Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric/Cloth

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100000 m²/month

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Packaging Detail:Cartons
Delivery Detail:15~20days


1. Vermiculite fiberglass fabric 
2.Thickness: 0.75 ~3 mm 
3.Weight: 610 ~ 1900 g/m2 
4.Width:1m , 1.5m

Vermiculite coated fiberglass fabrics


Vermiculite is a natural mineral which provides a natural inorganic finish to fiberglass. This coating provides short temperature resistance of 1000C degree and increased continuous temperature resistance temperature up to 800C degree. Vermiculite coated fiberglass cloths increase the products’ abrasion resistance and adds to its ability to withstand direct flame, it also provide a dust suppression coating which allows for a safer work environment.



Ref. No.

Basic cloth

Overall Thickness










1, 1.5





1, 1.5





1, 1.5





1, 1.5





1, 1.5





1, 1.5


Welding blankets , fire blanket, fire proof curtains, heat shields, etc

Packaging Detail:Cartons
Delivery Detail:15~20days

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Q:Vermiculite and Perlite (ME / NH)?
Probably just vermiculite. (I probably didn't spell that right.) Comes with the soil. Not to worry. Now if it starts making gold, we will all be right over.
Q:where can I buy vermiculite in Chicago IL ???
Try a magnet for separating iron powder. Vermiculite is a light mineral that resembles the plastic foam peanuts used as some packing material. Add water, and the vermiculite might float to the top and you could filter it from the water with coffee pot filter paper.
Q:What can i use to replace Spagnum Moss for mixing with soil for a bonsai plant?
You really need to do nothing. Just don't disturb the material any further. The pricing is a little high in price, but could be in line depending on where you live. You can tell your wife, the mold was a bigger risk than any asbestos exposure. The mold can impact you immediately where any asbestos exposure takes 10-40 years. She is more likely to get hit by lightning than this exposure causing any problem.
Q:Easy Way To Incubate Leopard Gecko Eggs?
Yes that is one place or the garden section at Home Depot it is less than $10
Q:where in AUSTIN TX can i buy Vermiculite and Perlite and Brown Rice Flour?
Add three things Vermiculite ,top soil and fertilizer. Fertilizer can be commercial or dried manure. Add little play sand mixed in with the top soil and manure makes for easier spreading. Invest in a good spreader that broadcasts as apposed to a gravity flow one. Till it a couple of times,hard rake it or use a drag to smooth it out. then your ready to plant seed or sod.
Q:Incubating leopard gecko eggs?
peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite are all parts of soilless mixes. You can also grow hydroponically (in water). Any soilless mix will have no nutrients, so careful fertilizing is a must.
Q:How do i measure my perlite and vermiculite for my Leopard Gecko egg incubator in pounds?
Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian. It occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently. It is an industrial mineral and a commercial product useful for its light weight after processing. Vermiculite is a natural clay mineral that expands with the application of heat. The expansion process is called exfoliation and it is routinely accomplished in purpose-designed commercial furnaces. Vermiculite is formed by weathering or hydrothermal alteration of biotite or phlogopite. Large commercial vermiculite mines currently exist in South Africa, China, and Brazil.
Q:I have a science project in which i need to remove pollutants from water- what is the best way to do this?
depends on the incubator realy. and just the batch of verm. iv had batches of verm that i had only to put a lil water in to make it moust enough for snake eggs.. and then theres been other batches that ive had to play mad scientist and add water.. and water and water and water every day in my fridge incubator and in the zoomed ones... it reay depends on the batch how old it is and just how well in general. personaly i check on my eggs every day or 2 for air. and i check the temps every few hours [just cause im super cautious] but the first day or 2 there in there when i check my temps i check the eggs a lil to see the moisture.. just depends bro.. gl
Q:Can NutraLime replace vermiculite?
yes it does matter if u get the eggs wet they will start to mold but if they do start to mold i heard of some ways to get rid of it i think u put foot powder on them but im not sure u should look it up... but yea dont mist the eggs just mist the vermiculite/perlite or just mix it with water SHUT the container with NO holes and the humidity should stay in there and with no need th spray the container no more....and open it every week for ventilation.. hope i helped =D
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite(Not on the internet, looking to buy it today in person?
Hatchrite is perlite. And perlite and vermiculite are only dangerous if eaten, which a hatchling snake won't do since they don't take their first meal until after their first shed.

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