High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

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Details for High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor


1, Product introduction of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

This series air compressor widely used in pneumatic lock , pneumatic tool , tire inflation , blowing precess, spray paint, sand blasting and fluidic element.


2, Package and delivery of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) Packed with standard exporting wooden case, package according clients' request will be acceptable.

2) Delivery date will be witin 30 days after we receive the prepayment.


3, Feature of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) High reliability,performance stable

2) Low exhaust temperature

3) Small vibration ,low noise

4) Low fuel consumption


4, Strengthes of High Pressure Mobile Industry Air Compressor

1) Strongly power-driven and big airend with design, the air compressor owns bigger and heavier main parts than other products in the same trade with better selection and sufficient using of materials especially with main fittings, In addition ,it is more suitable to be applied in the continuous operation under heavy load for long working time ( 24 time) with reliability and longer lifespan.

2) Special designed is made in heat emission and air flow, which leads to low air-output temperature and low possibility of carbon deposit.

3) The piston ring imported from Japan is introduce in designing pistol ring , which is durable and sealable .

4) Crankshaft undergoes high-frequency hardening , which enables it especially abrasion-proof.

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Q:Water dispenser with compressor
Electronic refrigeration mode of drinking water mechanism, cold only small fan issued by the sound, usually at the back of the water dispenser, so ordinary people do not pay attention when they can not hear. The compressor work will be louder, but you say "no heating, no refrigeration" will squeak, it is estimated that the internal power supply part of the sound, usually, have not encountered such a phenomenon. Small brand drinking machine due to the quality of the material is not very good due to the circuit components work sound?
Q:Refrigerator compressor does not start, how's going on?
Normally:To hear the sound, that is, the compressor started!No fever, that is nine in ten of the leaked refrigerant system!This is the most common refrigerator fault!If you go on with your work! The next check will cause great trouble!Customer service may Tuoxiu ranging from 500 to 300!It's normal to be so high! Because it has many processesDrag away, suppress, observe a day, open the back, welding, replacement refrigerant pipeline, re foaming, vacuum, refrigerant debugging, sealing! Home again! It's also guaranteed for one year!If you do not hear the sound, that is the problem of the circuit!Check temperature controller, starter, control line, press coil......The most direct and effective judgment is whether the press is started or not:Disassemble the repair panel under the backTouch the press with vibration or not! The work time is long, and there is a certain temperature!
Q:Does the washer need a refrigeration compressor? What other appliances do you need to use?
Dry cleaning machines need compressor refrigeration system, air conditioning system and working conditions; almost; washing quantity, continuous working time is not long, the cooling water system by half to a cube around a water bucket, water tank. Many other refrigeration compressors, but not too popular, such as computer mainframe cooling system and compressor used for main board cooling. For reference
Q:There's air in the car compressor. Will the engine tremble?
First, the possible cause of the failure(I) intake system.Intake system is an important part of electronically controlled fuel injection system. The main causes of air supply failures are:1 、 intake manifold and all kinds of valve leakage, common intake manifold failure, air intake manifold seal is bad, vacuum tube fall off, PCV valve, /EGR valve closed lax. For example, under normal circumstances, the opening of idle speed control and intake should be strictly followed by a certain function, that is, idle valve is opened, the intake will increase. When the air supply system is leaking, the intake amount and the idle control valve opening can not follow the original function, and air flow meter can not accurately measure the real cause, engine electronic control unit (ECU) to obtain the signal near the gas caused by misjudgment, the engine idle speed instability.2, idle air channel and lead to excessive solar term door fouling, air inlet cross-sectional area changes, as well as the misalignment of the idle air control, so that the amount of air entering the cylinder is deviated from the normal value, causing the mixture too thick or too thin, the combustion is not normal, causing the engine idle speed instability.3 、 sensors and other circuits that control idle speed are out of order. If the idle switch can not be closed, ECU error determination engine at part load, the inlet air flow control error; idle valve due to oil, carbon and action lag or card, solar term door is not tightly closed will cause the idle ECU cannot adjust the engine on the right, the other air inlet temperature sensor, air flow sensor, water temperature the sensor and sensor circuit, circuit breaker will cause the engine idle speed instability.
Q:What is the difference between cold storage compressor and air conditioning compressor?
Refrigeration compressor and air conditioning compressor in refrigeration capacity and related parameters are still quite different.Concretely speaking,1, air conditioning control system, the minimum temperature control range of about 15 degrees, the temperature is low, you can not boot running. Therefore, the air conditioner can not work in cold storage.2, in addition to the temperature controller reasons, the air conditioner cooling capacity is also low, can not greatly reduce the temperature of the cold storage, and therefore can not work in cold storage refrigeration.
Q:Is the compressor of refrigerator or air conditioner dangerous?
The compressor of the air conditioner or refrigerator is not in itself dangerous. The compressor itself is a compressed air device, either rotating, screw, piston or centrifugal. Unless the quality of the machine itself has serious quality problems, however, the work has rarely occurred over the years. Because the machines have protective functions.When the machine uses single power, such as circuit connection error, the machine can not normally start, after the machine starts, if there is a circuit breaker, the machine current overload, machine short circuit, circuit breaker will automatically power-off. The compressor itself has a temperature protection switch, the machine temperature is too high, will automatically protect, stop.When the machine uses three items of electricity, the circuit breaker also has the function of self-protection, two FireWire short circuit, the machine current is too large, will protect.Of course, if there is no circuit breaker, the machine can not explode, the short circuit will cause the automatic protection of the total power supply,But the current overload will burn the compressor.When the compressor works, the exhaust pipe will produce high temperature and high pressure gas, if leaked, easy to burn people, the evaporator will have low temperature work fluid, leakage easily frostbite people. These conditions occur only when the distance between the compressor and the compressor is close. The refrigerant in the compressor is very easy to be gasified. A certain distance will be ok.Be sure not to heat the machine with fire. The heating of the closed circuit will cause danger.
Q:The refrigerator doesn't refrigerate, but the compressor can still heat up
Refrigerators do not have many reasons for refrigeration, refrigerant shortage, refrigeration pipes, ice block or leakage, compressor failure may lead to refrigerators do not refrigeration, it is recommended that you contact the brand directly customer service, identification, inspection and repair.
Q:How do I know the air-conditioning compressor starts?
Take a look at the fan of the outdoor machine and know that the fan will turn on the compressor as soon as it is started.
Q:Why is the design of air-conditioning compressor copper tube bent?
Which part do you mean exactly? If the intake and exhaust parts, in order to prevent the vibration of the press system, resulting in welding or fracture of the system line.
Q:Why does the outdoor compressor operate when the air conditioning is hot?
The heating and cooling of the air conditioner are performed by the compressor to the refrigerant (refrigerant) compression and evaporation of heat release and endothermic characteristics, rather than by heating the electric wire.When refrigeration, the indoor machine blows out the air conditioning, the outdoor machine blows out is the hot air.Heating system, the air conditioner inside the valve (four way valve) will reverse the flow of the pipe, the indoor machine into blowing hot air, outdoor machine into blowing cold air
We have powerful technical force, good equipment, advanced techniques, high-level automatization and a full set of advanced test equipment. We pay attention to product innovation and technical reform meeting ISO9001:2000 standard. With powerful technical force and excellent technical people, we are able to research and develop different kinds of high performance motors.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1984
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
South America
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Eastern Asia
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Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;CE

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Nearest Port 3,000-5,000 square meters
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
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No. of Production Lines 3
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