Character names that have to do with elements (fire, water, electricity/lightning)?
yes yes yes they have their own breaker that is code. and most hard wired have a back up b...
My wired smoke detector started beeping at 6:00 a.m I have replaced the battery twiceand it will not stop..?
call plumber back, did you have house inspected prior to move in? Check all fittings, chec...
how do i make my own speed bump for a private parking lot?
If you got out you are smart, but how did you even get locked inside?...
Can someone give me some examples of recyclable materials and what they can be made into?
This is not even thought out. I will go along with the witty (ha ha) statement under the s...
Would you shake hands with a &bone crusher&?
you can braid your hair. It makes it crimpy, not curly. I havent heard using a paper bag t...
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