yuchai YC6B 120'165'kw-2300rmp marine engine.

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Product Description:







Vertical in-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled

Bore xStroke  (mm)

108 x125


Turbocharged & inter-cooled

Displacement  (L)


Compression ration


Rated power/Speed  (kW(hp)/r/min)





Fuel consumption  g/(kW·h)


Oil consumption  g/(kW·h)



Counterclockwise ( facing flywheel )

Starting method


Dry weight  (kg)


Engine dimension (LxWxH)  (mm)

1415 x 877 x 1025



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Yuchai slogan:Outstanding Quality Global Yuchai

Designed and developed with many famous brand engine makers and research  center in the world, such as YAMAHA, AVL, FEV Germany, MAN

Joint Venture with Wärtsilä for two stroke and four stroke engine

Power range covering 32-900 kW for YC series, 1450-4500 kW for NY series, 3475-25000 kW for RT-Flex series , for main & aux. engine

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Q:What is the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the turbine turbo vortex turbofan engine?
Turbo, a fan in an engine of an automobile or aircraft, by blowing fuel vapour into the engine by using exhaust gases to improve the performance of the engine.
Q:Want to buy a car, I do not know the gasoline engine and diesel engine comparison, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
The third talk about the maintenance of the same level of diesel engine than the gasoline engine maintenance should be almost because of the brother on the preference for diesel engines `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` ``
Q:The high-end car's engine is made of aluminum or cast iron
The cylinder head is aluminum alloy, the cylinder is the cast iron engine, we generally call the cast iron engine.
Q:The new Regal 2.0T engine and MAGOTAN 2.0T engine which is better?
However, the new Regal 2.0T well, and a good many (almost 93 Saab turbo the engines, turbocharged, Saab Audi to be sidelined) than MAGOTAN fudge "mass" of the 2.0T, the new Regal 2.0T engine can be said as the existence of god.
Q:How much engine oil pressure is normal?
3, oil consumption is too much, the normal engine oil consumption and gasoline ratio is 0.5%-1%, if more than 1% is not normal. The reason for excessive oil consumption is that, in addition to the oil leakage, more oil is burned. The main reason is that the piston and the cylinder wall clearance is too large; piston ring wear or lack of elasticity; the valve guide wear too much damage to the valve stem seal. The SNAP engine super repairing agent can greatly improve the tightness of the piston ring, repair the worn internal parts, and reduce the consumption of the oil.
Q:Does the engine flow directly to the engine by adding oil to the engine?
To join in the oil through the engine oil to the oil pan, not directly poured in the sump, into the oil sump oil from the oil pump will by filtration for engine operation, oil to overtime may dirty things have been stopped in the pipeline
Q:What does engine brake mean?
The so-called "engine braking" is the driving behavior of a term, it is generated by the engine running resistance to effectively control the speed, you have said "downshifting" and "loose throttle" two measures can be achieved by resistance to engine speed control purposes
Q:How many kinds of jet nozzles are there?
As the engine works at different speeds, the amount of oil required varies greatly. Large speed of the oil supply, generally smaller than the speed of the supply of oil more than ten to several times. Only one channel area of the single channel injector can not meet the requirements, so now some engines use dual jet nozzle
Q:Cloud 490 engine how
Among them, the casting production line is from Switzerland into the GF modeling line, supplemented by the domestic advanced equipment, the United States melting equipment, the German cold box-core equipment and foreign direct reading spectrometer and other testing facilities.
Q:What about the engine material, iron and aluminum, please?
What materials and technologies are used in an engine are obtained by considering the market position, technical strength, production cost and other factors.

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