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What is the effect of the cooling system?
The role of the cooling system is mainly to keep the environment, working body, working medium in normal or comfortable operating temperature
Frequently Asked Questions about Automotive Cooling Systems
corrosion and leakage. Ethylene glycol on the tank has a strong corrosive. And with the anti-liquid preservative failure. On the radiator, water jacket, pumps, piping and other parts of the corrosion.
What is the reason for poor car cooling system?
fuel consumption increased
What is the advantage of car water cooling?
the cooling effect of the water-cooled system is better (the specific heat capacity of the water is larger and the heat is more likely to be taken away.)
The size of the engine cooling system is the state of each cycle
Small cycle refers to the water from the pump to the engine inside the cycle, the big cycle is through the tank engine cycle
The purpose of the vehicle to pressurize the cooling system
When the coolant temperature below 80 ℃, the paraffin into a solid, the spring will be pressed on the valve seat, the valve closed, the coolant from the bypass flow into the air conditioning radiator inlet pipe into the radiator, that is, small cycle, The cooling intensity is small. When the temperature of the coolant is higher than 80 ° C, the paraffin wax melts into liquid and its volume expands, forcing the rubber sleeve to shrink, the upper end of the counteracter rod can not move up due to fixation, the rubber sleeve moves the shell against the elasticity of the spring, Valves, most of the coolant can enter the radiator along the radiator into the radiator for a large cycle, a small part of the coolant is still a small cycle, cooling system cooling strength increases
What parts of the mobile cooling water system specifically refers to?
Mobile cooling water system definition: the station does not have fire water, fire when the fire truck from other water sources, through the car with a water hose and water gun for water cooling.
What is the composition of the water-cooled water cycle? What is the composition of the water pump? Water pump structure has several parts of the composition? How to replace the pump and preload the pump belt? How to detect the good performance of the thermostat ? How to correctly replace the coolant? Radiator excessive scale of the treatment methods which lead to the engine water cooling system is the main reason for the high temperature?
1 water cooling composition shutters radiator radiator water tank cover fan water pump thermostat water temperature table water jacket water pipe discharge switch compensation bucket rubber hose and other 2-way belt drive pump and then pressurized by the water pipe into the cylinder block into the water tank Cylinder head water jacket and then along the cylinder head outlet through the thermostat and outlet pipe into the radiator, of course, the fan also has a cooling effect of cooling water into the bottom of the radiator and then sucked from the pump so the cycle is now generally forced 3 centrifugal Pump impeller pump shell inlet pipe outlet pipe straight blade bending blade there are other here do not say friends 4 to replace the pump to be carried out at normal temperature is to open the car shell is not realistic to say how to change 5 now a lot With a thermostat to put the thermostat into the hot water container to gradually increase the temperature measured with a thermometer thermostat valve open and fully open when the temperature and full of the valve lift does not meet the requirements should be replaced 6 generally can be used Cooling water, but the general car are not used well water or water rivers have 7 radiators removed to put away the water after the rinse if the kind of internal scar of the kind of solid to add what can be sold to sell the mechanical parts of the 8 The reason for a lot of fans such as a bad part of the radiator blocked and cooling water for a long time did not change and so on