Drilling Through Aluminum Plate

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What are the brands of homemade twist drills?
. After roasting yellow, the drill looks yellow, not white or gold. In addition, what foreign doctors are actually made in China, because foreign countries have been eliminated, the total production of this product. The added value is too low. New twist cards and old brands in china. Veteran of the most stable should be Kazakhstan workers, workers. But to tell the truth, in fact, as long as the material is not deceptive, the accuracy of the geometric angle, many companies can do such a degree.
New drills usually need sharpening before they can be used. Why?
We monitor only a bit grinding blade; another edge to teach short, and a big pot. The hole is 60 millimeters deep; this is called a folk prescription, and the drill hole is asymmetric. The hole will appear in the big hole. If there is any deviation between the two sides of the deep hole, the drill will be drilled
What drill heads are used to drill holes in diamond heads?
General screw drill or tungsten steel, tungsten steel twist drill.
How big are the 8 bits that have worked up?
8mm's expansion tube uses a drill with a diameter of 8mm. If it is 8mm's expansion screw, use a drill with a diameter of 12mm.
What is the minimum specification for hollow drill bits?
Hollow drill and drill core from the hole, the center, drill, drill steel, magnetic drill, rail drill etc..
M6 threads need to drill much bottom?
A spiral shaped continuous raised part having a specified cross section on the surface of a cylinder or cone. According to its parent thread shape is divided into cylindrical and conical screw threads; according to their position in the matrix is divided into outer and inner thread, according to the section shape (teeth) divided into triangular thread, rectangular screw, trapezoidal thread, serrated thread and other special shape screw.
How can we change an ordinary drill bit into stainless steel?
Ordinary drill can also drill stainless steel, but the performance is a little bit worse, the use of cutting speed is slower, plus special cutting fluid or vegetable oil for cooling lubrication.
What measures can be taken to prevent the bit from breaking?
In drilling, the pressure must not be too great for the drilling hole to avoid breaking the bit. Especially in the hole is drilled, the drill tip has been exposed to the bottom surface, the feed speed must be slowed down, feed pressure must be reduced. In addition, if the drill is not fast, do not force to continue to use, so that the most likely to break the drill bit.