can i get fired for being out for a week with a drs excuse?
let the man go he died and that happened in 1984 aint funny to make fun of somebody that d...
Trade C Hamels, R Dempster for D Wright?
It's not supposed to set it off but yeah it can, I think the steam confuses the little air...
Do you think the challenges facing the united states today are more or less significant than the challenges?
Next time don't park in the fire zone. The fire department and ambulances need it in the e...
How to go about building a round yard/arena?
I use Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pets. It is very effective. If you buy a pet brush, get a ...
What tools do I need to get started with wood turning?
The sheets just are a buffer like a towel in the dryer. I dont use them because most sheet...
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