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Aluminum siding on the house's exterior was installed in 1981. It's now fading somewhat but it still has held up well.Rather than completing renovating the exterior with new siding or a facade, I'm thinking of power/pressure washing the siding and then painting it.Can aluminum siding be painted and is there a special type of paint to use?Thanks.
Some much disinfo here. I know it's a shock, but people who work do it to make a living, and they need to be paid. $4,000 is not unreasonable to expect for a contractor to clean and put good paint on an average sized house. Care has to be taken not to dent the siding working on it. That take effort that takes longer, and there is still a liability if damage occurs by accident. Only 8 inch white siding is available since most is obsolete, and nearly impossible to match in size. I knew some painters so the labor was free Gee, I wish I knew doctors, lawyers, bankers, dentists, I could hustle them and save a bunch. Vinyl siding is noisy in the wind? Is it installed properly, or attached to the spokes on your bike? Good vinyl siding does not fade. Most vinyl sidings are very durable, don't fade, and don't dent easily. Which is why people switched to vinyl over aluminum.
I have caught my husband smoking something on aluminum foil, he takes apart pens and uses the tube to smoke it withThe smoke is white and has a sweet smell to itI can also tell when he has been smoking it because his clothing smells sweetI can't get him to tell me what it isHe keeps trying to tell me that he is smoking pain pills, percocets.is that possible? His behavior does not change drastically, he has gotten pretty skinny and is moody and very unmotivatedPlease give me any ideas you may have.
Your trying to keep something alive on Ramen Noodle peas.Oh for the love of god!!!
I always get white deodorant stains on my black shirtsI even wear an under shirt all the time and after awhile I still get the white deodorant stainsI have tried to wash them out with vinegar and all these other things, and it's not workingMy questions is if I changed to a non-aluminum deodorant, will that stop the white stains from forming on my black shirts??
Yes changing to a non-aluminium deodorant will stop white stains ruining your clothes but you should use an antiperspirant and leave it to dry before getting dressedThere are many deodorants out there that state on the container ' No White Marks ' this is what you should be buyingDove is one brand that leaves no white marks.
1)the dimensions of aluminium foil in a box for sale in supermarkets are 25 yards by 12 inchesthe mass of the foil is 16 ozif its density is 2.70 g/cm^3 then what is the tickness of the foil in inches?2) the star of africa diamond (d3.51 g/cm^3) is 530 caratsif one carat has a mass of 2.0 x 10^2 mg, what is the mass of the star of africa diamond? also please show me the stepsthanksthankxx
First find an elephant which has acquired an amputated human hand Next cram it and the hand into a very large lift
I'm looking to try and remake tandoori in my house, but I don't have a tandoori/clay ovenIs there any way to get the same effect while cooking at home, on perhaps the grill?
A whole chicken will cook in 1 hour at 400 degreesGet yourself a thermometer, available at the groceryThe chicken is done when it registers 170 at the breast, close to the thighLet it sit, loosely covered with foil, for at least 10 minutes Chicken pieces cook in about half the time a whole chicken takesSo, 400 degrees for 30 minutesYou might try buying a pre-brined chicken or brining it yourselfJust soak the chicken or pieces in salt water overnight in your refrigerator before cookingIt helps keep it from drying outFor extra brown, crispy skin, pat it dry and rub it with olive oil before baking You really must have a thermometer, thoughIt also helps with cooking beef, pork and lamb.
I'm making meatball bombers (subs) for dinner and I want to serve something with them, but other than a salad or chips I can't come up with anythingAny suggestions? Thanks!
I like to eat alot of broiled boneless fish and dip it in ketchup,with grits or green beans on the side,and a bit of bread maybe !good luck
A solution of aluminum nitrate has a concentration of 4.5 MWhat volume of solution will contain 0.350 moles of nitrate ions? I've no idea how to solve this and there are a lot more questions in this format that I have to do, so if you could help me out that'd be greatAnswer with sig figs comes out to 0.026L
Aluminium foil is about as antistatic as it gets.
Development prospect of aluminium foil
Introduction of several key aluminium foil products(I) air conditioning foilThe air conditioner foil is a special material for the heat exchanger fin of an air conditioner, and an early air conditioner foil is a plain foil. In order to improve the surface properties of the plain foil, an anticorrosive inorganic coating and a hydrophilic organic coating are applied before forming to form hydrophilic foil. Hydrophilic foil accounts for 50% of the total amount of air conditioning foil, and its use ratio will be further improved. There is also a hydrophobic foil, so that the fin surface has hydrophobic function, prevent condensation water adhesion. Because of the hydrophobic foil, the technology of improving surface defrosting needs to be studied further, and the actual production is very little.The thickness of the air conditioner foil is 0.1mm to 0.15mm. With the development of technology, air-conditioning foil has further thinning trend, Japan's leading product thickness of 0.09mm. In the thin state, aluminium foil to have excellent formability, microstructure and mechanical properties of metallurgical defects must be uniform, less small anisotropy, and high strength, good ductility, uniform thickness, good flatness. Air conditioning foil specifications and alloy is relatively single, suitable for mass production, but its market season is strong, for air-conditioning foil professional manufacturers, it is difficult to solve the peak season demand and off-season demand almost no contradiction.Due to strong market demand, in recent years, China's air-conditioning foil production capacity and technology level unceasing enhancement, has formed a large and small, high and low production of air foil enterprise group, some large enterprises such as China aluminum, Bohai aluminum products quality has reached the international advanced level. Because of the excessive domestic production capacity, the market competition is extremely fierce.