Yuchai Yc6b 120 Kw Marine Engine

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Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (NYSE: CYD) is the core subsidiary of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd., with over 9,000 employees, total assets of over 16 billion yuan and an annual engine output of 500,000 units. We completed the shareholding reform in 1992, became a Chinese-foreign joint venture in 1993 through restructuring, and went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994 as China's first engine manufacturer listed abroad. Headquartered in Yulin, Guangxi, we have 8 subsidiaries and production bases in areas such as Fujian, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shandong and Inner Mongolia.


ConfigurationVertical in-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled

Bore × Stroke (mm)108 × 125

AspirationTurbocharged & inter-cooled

Displacement (L)6.87

Compression ration17.5: 1

Rated power/Speed (kW(hp)/r/min)120(165)/2300120(165)/1800110(150)/180090(123)/1500

Fuel consumption g/(kW@h)≤ 198

Oil consumption g/(kW@h)≤ 0.8

RotationCounterclockwise ( facing flywheel )

Starting methodElectric

Dry weight (kg)750

Engine dimension (L× W× H) (mm)1415 × 877 × 1025

CertificateZC, ZY, CCS

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Q:BMW x3 sudden driving in the engine failure lights with what is the reason?
When the no sense of knocking has exceeded the engine computer can adjust the range, the engine fault light will light up the alarm.
Q:What kind of engine is the GDI?
While GDI GDI system is in cylinder injection gasoline, it will install the nozzle in the combustion chamber, the gasoline direct injection in the combustion chamber of the cylinder, the air enters the combustion chamber and gasoline mixed into the mixture is ignited by the power intake valve, similar to the form and direct injection the diesel engine, so some people think, GDI gasoline engine is a pioneering form transplanted to the gasoline engine diesel engine. The key of the injection in cylinder is to produce the air flow state in the cylinder which is different from that of the traditional engine. By means of technical means, the gasoline and air injected into the cylinder form a multi layer rotating vortex. Therefore, GDI uses vertical suction, curved top piston, high pressure rotary ejector and other three technical means. GDI uses a vertical intake manifold design, and a bulge shape is designed at the head of the piston. With this design, when the piston is in compression stroke, the cylinder will form a powerful vortex
Q:What about the engine material, iron and aluminum, please?
Generally speaking, steel will think of good toughness. Cast iron, as expected, usually with high stiffness. Used as engine block, aluminum alloy, cast iron, and so on, the strength can be guaranteed. The more high-grade engines, the more aluminum alloy. Because the aluminum alloy cost is high, the processing difficulty is big, uses in the low-grade vehicle is quite few.
Q:What is the engine with the dragon loader
An engine is a machine capable of converting other forms into mechanical energy, including engines such as internal combustion engines (gasoline engines, etc.), external combustion engines (Stirling engines, steam engines, etc.), motors, and the like.
Q:The engine is out of order. What should I do?.
Mention this kind of breakdown, some people can feel and the first kind of piston knock out a cylinder to have some contradictions, in fact, careful analysis is clear. We know that as the engine temperature increases, the rate of combustion of the mixture will increase accordingly. If the ignition time is too early, the maximum point of the cylinder combustion pressure will be ahead of time, and the force on the cylinder wall will be increased and the knock out noise will appear. The inspection contents and methods are as follows.
Q:What does engine brake deceleration mean?
2, downshift method: refers to the steep slopes or continuous downhill vehicles will change into a lower gear, in order to control the speed of the driving mode is a kind of driving method. The experienced driver used. Because of the use of long time downhill braking will cause the brake, brake disc the temperature rises rapidly, the higher the temperature the braking effect is bad, even the brake failure risk. Using the method can better control the speed, reduce the brake braking time, prolong the service life of its braking system, of course, the most important thing is to improve driving safety, avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
Q:The car engine includes insurance against all risks?
To protect the "engine water inflow losses" to get compensation, it is best to buy engine special damage insurance (also known as "wading risk"). "Wading risk" is responsible for the vehicle in the water on the road wading, or start in the water, causing the engine to enter the water, leading to direct damage to the engine of economic compensation. But pay attention to: after moving out of the fire can not be forced to start, such as two fires caused damage to the engine, the insurance company will not pay compensation.
Q:What is the difference between a piston engine and a jet engine?
Piston engine as the name suggests is fuel combustion to promote the piston movement, and then converted into crankshaft rotation, similar to the ordinary internal combustion engine.
Q:Engine arrangement...
The 3.W model is actually a combination of two sets of V machines. The structure is extremely complex, but more compact and efficient. Luxury cars are seen in the grading configuration, such as Audi, Volkswagen and so on
Q:What is the car engine displacement
Or a car engine has six cylinders, each cylinder capacity 0.6L, then the engine displacement of 0.6L * 6 = 3.6L.

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