ZCQ Self-Priming Magnetic Leakless Seal Chemical&Dosing Pump

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Product Description:

Model No : ZCQ Magnetic Pump

Flow :3-50 m3/h

Head:12-50 m

Power: 0.37-18.5  kw

Feature :

It is also called magnetic drive pump, using modern magnetic theory. Magnetic pumps adopt internal and external magnetic steel to delivery.

This pump are remodeled based on the Series CQ magnetic pumps with the recent advanced technologies of the field. The product combines the advantages of the magnetic pumps such as fully sealing and corrosion resistance, and the features of self-priming pumps such as simple line structure without bottom valve and easy operation without filling liquid for being primed. The maximum priming height is 4 m.

Application :
The self-priming magnetic pumps are widely used in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric plating, dyeing and printing, food, agrochemical, and metallurgical industries for pumping acids, bases, oils, valuable liquids, toxic or volatile liquids, especially flammable, easy to leak and explosive fluids.
ZCQ Self-Priming Magnetic Leakless Seal Used in Chemical&Dosing Pump

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