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  • 1100-H18 Aluminium Sheet  And Aluminium Plate System 2
  • 1100-H18 Aluminium Sheet  And Aluminium Plate System 3
1100-H18 Aluminium Sheet  And Aluminium Plate

1100-H18 Aluminium Sheet And Aluminium Plate

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1.Structure of Product Description

hot rolled aluminum sheet and those cold rolled aluminum sheet is widely used in the field of construction field and decoration field, etc.

There are many different grades, such as: 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000series, etc. The detailed grade are as follows: 1010, 1050,1060,1100, 2024, 3003, 3005, 3105, 5052,5754,5083,6061,6063,8011, etc.

The temper is include H14, H22, H24, H44,H112,H114,etc.

2. Main features of the product

a. Competitive price

b. Frist-Class Service.

3. Image.


1100-H18 Aluminium Sheet  And Aluminium Plate

4. Product detailed sizes:


1500mm*3000mm, etc.

5. FAQ:

What is the quality standard?

What is the length range:

---It is from 2000mm to 6000mm, etc.

What is the export quantities?

----normally we can export around 9000 tons in one year.

how many tons did you export in each year ?

---normally it is around 8000 tons totaly in one year.

what is your mainly export countries ?

---normally it is middle-east countries, such as: UAE, ARAB EMPAIRES, USA, VIETNAM, INDONESIA,FIJI, SINGAPORE, ETC.

How often did client place one order yet ?

How often did you export in one year?

---Normally it is around 1 month.

which goodsis the best-selling now?

---normally it is aluminium color coated coil in the past one year, etc.

Aluminum sheet metal is aluminum species in a, it is refers to the use of plastic processing methods aluminum billets after rolling, extruding and drawing and forging method eventually made into a plate of aluminum products, in order to ensure the final performance of plate and on the finished product annealing, solid solution treatment, quenching, natural aging and artificial aging treatment.

Application of aluminium sheet metal

7005 aluminum sheet metal extrusion material, often used to manufacture both to have high strength but also have high fracture toughness of the welding structure, such as transport vehicles of the truss, bar, container; large heat exchanger, and after welding can't were solid fusion processing components, for manufacturing sports equipment such as tennis and softball stick.

7039 aluminum sheet metal used in the cryogenic vessel, cryogenic equipment and storage tank, fire pressure equipment, military equipment, armor plate, missile equipment.

7049 aluminum sheet metal used in the same and forging static strength and 7079-T6 alloy requires high anti stress corrosion cracking strength of parts, such as aircraft and missile parts, landing gear hydraulic cylinder and the pressing member. The fatigue performance of the parts is roughly equal to that of the 7075-T6 alloy, while the toughness is slightly higher.

7050 aluminum sheet metal used in aircraft structural parts with plate, extrusion, free forging and die forging. The requirements for the manufacture of this kind of parts are: anti spalling corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, fracture toughness and fatigue resistance.

7072 aluminum sheet metal used in aluminum foil and extra thin strip.

7075 aluminum sheet metal used in 7075 aluminum plate for the manufacture of aircraft structure and futures high strength, high strength and corrosion resistance of high stress structure parts, mold manufacturing.

Q:Does aluminum foil keep food warm or cool, or is it just a convenient material to cover food with?
Yes, but not very long. Styrafoam is always the best for insulation.
Q:Are aluminum sheets suitable for medical equipment?
Yes, aluminum sheets are suitable for medical equipment. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance, making it a popular choice for medical equipment manufacturing. It is used in various medical devices such as surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring systems. Aluminum sheets are easy to shape and form, allowing for the fabrication of intricate medical equipment designs. Additionally, aluminum is non-toxic and non-magnetic, which are important properties in medical settings. Its ability to withstand sterilization processes such as autoclaving further enhances its suitability for medical equipment. Overall, aluminum sheets are a reliable and versatile material for the production of medical equipment.
Q:Is aluminum sheet resistant to UV rays?
Yes, aluminum sheet is resistant to UV rays. Aluminum naturally forms a protective oxide layer that acts as a barrier against UV radiation. This oxide layer helps to prevent the aluminum sheet from being damaged or degraded by exposure to the sun's UV rays. This makes aluminum sheet a suitable material for outdoor applications, where it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without fading or deteriorating. Additionally, the reflective properties of aluminum further contribute to its UV resistance, as it can reflect a significant amount of the sun's rays, reducing heat absorption and potential damage.
Q:Does aluminum sheet require special handling during transportation?
Transporting aluminum sheets requires special handling due to their lightweight nature and susceptibility to damage if mishandled. To prevent scratching, bending, or denting, it is necessary to take specific precautions. Packaging and securing the sheets in a manner that restricts movement and offers sufficient protection against impacts is crucial. Furthermore, it is important to transport aluminum sheets separately from heavy objects or materials to avoid potential damage caused by their weight. In conclusion, ensuring the safe transportation of aluminum sheets necessitates giving them special care and attention.
Q:Aluminum plate thickness 3 mm, what is the allowable error in the national standard thickness?
The allowable deviation of plate thickness in GB/T3880.3-2006 "general industrial aluminum plate, strip and Aluminum Alloy third part:" size deviation provisions, I have the standard download URL sent to you a message, please check.The deviation is divided into ordinary and high level, +0.10, -0.12
Q:Can 101 aluminum sheets be recycled?
Certainly, it is possible to recycle 101 aluminum sheets. Aluminum possesses a remarkable recyclability, boasting an impressively efficient recycling procedure. Through the act of recycling aluminum sheets, we not only preserve valuable resources but also conserve energy and diminish greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, recycling aluminum aids in the reduction of landfill waste and curtails the necessity for fresh aluminum ore mining. Consequently, we highly recommend recycling 101 aluminum sheets to actively contribute towards a future that is more sustainable and environmentally conscious.
Q:Are aluminum sheets suitable for automotive body panels?
Yes, aluminum sheets are suitable for automotive body panels. Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and strong, making it an ideal material for manufacturing car body panels. It helps improve fuel efficiency, enhances performance, and reduces overall vehicle weight, making it a popular choice among automakers.
Q:For my chem class that I just barely started taking, we're making bohr models. Even though my teacher explained it, I still dont get the concept of it all, like how the protons are lined up in their inner circle and the outer circles. I get everythign else about atoms except how they're actually made up lol. Maybe someone on here can explain it to me? I hope so because i have to make a model for it for friday.The element I'm asigned is aluminum btwYour help is greatly appreciated!
An atom is made up of protons. electrons and neutrons. The protrons and neutrons are located in the nucleus, while the electrons are located on the shells outside the nucleus. Think of the shells as orbits, orbits which can only hold a certain amount of electrons. In the Bohr's model of Aluminum there will be 2 elctrons on the first shell, 8 electrons on the second shell, and 3 electrons on the last shell.
Q:Are the aluminum sheets suitable for manufacturing power distribution panels?
Absolutely, power distribution panels can be manufactured using aluminum sheets. Aluminum is an exceptional material choice for various industrial applications, including power distribution panels, due to its lightweight, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Not only can aluminum sheets effectively handle high electrical currents, but they also efficiently dissipate heat, ensuring a safe and efficient power distribution system. Furthermore, aluminum is widely accessible and cost-effective in comparison to alternatives like copper. Consequently, aluminum sheets are an excellent option for manufacturing power distribution panels.
Q:Some say you should use the 'dull' side of aluminum foil when cooking etc. There's something potentially bad about the shiny side.True or not?
the manual to my cooker says not to use foil because of heat damage (presumably the possibility that all that reflection of heat will make it too hot under the grill). So if nothing else you could invalidate your warranty.

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