Vertical Tank Air Compressor

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1, Production Introduction of Vertical Tank Air Compressor.

Series range of high pressure air cooled reciprocating air compressors are proven in Power generation, Oil & Gas, Carbon Fibre industries, emergency diesel engine starting, compressed air filling station, burst testing, hydraulic pressurizes chamber and fast growing population in PET blow moulding for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and others modern industries applications 


2, Specification of Vertical Tank Air Compressor.

MODEL V-0.25/8
Power KW 2.2
HP 3
Cylinder mm Φ65×2
Rated speed r/min 1080
Displace-ment L/min 250
CFM 8.8
Discharge pressure Psi 115
bar 8
Noises dB(A) 91
Tank capacity L 190
Usgal 50
Net weight kg 111
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 74×61×149

MODEL Z-0.20/8
Power KW 1.5
HP 2
Cylinder mm Φ55×2
Rated speed r/min 1050
Displace-ment L/min 200
CFM 7.1
Discharge pressure Psi 115
bar 8
Noises dB(A) 89
Tank capacity L 115
Usgal 30
Net weight kg 111
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 61×48×123

MODEL ZB-0.1/8
Power KW 1.5
HP 2
Cylinder mm Φ48×1
Rated speed r/min 2850/3450
Displace-ment L/min 206/248
CFM 7.3/8.8
Discharge pressure Psi 115
bar 8
Noises dB(A) 90
Tank capacity L 76
Usgal 20
Net weight kg 42
outer Size (L×B×H)cm 54×40×124


3, Package of Vertical Tank Air Compressor.

    1) The standard exported package will be used if no special requirements.

    2) The delivery date will be within 30 days.


4, Features of Vertical Tank Air Compressor.

    1) Air compressors design are air cooled, multi-stage, base plate mounted units are available from 2.2Kw to 30Kw with discharge pressure up to 400 Bar .

    2) High efficiency, high performance, energy saving, reliability and long life are the principle characteristics of piston air compressor.

    3) The Free Air Delivery is  from 0.15m3/min to 6.0m3/min.

    4) Every machine is equipped with starting, unloading solenoid valve, auto condensate drain valve and advanced capacity control to make machine to operate safely and stably.

    5) The quality can keep up with international standard as introduction of foreign technology.

