Class A2 fireproof board 、Aluminum composite panel

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performance: Fireproof board

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The main product features:

First, our company can produce A2 fireproof board product specifications:


Thickness: 3-6mm

Width: 1220-1600mm

Aluminum skin thickness: 0.2-0.7m0

Two, product use

1, the subway station, high-speed rail station, train station, airport terminal, terminal and wall decoration;

2, CBD business center, exhibition center, high-rise building building, office buildings, hotels, stadiums, senior residential building exterior decoration, billboards, shopping malls decoration panel;

3, large hospitals, medical equipment, beauty salons, health clubs, nursing homes, kindergartens and other external decoration.

Class A2 fireproof board 、Aluminum composite panel

Three, product performance and advantages:

1, excellent fire high cost

A grade fireproof performance fireproof composite board with high grade, is fireproof board, the flame sustained combustion time is zero.

1200 C no flames reached the high level a fireproof,

With the high quality production of keel partition system resistance limit reached more than 4 hours, the fire burning process can absorb a lot of heat, delay and elevated ambient temperature.

Class A2 fireproof board 、Aluminum composite panel

A fireproof composite board, stable and reliable quality, compared with other aluminum-plastic plate, light energy, moderate price.

Product surface can be coated with nano coating, more resistance, anti pollution, can achieve the self clean effect of natural rainwater utilization, from the modern high-rise large buildings in maintenance and maintenance costs.

2, high strength superior weatherability

A fireproof composite board has a strong weatherability and anti UV properties, acid resistance, alkali resistance, can withstand the harsh environment test, thermal expansion and contraction of small changes, the shrinkage rate is less than 0.2%, wet expansion rate less than 0.4%, can withstand the temperature of -80 DEG C -40. The coating product uses the international brand, color and gloss, and can provide up to 20 years of warranty does not fade.

Class A2 fireproof board 、Aluminum composite panel

A fireproof composite board has the advantages of light weight, compact structure, good stability, with wood like toughness. In compression, tensile, flexural and impact resistance, toughness and economic performance.

3, heat insulation and energy saving environmental protection and health

The characteristics of a fireproof composite plate inorganic core layer has pores is uniform and compact, the thermal conductivity of 0.216w/cm.k, ratio of lime sand brick cut (1.1w/cm.k) more insulation, saving energy consumption, make the bedroom maintain a comfortable environment and fresh air.

A fireproof composite board does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements, in case of fire, smoke-free, non-toxic, no smell. The production of materials for natural mineral and plant fiber, natural curing, the production process of low energy consumption, no row of dirt, energy saving and environmental protection, the use of surface off powder, its unique natural pore structure, can adjust the indoor temperature, and makes the room more comfortable office.

4, sound and light seismic heterogeneity

Class A2 fireproof board 、Aluminum composite panel

A sound insulation fireproof composite board to ensure the living environment quiet and elegant, the thickness of 3mm sheet insulation capacity of 29dB, double 4mm thick sheet partition system air sound is less than 42db, its unique pore structure is uniform and dense structure plate other incomparable

The surface density of a fireproof composite board for 0.8-12g/cm -, reduce the building load, can effectively reduce the earthquake resistant structure, foundation and structure of the main cost; while making building walls to reduce the weight of more than 60%, while increasing the use of the area 5-8%.

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Q:How long is the life of aluminum-plastic roofs (roofs)?
Aluminum-plastic plate is mainly afraid of oxidation, airtight should be to reduce the service life.
Q:Will the aluminum plate can make a wardrobe?
Aluminum-plastic plate can be made wardrobe, aluminum-plastic plate easier to clean, you can produce all kinds of patterns.
Q:Aluminum plate and plastic plate prices, the more detailed the better, thank you
Thickness 4 mm, aluminum thickness 0.50 + 0.50 mm, 560 yuan / Zhang.
Q:Aluminum veneer, aluminum-plastic plate and aluminum honeycomb curtain wall material is different
Aluminum veneer is a layer of pure aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate is two layers of pure aluminum plate with pvc, honeycomb aluminum plate is between the two layers of aluminum plate with honeycomb, which is the most expensive honeycomb board, followed by Aluminum veneer, and finally aluminum-plastic panels, but the need for their own processing of aluminum-plastic panels, waste, short life, according to different processing, the price will be high. Effect and quality of the best is the honeycomb board (surface smooth, strong wind pressure), very on the grade, the use of the world less, the reason is the price is too high. Life and aluminum veneer is basically the same,
Q:Aluminum-plastic panel finishes how to make aluminum-plastic plate paste more firmly hold?
Aluminum-plastic composite board is a chemically treated coated aluminum sheet for the surface material, with polyethylene plastic as the core material, in the special aluminum-plastic plate production equipment from the processing of composite materials. The unique performance of the aluminum-plastic composite panel itself determines its wide range of uses: it can be used for building facades, curtain wall panels, retrofits of old buildings, interior walls and ceilings, advertising signs, display stands, engineering. Belonging to a new type of building decoration materials.
Q:What is the use of aluminum-plastic plate
Is to do with the panel. Such as cabinet door cabinet, signs, door sets, wall decoration and so on.
Q:Aluminum-plastic board dirty what cleaning
can not use gasoline, xylene, banana water and other organic solvents, because the organic solvent will destroy the beauty of aluminum-plastic plate, affecting the service life.
Q:Can aluminum panels be used for home improvement? Want to be decorated as a wall!
Aluminum-plastic panels can be used for interior furnishings.
Q:Center line of well-known brand of aluminum slab plate, aluminum plate which brand?
Good point with Huayuan, Haida. Colorful. (Good point of the three main for the engineering board and export single retail not much)
Q:Is the polyethylene in the aluminum-plastic plate fireproof?
A2 grade non-combustible fire aluminum composite panels, the production process is fully mature.

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