Different Kinds of 15kv Medium Voltage xlpe Power Cable

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Different Kinds of 15kv Medium Voltage xlpe Power Cable


Main Structures

1. Conductor: Class 2 copper wire
2. Insulation: XLPE
3. Sheath: PVC




1. Voltage Rate: 3.6/6kv, 6/6kv, 6/10kv, 8.7/10kv, 8.7/15kv, 12/20kv, 18/20kv, 18/30kv, 21/35kv, 26/35kv


2. Cores: 1C, 3C


3. Range of Nominal cross section: single core: 25mm2 to 630mm2, 3 core: 25mm2 to 400m2


4. Standard: IEC 60502, BS6622, VDE0276, GB/T12706


5. Application: It applies to the transmission and distribution lines with rated voltage from 3.6/6kv to 26/35kv, to be laid directly in ground, outdoors, indoors and in cable ducts.


6. Max. Operating Temperature: 90°C,can be 110 °C  as per requirement


7. Remark: The cable can be of flame retardant, fire resistance and environment friendly or other property


 Cable Advantages:

1) Competitive price, Excellent Quality and Kindly Services. 
2) ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001, CCC, Guangdong Top 500 Enterprises, Guangdong Manufacturing TOP 100 Enterprises, Shenzhen TOP Brand, and other certificates. 
3) 45 minutes reach to Shenzhen sea/air port. 
4) 5 professional engineers and 586 experienced workers. 
5) Our products meet GB, JB, IEC, AS/NZS, BS, VDE, UL and other Chinese or International standards, and we accept OEM, OBM & ODM orders.





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Q:My dell power cable isn't working.?
It could be your cable or power supply unit went bad. Or, your power socket on the main board went south. The good thing about laptops is that the power supply unit is external and easy to swap out.
Q:Can i safely take two sata 15-pin power cables, convert them to 4-pin molex, and convert the molex to 6-pin?
no you can not do what you want to do .it will not work u need to go to the manufactory web site for that and order it or go to you local computer store
Q:How can I power on my hardrive without the main power cable?
Troll patrol a brilliant answer as far as humour goes. Your computer would normally have spare power leads in it in case you want to add other drives. if not then try taking one from your CD rom and plugging it to your hard drive. Only problem here is your system may boot from the cd rom.
Q:connect sata hard drive to power?
The hard drive should have a 4 pine Molex connection or similar that matches up to the outputs from the power supply. Basically its a Molex (4 wire) connection to the power supply and a long thin data connection to the mother board.
Q:PC and cables?
If you're buying a pre-built PC, it will come with all the necessary cables. If you're buying parts to assemble your own PC, you'll get most of the cables. The power supply will come with a power cord, as well as the power cables for use inside the PC. The monitor will come with its own power cord, and at least 1 video cable. If you want to use HDMI and it didn't come with a HDMI cable, just go buy one (assuming the monitor supports HDMI...) The motherboard may come with some SATA cables for connecting your hard drive, DVD drive to the motherboard. The motherboard will also come with a baggie full of screws, connectors, and doodads for attaching the motherboard to the case. In general, you should have just about everything you need to completely build a PC from a pile of parts.
Q:some one told me that cisco get this router without AC power it get the power from the network cable?
its called power over ethernet and yes they do
Q:Can I connect CD drive to the same SATA cable.?
Hi, No you can only have one hard drive or cd drive per sata data cable. Do you perhaps mean a power cable, if so yes that should be OK. Arnak
Q:The telephone line, TV line, cable, power lines are worn to a wire tube, what will happen?
This is the wiring of the cable wiring formulas: the next five is 10 square below the current per square 5A current wiring, one hundred and twenty is more than 100 square per square 2A, 25335 three circles, meaning 10 (Excluding) or more, 25 square feet per square 3A wiring, 35 square (inclusive) or more, 100 square (excluding) the following per square 4A line, that is, 25 square feet, 35 square feet per square by 3A or 4A wiring line.
Q:I reassembled my computer and it powers on but nothing shows up on the screen, what's wrong?
Mkay, Check all power cables including all motherboard cables, which means the making sure that the power switch cable is in the right pins. If there is no beeps or sounds being emitted when you turn the computer on, you can almost right away assume it is a power issue, make sure the right cables are plugged in is crucial. Make sure everything is seated correctly: i.e. your processor, processor fan, RAM, CMOS Battery, Video Card, Network card (if you have one), etc. Make sure that the power supply itself is turned on, sometimes theres a black switch on the PSU and that could be it. Another idea is (and one problem i had) is to make sure there is no screws that are caught between the motherboard and the case (when you've seated the motherboard in the case) because that can ground the motherboard and it won't work, but i doubt thats the problem. Anyway, for the most part I would say this is a cable problem because the computer should at least turn on regardless of a hard drive or a ROM drive put in. Best of Luck! Any more questions? Feel free to contact me
Q:what are the power requirments of 7950gt graphics card?
The psu in your pc will need to be supplying between 450 and 500 watts.

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