Horizontal Multistage Fire Pump (XBD-W)

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Performance & Advantages
Water supply of fireplug Water supply of sprinkler system Stabilizing pressure for fire system Cleaning on other occasions Liquid transport.

Range of Application
Water supply for hydrants and sprinking, pressure stabilization and other locations to handle clean liquids.

Technology Parameters

Flow: 5-120L/S

Rotary Speed: 1450r/min

Calibre: Φ50-Φ150

Temperature: 10~50 degree centigred
Working Pressure: ≤ 1.3MPa

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Q:Do you need filters and oxygen pumps for small tanks?
No, keep it clean
Q:The mechanic charged the high pressure pump into his colleague's anus and caused serious injuries. Does it constitute a negligent crime?
Hello, the behavior of the subjective constitutes an indirect intention. Negligence refers to the behavior of people should have foreseen that his act may endanger the society, because of negligence did not foresee, or have foreseen the gullible can be avoided, that the psychological attitude. The criminal negligence in the subjective mentality is not to harm results occur, but you said the mechanic will be high pressure pump into the anus colleagues behavior should belong to knowing that their actions would endanger the society, still allowing this to happen as a result of mental state, thus constitute indirect intentional.
Q:Can the refrigerator compressor be used as an air pump to drive the nail gun?
Add an air tank. Otherwise, the pressure is enough, but the gas storage is too little. A gun shot pressure is gone, the compressor supply is not alone.
Q:How to use the electric air pump?
Plug in the switch and turn on (up) and you'll be able to do it. It's full of gas, or you'll stop by yourself after 8 kilograms of air pressureThen pull the vent valve on the OK, the pressure below 4 or 6 kg will start on its own.
Q:Why is the pipe hot when the car pumps the pump?
Because the pressure is great, then the small pump, playing so much pressure will definitely heat,
Q:Does the oxygen pump for fish keep running?
If it's dense, it should be turned on
Q:How long does the oxygen pump in the tank need to last?
The aquarium is usually open because the fish tank is small
Q:380V air compressor (air pump) connected to the pressure switch and AC contactor, how to connect the two thin wire?
Look at the diagram of the control loop. Is it normally open or closed?..
Q:What is the glass tube that the air pump connects to the air compressor?
It's called a pressure regulating valve! Go to the mechanical and electrical market, and remember that the pressure is the range of that gauge. Then the size of the interface, dozens of domestic, imported only 800
Q:The pump stops and starts on its own. This happens several times a day
The general air pump itself will have an air bag, the pump will work into the air bag into the compressed air, when the pressure in the air bag reached a fixed value, will stop continuing to inflate, when the air pump will stop working. When the pressure of the package is not enough to support the use of the air pump, the pressure is automatically started. So it's normal to start and stop automatically.

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