Various Types of xlpe and PVC Insulation Power Cable

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Product Description:

Various Types of xlpe and PVC Insulation Power Cable

Main Structure of PVC Insulation Power Cable

1.Voltage: 1kv to 35kv 
2. ISO, CCC Certificate 
3. 22 years producing experience 
4.Professional service



Specification of XLPE  /PVC Insulated Power  Cable





CU or AL conductor ,XLPE/pvc  insulated PVC sheathed electric cable



Cu or Al conductor XLPE /pvc insulated steel tape armoured ,steel wire armor

pvc sheathed electric cable

 Datas and Information for PVC Insulated Power Cable 

XLPE insulated power cable 0.6/1kv
norminalsectional area insulati-on thicknessheath thickness(mm)

overal diameter

of cable (mm)

D.C resistance of conductor(km)                current rating
in air(A)direct in soil(A)


Attention: We can provide more info than above data, if needed.The above are just some examples.




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I wire ballasts almost everyday in the USA and other than 208V, 240V, and 480V ballasts they all have a neutral sometimes called the common conductor labeled (com)
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Q:Electrical question, about bell wire?
Bell wire is is just fine for all of it. the 48 volt limit is probably due to the insulation not being very thick. I assume this is #18 wire? Somewhere it says ## AWG(american wire gauge) 22 or 24 is great 18 is a little large but it's OK. 1 Yes you can use it to power 33V LEDs to a 9 v battery but 9 volts may not be enough because the Batt. may sag too much. If that doesn't work add a 1.5 volt batt.(AA) in series making 10.5V and add a 500 ohm potentiometer, making the brightness variable. remember that the brighter it is the shorter the battery life. 2) I don't know what you are going to power with these batteries. The 12 amps is CAPABILITY not what it puts out. It can supply up to 12 amps while still supplying up to 10.5 V. 3) There is overkill like using 12 gauge wire to supply 0.3 Amps. It says you don't know what you are doing. We both know that ,but; you don't need to advertise it, we can keep it a secret. It is obvious that you need to learn some things about volts and amps. Write to me and ask I will tutor you. We can bring you up to speed.OK? You will either have to let others contact you on answers or send me your email address for me to reply by email.
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Q:How old is electrical wiring with a fabric cover?
It had cloth covering up until the advent of usable plastics after WWII and plastic coatings on consumer products came along later than that I would say early 50's is when plastic insulated wiring came along. The conductors (wires) should be rubber insulated, and the pair is fabric insulated. Or are you talking a home that has two individual conductors that are ran on old spool type insulators, those are at the dawn of home electrical wiring and it depends on the fixture you have. If the conductors are paired and individually rubber coated, but the outer sheath is a fiberglass type materiel it could be as new as about 1950.
Q:Can a 110v house electrical wire with an area of damaged covering cause a short?
the 1st element that jumps out is which you have 30 amp fuses. i believe which you have a 60 amp provider, which could have 4 15 amp fuses. not 30 amp. Overloading is possibly what's burning issues up. not one of the circuits of that era are grounded, yet you will have GFCI shops interior the kitchen and bathing room. they have a grounding plug as a count of course, notwithstanding that's suitable to hook them to a 2-cord circuit. figuring out to purchase grounded shops with not something to floor to is ineffective. if your aunt is your landlord, she could handle those matters, and pay for the electrician. do not attempt to rewire the abode your self. I had a tenant that concept he replaced into clever. After he burned the abode down, he did not experience so clever. ultimately, your electric enterprise could have the flexibility to grant you some training. often they'll deliver somebody out to grant a glance see for no fee.
Q:Electrical Problems In A Town House?
the power company owns the wire that goes into the meter box from the street. They also own the meter and the box. You own the wire from the meter box to your service box. Kabish??

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