380V air compressor (air pump) connected to the pressure switch and AC contactor, how to connect the two thin wire?
Look at the diagram of the control loop. Is it normally open or closed?..
Q:For crayfish, does the oxygen pump take 24 hours? Will it burn out?
I don't need to beat oxygen when I'm a waterfall. Unless new shrimp is introduced into the tank, the shelling is isolated, and cultures of nitrifying bacteria and high temperatures are developed.
Q:What is the overheating of the printing press air pump?
What kind of model, if it is oil cooling, it may be the oil rotor is not good,
Q:Should the air pump in the tank keep open all the time?
General fish are often open, not only inflatable, but also purify the water quality.1, submersible pump is best to open normally, stopped nitrifying bacteria will die, disappear, adverse to water.2, the aquarium to keep more fish, fish density is large, you often have to open the inflatable pump.3, even blow the kind of submersible pump can blow that function off, small fish in this excitement for a long time, will soon die from excessive fatigue.4, it is best to have two or three oxygen pumps open alternately, because the internal structure of the oxygen pump has a rubber cover is used to compress the air. Motor motor running for a long time, especially in summer, over heating, damage life. In short, the above two cases will have their service life.
Q:Air compressor, air pump room need to pay attention to what safety problems?
Is the daily number of main technical parameters of the copy,Leak point checkAbnormal record of air compressor
Q:Is the tire pump a good or a double cylinder?
You have to look at the specific is what car, the car is generally recommended to use single cylinder pump is good, if it is a cross-country car, playing air pump higher requirements can choose double cylinder, so that air speed, heat is also fast. Double cylinder Rimula LG500S brand than the wind pump up faster, but also good performance, long service life. Select the tire pump, do not think it is good, the first thing to consider is: the complete elimination of the flat tire, the tire pressure can be quickly played up to normal values (flow rate of at least 30L/Min or above); second is to see the tire size, according to the L data pump that do consider but, make sure you choose the brand is not a warranty and customer service service mechanism, so after the comparison, in order to ensure that your choice of both security and efficiency, fast
Q:Where does the Audi A8 pump the fuse?
Landlord, ah, this is the other insurance together, in front of the copilot, you can look at.
Q:Mute oil free air pump or oil pump is good?
Yihan pump is not recommended to buy Yihan pump when bought back is mute but most people use about half a year there will be noise larger outgassing parts in small quantity will appear fault. Buy Yihan or do not consider it a pump.
Q:Do you need filters and oxygen pumps for small tanks?
Small tanks require the use of filters and oxygen pumps. This can greatly reduce the artificial burden of feeding. Let's take a look at what these two things play in a small fish tank:1, small fish in normal life will continue to breathe, reduce the dissolved oxygen content in water, in natural waters, because the surface area of water contact with the air, oxygen can quickly dissolved into the water to supplement. But in a small bowl, because the water and air contact area is small, and the feeding density is relatively high, so the content of dissolved oxygen decline will be relatively fast, once dropped to below 3ppm, the fish will continue to float, did not improve the fish will die. Oxygen pumps can increase water contact with air, increasing the rate of oxygen dissolution.2, the residual fish food, fish feces will decompose and decay under the action of microorganisms, forming ammonia and nitrite substances which are toxic to fish. When the concentration of ammonia nitrogen is greater than 0.02ppm or the concentration of nitrite is greater than 0.2ppm. Fish die of poisoning. The filter allows the flow of water to pass through the filter material, so that the nitrifying bacteria on the filter material oxidize the substance to form a basically non-toxic nitrate.If you do not have these two devices we can only rely on water for fish, more frequent to hypoxia and harmful substance accumulation, with these two devices can greatly reduce the frequency of the water, reduce the burden of artificial feeding.
Q:How do you set the air pump to 4 pressure?
Air compressor can generally set the minimum Qidong pressure and the maximum stop pressure, directly on the top of the tune on the line, and adjust the side of the bleeding, as set to 4 pressure.An air pump (air pump), an air pump, that eliminates air from an enclosed space or adds air from enclosed space. The air pump is mainly divided into an electric air pump and a manual air pump. Electric air pump. An electric pump powered by electricity; produces air pressure by constantly compressing the air through electricity. Mainly used in pneumatic rubber, car inflatable, etc..

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