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Is the cement board sound insulation effect is good, or gypsum board noise effect is good?
Our sound insulation board 425 (cement board composite, thickness 13mm) and Zhiwei noise board 410 (gypsum board compound, thickness 18mm) compared to the noise board 425 sound insulation better! The green sound insulation board 425 and the green wood safety board 458 (a gypsum board + a piece of glass magnesium plate composite, the thickness of 18mm) its Zhiwei noise board 458 higher sound insulation. In general, sound insulation is mainly high frequency and low frequency sound, different materials on both of them also play a different sound insulation (personal life point of view, but I think it should be right).
I'm concerned about the silica dust. Should I hire someone?
You have a minor concern. Wear a respirator if possible. At least a dust mask. If the board was properly put down you also have to scrape up thin set under the board.Thin set also contains silica Plastic off all doors, cabinets vents ( hot and cold) and cover furniture. You ll do a better job at doing this than any one you hire. Or you cover it and hire some one. It s hard, very dusty job. Usually a one time deal isn t a concern ( as long as you take precautions) unless you have breathing problems. I ve dealt with doing this sort of work for 20+ years and no problem. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
What is the average price for hardieplank(cement board) installation?
Anywhere from $10 to $15 per square foot depending upon how cut up it is. Large walls with not many cuts - $10. Small expanses with lots of angles and cutting - $15 of more if really complex. This includes the hardie product, the water proofing and the fasteners.
This building was previously a school building, with cement block walls..I need to know if I need backer board, or do I just need to fill in the low spots to make the wall flat and level? Also, what kind of thinset do I need for clear glass mosaics?
whats your intention? just a decorative backsplash and/or accent? as long as the masonry is in sound condition (i.e: joints are solid and there isn't any efflorescence, or deterioration of the block face), and take proper steps to clean the substrate thoroughly (remove any oil/paint). if you had the intentions of making a shower enclosure, i would recommend making further preparations. depending on your choice of tile colour (light vs. dark), i would select the co-ordinating thin-set pigment, and possibly a scratch coat if choosing a lighter colour. when applying the thin-set with your trowel, avoid using the notched edge. otherwise, its possible that you may be able to see the notching through the glass tiles.
Why does the fire burn on the cement board for a long time?
The burning of the cement board for a long time will explode, which is a physical explosion of cement board.
Will Titebond II (weatherproof) work? I have a 1928 home and am trying to duplicate one of the original exterior window sills to go on a new window. I need to glue a couple of 5/4 pieces together to get the right thickness and I want it to last. The originals have redwood but it's old growth I believe and more stable than what I can find now in redwood or DF. Correct me if I'm wrong there. Plus I have only two attaching points to work with on either side of the window so I chose the fiber cement product for it's stability. Nothing on James Hardie's site says what can be used to glue it with though.ThanksThanksChris
I would use gorilla glue which is 100 percent waterproof. or you could use polyurethane caulk which is very tough.
ok so im trying to attach the cooling fan to my cpu on my motherboard and i cant find any glue but i did find some patch cement in a road hazard kit, i was wondering if this would work or would my computer fry?
You need thermal paste. You can get a very small tube, enough for 1-3 applications (?) at COMPUSA (or other such place) for under $5. I work on m-boards/processors all the time and know that some kind of adhesive would probably ruin your computer. I've had many heat sinks/fans that would not separate from the processor, and sometimes lift it out of the socket without loosening the arm that tightens it. The kind of damage cant be (easily/cheaply) repaired. Get thermal paste, apply very thin amount to proc, covering the entire (proc) heat sink. Same to heat sink/fan.
What is the fiber used for cement foaming?
Polypropylene staple fibers are chemically stable and only rely on changing the physical structure of concrete to improve the performance of concrete, which does not itself undergo any chemical reactions. With the concrete aggregate, admixture, admixture of cement mixed with its chemical and physical properties and stability, and good compatibility with the concrete material.