12X Metal Telephoto Lens For Galaxy S3/S4/Note Ii

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Product Description:

Model No.:SR1220MS4T

12X Metal telephoto Lens for Galaxy S3, Glaxy Note II, Galaxy S4

Aluminum Barrel

Magnification: 12X

Angle of View: 90 degree

Size: 31 x 78 mm

Weight:100 g



12x Metal telephoto Lens

One protecting case : Galaxy S III special protecting case, OR  Galaxy Note II case, OR  Galaxy S4 case

Black bracket

Mini tripod

Carrying pouch

Cleaning cloth

Instruction manual


Packing information:

10pcs/inner carton; 30pcs /outer carton

G.W:  13.5  kgs/ 15.5 kgs( for Galaxy Note II)

Dimension: 48X34X33cm / 55x38x35cm(for Galaxy Note II)


MOQ: 100pcs

Leadtime: 10 days


Anodise black color  available


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Q:What is the flat lens that protects the camera lens?
That can use a variety of lenses Have a dedicated lens protection mirror There are UV mirrors There are sky mirror Which lens protection lens only protect the lens function, the price is not low, the effect of light mirror almost can not see
Q:SLR full lens and half of the difference between the lens?
In general, the two can not be seen from the outside. But there will be differences in the lens parameters. The fundamental difference between the two is: because the full-frame photosensitive components than aps frame (so-called half) of the size of the sensor more than doubled, the former is 36mm * 24mm, the latter only 24mm * 16mm. Therefore, full-frame lens imaging circle than aps frame lens much larger. Because of this difference, so full-frame lens can be used in aps frame camera, and the effect is very good (only the best part of the lens imaging of the middle). On the contrary, aps frame lens, if used in full-frame camera, it is likely to produce the phenomenon of black circles (zoom lens may have some focal lengths do not produce black circles), so not only lost the wide-angle screen, and edge imaging quality Also very poor
Q:Millet camera lens reversal icon no
Check the camera settings, restore the factory settings after the view can be resolved. Or brush into the latest version to view, if the above can not be resolved, please go to the local after-sales testing.
Q:What is the depth of the camera on the lens there is a circle around the symmetrical aperture scale, what is the role of how to adjust the aperture and speed to meet the required depth of field requirements
A: The focus of the main plane of the scene in the film will form a clear image, in front of somewhere to its rear somewhere in a range, the scene can form a clear image, this range is called depth of field.
Q:Canon 60D appears Err 01 "camera and lens communication is faulty, please clean the lens contact" What is the problem? The lens is 18-135
The lens is not safe, re-install the majority can be resolved. And then do not scratch the touch on the lens of the "cheat". If not solve, it is very likely that the lens inside the cable cup. To repair the lens.
Q:How to maintain the camera lens?
Hood If the lens has a hood, it should be installed as much as possible. Because the hood also has the effect of protecting the lens. Especially when the lens vertical landing, the hood can save the lens life. UV / protective filter A good filter does not substantially affect the imaging, but it can be used to prevent lens scratches and dust on the surface. Although the filter is damaged, but to protect the lens of course, it is best to carefully avoid the collision or fall of the camera itself, walking with the palm of your hand gently cover the lens, and try to put the camera in the neck hanging so as not to fall. Keep the lens clean air blow In general, when the camera is purchased, the business will be accompanied by a cleaning kit. Air blowing in general, enough to help us blow away the dust. It is advisable to blow away large dusts with air before using any cleaning supplies. If the readers believe that the air is not clean enough to blow the air, the market with some of the air blow with the filter, you can ensure clean, blow out the gas is not accompanied by dust. 1. This cylinder is filled with compressed air.
Q:Camera lens has a lot of fingerprints how to do?
There is a more than 80,000 of the lens, because the coating damage to the 20,000 are no one to, it is best to pay attention to the point, try not to hurt
Q:Camera lens function and how to distinguish
The lens not only covers the user will be frequently used in the focal lengths, and maintain a 455 grams of lightweight mirror, and the optimized AF auto focus control can bring fast autofocus, is a capture, including, suitable for travel use of the lens
Q:How to distinguish the authenticity of Canon cameras and lenses
So if the business want to sell your parallel imports, how to check in the store are OK. SLR machine software can be measured out of the shutter release times, very simple. The lens will depend on the bayonet there is no trace of friction, the lens is not falling gray and wipe the traces, there is no scratches and so on. This should be seen from the subtle.
Q:Does the SLR camera's lens need to be stored in a drying cabinet? What is better?
I suggest you pick high-strength cards, I heard that they have a special cabinet is used to store the camera lens!

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