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Q:Water dispenser with compressor
Classification of drinking fountains1, simple classification: single temperature machine, double temperature machine (hot and cold water dispenser)(1) single temperature machine: hot water + normal temperature water;(2) double temperature machine: hot water + cold water2, the difference between electronic refrigeration and compressor refrigeration(1) electronic refrigeration refrigeration using electronic refrigeration plate, low noise and no pollution; using freon refrigeration compressor.(2) refrigeration speed, compressor refrigeration rate is faster, the first use or re refrigeration, cold water after 30 minutes, the temperature dropped to below 15%, re cooling time is shorter. The cooling time of the compressor is about 20%-30% of the electronic refrigeration time.(3) refrigeration effect; minimum temperature of electronic refrigeration is 9-11 degrees; minimum temperature of compressor refrigeration is 5-6 degrees centigrade.(4) water output electronic refrigeration: 0. 7 liters / hour, compressor refrigeration: 2 liters / hour.(5) in applicable circumstances, enterprises and institutions have high demand for refrigeration speed and refrigeration effect, and domestic users are also suitable for compressor refrigeration models.
Q:Comparison of semiconductor refrigeration technology and compressor refrigeration technology
Mechanical compression refrigeration system includes compressor, condenser, filter, solenoid valve, expansion valve, evaporator, liquid storage, refrigerant and so on, through the pipeline to link each component.Compressor refrigeration defects:Low temperature start difficult, winter heating efficiency is low, afraid of vibration, can not tilt, but also can not be arbitrarily reversed. System operation requires explosive operation to replace damaged components. In the event of damage to components and pipelines, the refrigerant must be released to initiate the operation, which is a waste.Compressor refrigeration advantages:High refrigeration efficiency, COP maximum can reach 3.8., energy saving and environmental protection.The semiconductor air conditioner is composed of a semiconductor refrigerating plate, a cooling film and a radiating fin, etc. the semiconductor air conditioner is connected by a cable.Disadvantages of semiconductor refrigeration:Refrigeration efficiency is low, the maximum can reach 0.6. The cooling performance varies nonlinearly with the ambient temperature, voltage, lead block thickness, cold end heat dissipation mode, mechanical pressure, thermal conductivity, phase change material, and so on.
Q:Omar refrigerator compressor is not what action reason
Looking for aftermarket repair it, you can not tear down their own components will damage
Q:Why doesn't the refrigerator compressor use capacitors?
Single-phase motor compressor for refrigerator, for each manufacturer of motor winding is different so the start will be different, starting method can be divided into impedance split phase, capacitor start, capacitor start capacitor operation.1, the working principle of impedance split startThe stator winding of the compressor motor is an inductance coil, and the impedance is different because the winding and starting winding have different diameters and turns. When the alternating circuit two winding, winding current operation in hysteresis voltage of 90 degrees will have two different inductance values, the resistance phase, starting torque. When the motor speed reaches the rated speed of 70%~80%, under the control of "starting relay", the starting winding circuit is switched off, and only the running winding drives the motor to run.2, capacitor start working principleCompressor capacitor start circuit and impedance phase trigger circuit is similar, different series capacitor 220V, a 45~100 F in the start winding, the phase difference of phase circuit increases, starting torque increases.3, capacitor start, capacitor operation principleStarting circuit, capacitor start capacitor operation of the compressor motor, and the difference between the capacitor start circuit is: in the starting relay and a starting capacitor beside a small capacity shunt capacitor, when starting the process end, start capacitor from the circuit is cut off, and start winding is still running winding in parallel, thus the starting winding can bear a part of the motor load, the motor efficiency is higher.
Q:Where is the difference between an electronic wine cabinet and a compressor wine cabinet?
Electronic wine cabinet is a semiconductor refrigeration, and generally can make the temperature in the wine cabinet than the outside temperature drop a few degrees. For example, the summer outside temperature is 30 degrees, that electronic wine cabinet can (also can) make the temperature down to 24, 25 degrees or so, for example, the temperature in winter is 15 degrees, then it can (also can only) drop to 8 or 9 degrees.Using compressor, cooling effect will be better. The controlled temperature range is much greater than the electronic wine cabinet. Regardless of season, controlled temperatures are generally around 5~18 degrees celsius.
Q:The difference between reciprocating and rotary compressors
Reciprocating compressors have compression and suction two strokes, the suction stroke is the refrigeration system is doing useless work.The suction and exhaust processes of the rotary compressor are completed simultaneously without any idle process. More efficient, more stable, lower noise.
Q:Refrigerator compressor heat protection is hot, what's the matter?
Thermal protection of refrigerator compressor:Most of the compression opportunities for refrigeration refrigerators are caused by freon leakage, and the frost free refrigerator has a greater association with defrosting systems, and no frost Freon will normally leak.The compressor is hot: the function of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant gas after evaporation, so as to increase the pressure and temperature so as to dissipate the heat through the condenser. The compressor constantly disperses the heat absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator through the condenser. Therefore, the temperature of the compressor housing is generally 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, which is determined by the nature of the work.
Q:Cause analysis of compressor burnout in refrigeration and air conditioning system
First, it must be a system problem, because once the system has entered the impurities, it is easy to cause the cylinder to be stuck. System problems, generally as long as the maintenance, pay special attention to, do not drop the slag into the line, of course, there may be the quality of the system's internal frozen oil is too bad, but also possible.The second is the system of internal oil GAD may appear excessive, compressor damage. Conversely, if the refrigerant oil is too small, there may be damage to the compressor. Therefore, the frozen oil can not be much, nor less, just just right.Third is the air conditioning itself, such as the condenser cooling is not good, the internal pressure at the system is too large, the current increases, temperature rise, long time work, cause the compressor exhaust valve, suction gas mixing, resulting in the damage of the compressor.The fourth problem is to install, such as installed in the narrow position, caused by the heat is not good; or is installed above position, the machine outside the machine, more than 5 meters, and then into the freezer oil evaporation gas can not return to the compressor, a long time, cause the compressor oil cylinder may also make a card; is between the indoor and outdoor machine connecting pipe is bent, the refrigerant in the system pressure is too large, resulting in overheating of the compressor, thereby damaging the compressor.
Q:What is the compressor blocking current?
[block rotor current] the compressor motor shaft fixed, do not make it turn, power, the current is the blocking current. Ordinary AC motors, including frequency modulation motors, are not allowed to stall. By the external characteristic curve of AC motor, when the AC motor is blocking, it will produce "overturn current" burning motor.[the application of locked rotor current] is generally applied to torque motors. It is a kind of special motor with soft mechanical characteristics and wide speed range. As the load increases, the speed of the motor decreases automatically, while the output torque increases and remains balanced with the load. The torque motor has high blocking moment and small blocking current, and can withstand the blocking operation for a certain period of time. Because the rotor loss, high resistance, the heat generated is also large, especially in the low speed operation and stalling is more serious, therefore, the motor in the axial or centrifugal fan end cover is provided with an independent (except for the output torque of 100 smaller frame size and below), for forced air cooling, torque motor with a control device with the SCR can speed regulator, speed range is 1:4, the speed change ratio of 10%. The characteristics of this kind of motor which is suitable for winding, unwinding, stall speed and other occasions and other purposes, is widely used in textile, wire and cable, metal processing, papermaking, rubber, plastics, printing machinery and other industrial fields.
Q:What does the compressor mean?
When the refrigeration system of the air conditioning unit is running, due to the increase of the operation pressure, or the temperature of the lubricating oil, the F12 is improper, and the refrigerant compressor will tend to "run oil", and the solubility in the lubricating oil will increase. In the piston compressor positive (also called oil hammer) phenomenon, so that the compressor can not work properly, often work, the crankcase F12 vapor pressure and suction pressure affect the use of the entire air conditioning unit. The force is generally low. The movement of the piston mechanical energy into heat release, the crankshaft lubricating oil will maintain a high temperature, "Ben oil" and its harm degree. At this time, F12 in the lubricating oil solubility is not large, it is impossible to "run oil" phenomenon. But when the refrigeration compressor refrigeration system start stop time is too long the air conditioning unit, crankcase, vapor pressure of F12 compressor crankcase oil gradually rise foamy boiling, turbid, high level of sharp, inside the oil temperature dropped to room temperature, then 12 F in the fall, a compressor is not normal the "bit" and "tower slide in oil will greatly increase the solubility. By observing the sound of the mirror tower, this phenomenon is called "running oil".
We have powerful technical force, good equipment, advanced techniques, high-level automatization and a full set of advanced test equipment. We pay attention to product innovation and technical reform meeting ISO9001:2000 standard. With powerful technical force and excellent technical people, we are able to research and develop different kinds of high performance motors.

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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
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Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;CE

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Nearest Port 3,000-5,000 square meters
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
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