Diesel Engine Made in China on Hot Sale

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Product Description:



Corn planter seeder with fertilizer
Driven power (kw) 36.75-73
Working width (mm) 5000
Planting depth (mm) 40-70

Good performance 2BFY-C corn planter seeder with fertilizer

2.Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Packing with wooden case or Iron Frame Plywood Case.

Delivery Detail:

Within 20 days after recieving your workable payment

3.Our Services  

The technicians and the customer service’s staff are well-experienced and competent.We can supply our customers with spare parts or advice quickly. 

we provide operating manuals, and organize training and learning days for our clients that would improve their knowledge and grow with us.


4.Product Description

1)Adopt picker finger seed drill metering precision, sowing fast and accurate. Especially the different size of seeds.

2)It is can be Sowing corn or soybean by replacing the seeding plate.

3) Adopt unit contouring, perform the same drilling depth and fit for different condition of soil.

4) “V” Type ground wheel with big weight, make good performance to the pressing.

5)It is convenience to change the sprockets by adopting double pitch chain , working reliable, tight and elastic tension. 

6) Enhance the strength of disc opener and improve the hermetically sealed structure. working reliable and longer lifetime. 


Sowing and fertilizing at the same time.

Adjustable plant spacing.

Gear driven outlet

Anti-reverse mechanism equipped to avoid troubles arising from reverse turning.

High precise seeds clearance, empty seed conveniently and thoroughly.

Suitable for corn, bean, peanut, cotton seeds and sunflower seeds.



Q:What is you MOQ?

A:As customer’s request.

Q:What is the production ability? or delivery time?

A:Our production ability support 40HQ order finish in one week. 

Q:What is the regular shipping port?

A:Tianjin or Shanghai. 

Q:What is your payment?

A:TT or CC. 

Q:Can we have sample?

A:Sample free, freight cost you. 

Q:For urgently doubts,who online?

A:Sales and marketing Manager 24hours online service.


Diesel Engine Made in China on Hot Sale 

形式TypeSingle-cylinder,horizontal,4-stroke,water-cooled diesel engine
燃烧系统Combustion systemeSwirlcombustion chamber
转速(rpm)Engine speed(rpm)2600
额定输出(KW)Continuous output(KW)5.15
最大输出(KW)Maximun output(KW)5.67
燃油消耗率fuel consumption≤292.7
起动方式Starting systemHand-Cranking
外形尺寸(mm)Dimensions LxWxH(mm)620 X 380 X 510

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Q:L4 engine and V6 engine performance relative to what is the difference?
L4, V6 numbers represent the number of cylinders, L is straight, and V is V-type.
Q:BMW x3 sudden driving in the engine failure lights with what is the reason?
The engine knockout has meant that it may cause serious damage to the engine or serious power loss.
Q:What is the aircraft engine surge
Surge is a fatal failure of the engine, which can cause serious damage to the engine or even deadly engine.
Q:Why is the power of a model engine different?
Depending on the purpose of the vehicle, the designer will use the engine
Q:Is the car's engine arranged in L or V?
In addition, as the piston crankshaft moves in the left and right, the vibration is counteracted each other, thereby achieving low noise and low fuel consumption. There are horizontally opposed 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders at present
Q:What is the difference between the new Santana CKA and the CPD engine?
One of the new car flow line smooth and structured, simple design style, but also more engaging.
Q:What does the engine automatically mean?
This system makes diesel and air mixed more fully and burns more thoroughly. At the same time, it adopts the oxidation type catalytic reactor, which greatly reduces the emission of CO, HC and particles, and the CO2 emission can be reduced by 30% compared with the same displacement gasoline.
Q:The role of soundproof cotton in automobile engines?
The cold season outdoor parking, can delay the engine cooling speed, a relatively long period of time to ignition easily, also greatly shorten the warm-up time, and is conducive to the protection of the engine, to prevent cold car ignition wear. 2, can effectively absorb the engine or other parts of the oil mist, make the engine room cleaner. 3, if the sound insulation cotton is not conducive to heat dissipation, then the top of the machine plastic cover is also superfluous
Q:Want to buy a car, I do not know the gasoline engine and diesel engine comparison, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
The fourth said that the other difference is to Tong diesel engine sound big `this depends on what kind of car you buy.
Q:Does gasoline No. 93 plus 97 cause detonation?
The so-called No. 97 gasoline is 97% isooctane, 3% heptane. In the case of high compression ratio, high octane gasoline should be used. If compression ratio is high, low octane gasoline will cause abnormal combustion, resulting in shock, oil consumption and driving disability.

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