Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Series single-cylinder;vertical line,lying,water cooling,Stroke:115mm

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Direct Injection Chamber,Easy to Start,Stronger Power and Lower Fuel Consumption

Wet Liner,Better Cooling Efect

Spare Parts has Windely Commonality and Easy to Repair

It Is Widely Used in Tractors,Farm Vehicles,Boats,Generators and Irrigation GRoup,Engineering Machinery,Plant Protection Machinery,Gardening and other Supporting Power.

Single cylinder diesel engine, namely the classification by the number of cylinders is only one cylinder diesel engine.Single cylinder diesel engine is mainly used in agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automobile industry, ship machinery, electric power industry and other fields.

Single cylinder diesel engine's each work cycle through four processes: intake, compression, power, and exhaust.In a working cycle is only one stroke is power, and the remaining three are schedule for the power stroke to create conditions of auxiliary schedule, therefore, single cylinder diesel engine is not stable.Single cylinder diesel engine depend on the development of science and technology innovation, constantly using new technology to improve single cylinder diesel engine's existing shortcomings and the insufficiency, expand the scope of its use.For the assembly, for example, metering device, emission control device, etc., so as to meet the needs of motor vehicle use and environmental protection, etc.

we have obtained Quality management system certification certificates and Shandong Leiming Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.  have obtained the C E certification, Environmental management system certification, Quality management system certification, Health & Safety certification certificates.

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Q:What is the difference between the car's brake and the engine brake?
1. The first traffic brake, is what we said the foot of the brake, is to slow down the car or stop, 2. parking brake is not to stop the car after the car, stop.
Q:What are the dangers of overheating the engine?
A water-cooled engine normal working temperature should be 80 - 90 degrees (of course there will be nothing difficult than the home air) the temperature of boiling water will wait for parking, open the front cover for radiator, when boiling stop after add cooling water, let the engine working temperature drop.
Q:What is the aircraft engine surge
Surging is an abnormal working condition of the engine, which is caused by excessive air flow and compressor speed in the compressor.
Q:What is the Changan SUZUKI shinotaku engine
Changan SUZUKI, SUZUKI shinotaku equipped with the K10B engine is a high performance small displacement engine, have advantages of high power, high torque, low vibration, low fuel consumption, taking into account the optimal balance of sufficient power output and fuel economy, comprehensive performance has a leading edge in the car.
Q:Who invented the jet engine?
The discovery of a major technology for turbojet engines was an interesting coincidence: two people completed the invention at the same time, without mutual information. The two men are English, Frank Whittle and German Hans von Ohain.
Q:What is the engine broken cylinder technology
In-cylinder direct injection, also known as FSI, FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) fuel stratification spray technology represents a traditional gasoline engine development direction.
Q:What is the best material for the engine guard
Advantages: strong impact resistance, cheap. Disadvantages: weight Shen, no resilience, affecting the engine sink, prone to resonance.
Q:The new Regal 2.0T engine and MAGOTAN 2.0T engine which is better?
First look at the data of the new Regal 2.0T maximum power 162kw/5300rpm, maximum torque 350Nm/2000-4000rpm MAGOTAN 2.0T maximum power 147kW/6000rpm, maximum torque of 280Nm/1800-5000rpm, GDI technology new Regal 2.0T dual-mode gasoline direct injection SIDI, using stratified combustion mode and homogeneous combustion mode (not MAGOTAN 2.0TSI Audi TFSI), just the basic cylinder straight the jet technology and material Regal 2.0T is double VVT, the Aluminum Alloy MAGOTAN 2.0T, no VVT is the ease of use of cast iron
Q:W12 engine and V12 engine which strong? The
V-type arrangement: the cylinder was two columns, installed in a crankshaft, two cylinders for the V-shaped arrangement, hence the name, a little bit for the small size, but the higher cost.
Q:Where is the brilliance BMW engine factory?
Brilliance BMW will use its own funds to build a new engine plant near its new site in BMW, Tiexi. It will start in 2013 and is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2015. BMW brilliance engine factory is located in Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone is the BMW group's fourth engine factory, is the only one in Europe outside the engine factory formally put into use in Shenyang, will produce four cylinder engine with a new generation of BMW global leader. That is to say, it will start next year on the edge of Tiexi

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