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Product Description

The series of pumps are new model produets developed by our company. Which have rational configuration and long useful life work with high efficiency and Less noise and do well in resisting cavitation.

The TSWA seriesconsist of 5 varieties. That is 40 specs.
The followings are their working range:
T(temperature of llquids)<=80'C.

The liquids should be clean water or similar to water in chemical and physical properties.

The pumps are especially adapted to water supply of air-eondltione r eauipped in hotels and restaurants.

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Q:Can I spray paint without an air pump?
Best not to spray, I borrowed a pump spray yourself a shoe and invisible door on their own, the effect is very poor, if there are ready-made can buy, or buy ready-made, unless you are confident of their own woodworking.
Q:Make two air pressure air pump start and stop at the same time, how to connect
The gas storage tank of the two machines is connected with each other. It is possible to control a contactor with a pressure switch of a machine.
Q:My aquarium oxygen pump does not add oxygen. What's the matter?
That depends on whether the oxygen pump is still working, and if you are still working, the other is still running down, then it proves that your pump needs a change of position, and that the plastic pipe outside the link needs to be inserted again. If the oxygen pump does not work, you need to take down and clean the pump body, if not work, may be the oxygen pump motor burned.
Q:What lubricant does the air pump use?
The inflator pump should use the special lubricating oil for the inflator pump". Special lubricating oil has excellent thermal oxidation stability, low temperature fluidity and excellent hydrolytic stability, low carbon residue, the evaporation loss is small; special lubricating oil has strong rust corrosion resistance, not easy to form sludge, paint quality; special lubricating oil with high viscosity index and elastic seal to ensure excellent compatibility. The pump of long service life.The pump is also called pump, pump, air pump through the operation of the motor to motor, pumping when the connector is atmospheric pressure impulse valve open, gas into the pump, and to boost the morale of the tire air pressure pump, the valve has been closed, the gas into the tire. It also uses the principle of atmospheric pressure to inflate the car, rubber ball and rubber boat.
Q:What's the price of the truck mounted inflator?
Depends on your needs, such as charging type car inflated pump is more expensive, and now charging type inflatable pump is also less, the price is about 500-600 yuan. Have all utility functions of vehicle mounted inflator pumps.In general, we choose more practical inflatable pump is good, the price range of 200-300 yuan. I recently Group buy a Goodyear car air pump. 288 yuan to buy, inflatable pump inflatable good, compact design. The gas is fast, I take the spare tire to do the experiment, the tire pressure gauge can take down, sets the tire pressure function, is very user-friendly.
Q:What kind of fish can live without inserting oxygen pumps?
The water surface is relatively large, the fish body is relatively small, the number is also small, you can use the air pump. Tropical fish, too. But the condition is bad, the fish is also bad, affecting ornamental. If there is a water circulation system, it is straight or can not pump.
Q:Air pump has been installed oil-water separator, in the process of spraying, there are small dots, how to do?
1, do you use an oil pump or an oil-free air pump?;2, the ordinary oil-water separator can only remove part of the oil or water;Terms of settlement:1, choose oil-free gas pump;2, replace a good oil-water separator;3, the daily maintenance of the air pump needs to be done. The gas tank is regularly drained
Q:An air pump is not switched on and the voltage is normal
Do not only measure the voltage, such as lines too long or there is a virtual place, the voltage is not enough, the starting current increases, the line loss increases, the voltage of the pump is not enough. You can measure the voltage when you start the pump. If the voltage is not a problem, use the meter to measure the pressure relay, that is, whether the voltage control is normal or not. If the voltage control is normal, you should see if the motor coil is burned. In addition, the single-phase pump should pay attention to the capacitor, three-phase should pay attention to contactor is normal.
Q:Mute oil free air pump or oil pump is good?
If you want a quiet, buy IWATA, IWATA is super quiet, and the hose will increase the oil-water separation spring water effect, but will increase the chance of joint leakage, to buy it, I suggest you change a joint stronger
Q:What is the inflatable pump on board?
In general, the speed of vehicular air pump is different, the inflation of the small power is slow, and the high power is fast. If the car tires large, it is recommended to use high-power pump, inflatable faster. Generally more than 225 of the use of high-power, inflatable speed of more than 35L per minute Caixing

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