1kV Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Power Cable

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Product Description:


IEC 60502



1kV copper conductor XLPE insulated power cable is used for fixed installations of rated voltages 1kV and below, such as distrubution networks or industrial installations. It can be installed in cable duct, trench or directly buried in earth.


Product Description

1) Rated Voltage: 600/1000V

2) Max. working temperature: 70 °c for pvc insulation and 90 °c for xlpe insulation

3) Max. temperature during short circuit (≤5S): 160°c (PVC insulation), 250°c (XLPE insulation)

4) Conductor: class 1 and 2 copper or aluminum

5) Shape of conductor: circular and sectional

6) Sectional area: 1.5 - 500mm2

7) Insulation: PVC / XLPE

8) No. of cores: 1, 2, 3, 3+1, 3+2, 4, 4+1, 5

9) Armor: steel wire or steel tape available

10) Sheath: PVC

11) Min. beding radius: 15 times cable radius (single core),  12 times cable radius (multi cores)

12) Max. conductor DC resistance at 20 °c

Sectional area (mm2)1.52.54610162535507095
Copper (Ω/km)12.107.4104.6103.0801.8301.1500.7270.5240.3870.2680.193
Aluminum (Ω/km )-12.17.414.613.081.911.200.8680.6410.4430.320
Sectional area (mm2)12015018524030040050063080010001200
Copper (Ω/km)0.1530.1240.09910.07540.06010.04700.03660.02830.02210.01760.0151
Aluminum (Ω/km )0.2530.2060.1640.1250.1000.07780.06050.04690.03670.02910.0247

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Q:How many volts should the electrical wire be for a new electrical outlet?
The wire installed is good for a MAXIMUM 600 Volts. Normal house wire is 14 AWG or lower (12) Solid Copper. If you use STRANDED wire use 1 number smaller for short distances.
Q:75 square meters of cable diameter is the number (GB)
75 square meters of cable diameter should be about 5mm. Cable (electriccable; powercable): usually consists of several or several groups of wires. Safety requirements: When the cables cross each other, the high voltage cable should be under the low voltage cable. If one of the cables is in the range of 1 m before and after the cross-pipe protection or partitioning, the minimum allowable distance is 0.25 m. When the cable is close to or intersecting the heat pipe, the minimum distance between parallel and cross is 0.5m and 0.25m, respectively. When the cable is crossed with the railway or road, the pipe should be protected from the rail or the road 2m. The distance between the cable and the foundation of the building shall be such that the cable is buried outside the building; the cable shall be pipe-protected and the protective pipe shall be outside the building. Directly buried in the ground between the cable and the grounding of the grounding device should be separated between 0.25 ~ 0.5m; buried directly in the underground cable buried depth, generally should not be less than 0.7m, and should be buried in the frozen soil layer.
Q:How the satellite receiver and the DVD are connected to the TV at the same time
To find a water technician asked a question or to the property to ask also line
Q:why people using cloth insulated wire for electrical iron and toaster ?
Not a good idea. The cloth insulation nomex or kevlar and is for heat resistance. Without that you are likely to melt the wires at the point where they go into the appliance.
Q:Asking about my electrical wire set-up.?
Do you have any electric heaters? The electricity is not leaking. If you have an electical leak, it is not the same as a water leak. An electrical leak will not increase your electicial bill noticeably. It will trip a breaker, blow a fuse, or cause a fire. You keep the basement at 50 degrees. this is likely the reason your neon (fluorescent lights) flicker before coming on. Fluorescent bulbs often will flicker or glow when the are cold and/or damp. If your house is noew the electrical boxes should be proerly grounded. As for the electrical shocks, they could be static electricity discharging to the grounded electrical boxes. If you are not sure, hire a reputable qualified electrician to check this out. If your house is new; keep any bills and present them to the builder only if there a fault was found in the wiring.
Q:Decoration when the purchase of water pipes, wires and other items included in the account
Cpu: intel Pentium e dual-core e2160 (box) 440 yuan (advanced architecture, low heat, cheap) Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-g31m-s2l470 yuan (main chipset intelg31) Memory: Apacer 1gbddr yuan (fake less than Kingston (The technology is advanced) CD-ROM: ASUS dvd-e818a135 yuan (noise is very small, gives a very quiet feeling) Power: GOLDENFIELD Raptors atx-s300 enhanced version of 150 yuan (power version: atx12v2.31 rated power: 250) Chassis: 120 yuan mouse and keyboard: 70 yuan Total price: 2200 yuan
Q:Electrical wiring for 30x30 workshop?
In Canada and the USA 15 amp circuits are the norm wired with # 14 cable unless the runs are very long. Up to 12 outlets can be place on one circuit but for a workshop, I would sugest no more the 4 or 5 per circuit. If you require a 20 amp circuit, it should be a dedicated circuit with the proper 20 amp receptacle. A separate 15 amp circuit for your lighting is smart in case you trip a breaker with one or more of your shop tools; you will still have lighting. The welder will require a dedicated 240 volt, 60 amp circuit Your air compressor will also require a dedicated 240 volt circuit sized accordingly to the power demand of the compressor motor. Just from what you have listed, I would suggest at least an 100 amp 240/120 volt load centre. This will give you extra room for fans, heating, etc.
Q:what is AL and CU as it pertains to electrical wires?
Al - Aluminum Cu - Copper
Q:What kind of switch can i use to put on an electrical wire?
sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, a ceiling light light with wire looped across to an outlet? I hope you're kidding
Q:How to solve the USB cable is too long power shortage problem
You take the graphics card 6pin power supply, red are graphics cards, motherboard auxiliary power supply is black, 4pin or 4 +4 structure

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