In-line Pump Engine: 1006TG2A good performance

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  High Power Density — More power than competitive models at similar displacement, the power of 3-cylinder can reach 4-cylinder level of competitor.
  Low Fuel Consumption — Adopted European patent combustion chamber which can reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise. Meanwhile, increase engine power.
  Good Cold Start Performance— Start normally at -10℃ without preheating device. Start smoothly at -25℃ through flame preheating device.
  Stability & Reliability — Stable and reliable engine performance, with good market feedback.

Main parameters

Prime power 92.3 Standby power 102

Prime power 108.4 Standby power 119.2

Cylinder number 6 Cylinder arrangement In line

Bore * stoke 100*127 Displacement 5.99

Aspiration Turbocharged Cycle 4-stroke

Combustion system Direct injection Compression ratio 17.5:1

Total lubrication 16.1 Total coolant capacity 29.5

Overall dimensions 1484*740*1107 Dry weight 710

In 2013, Foton Lovol will continue to adhere to its guideline and its focus on 'strategy and transition & quality and talents". Looking into the future, Foton Lovol will transform from a local company into a global player by maintaining its leadership in China market, manufacturing in Brazil, Russia and India and achieving breakthrough in Europe and North America. It is also dedicated to become a world-class leading machinery equipment manufacturer through a decade-long endeavor

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Q:The two major engines and six systems
Hello, strictly speaking, the car's engine is the two big organization and five systems, and not the six systems, the two institutions is a valve mechanism and a crank connecting rod mechanism inside the engine, gasoline engine has five major systems are the fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, ignition system and starting system
Q:Where is the lining of the engine located in the engine?
The starting gear, starter and engine can not be rotated, and the starting system should be inspected. First, check and keep the battery pole connection and contact; if the battery is normal, check the starting line, the fuse and the ignition switch; the pedal to the middle position of opening, and then hit the starter. If this time, the engine could start
Q:Bugatti's engine, introduce it
Bugatti engine form is w16 4 turbocharged water-cooled engine, composed of two v8 engine, the two v8 engine is also with the vr series.
Q:What are the models of oil? What type of engine oil is used with turbocharged engines?
Goldware Mobil 1 0W-40 is more suitable for turbocharged engine, and Mobil 1 is the main high-speed protection.
Q:What are the advantages of turbofan engines and turbojet engines?
Most of the thrust of the turbofan engine comes from the fan work, partly from the gas emitted.
Q:What are the systems in the car engines?
Including five systems and two institutions of gasoline engines, the five systems are: ignition system, starting system, lubrication system, cooling system, fuel supply system, two major institutions are: crank and connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution mechanism
Q:The difference between a car engine and an engine
Y NQ ng engine from [engine] British engine is the core part of the engine, so it is also customary common engine engine
Q:What is the normal value of the engine intake manifold vacuum?
A Japanese Honda Accord (Accord) car into the factory maintenance, the driver reflects the car to speed up the stall, and accelerated from the air filter issued similar to the carburetor temperfire "bang" sound.
Q:How long will the car engine be maintained?
5, regular maintenance of air filters and regular (every 20,000 km) replacement; 3, regular cleaning of the fuel system on a regular basis (1), the use of the appropriate level of oil regularly (every 5,000 km) to replace the oil and filter;
Q:What are the criteria for judging the performance of an automobile engine?
2. all wheel drive (NWD): off-road vehicle is a unique form. (such as BJ2020, Cherokee, etc.). Usually the engine is pre - loaded with a distributor behind the transmission so that power is transmitted to the wheels separately. All wheel drive, good power, good climbing and off-road capability. Compared with the front and rear wheel drive, the utility model has the advantages of complicated structure, high cost and low transmission efficiency.

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