Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

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wooden drum or wooden&steel drum

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2 weeks after confirm the order

Rating Voltage 6/6kv~26/35kv XLPE insulated 3 core high voltage cables, 11kV 3 core medium voltage xlpe insulated power cable

2. Standard: GB/T12706-2002, or design and produce as per client’s request.

3. Application performance: this products is suitable for power transmission and distribution rating voltage 6/6kv-26/35kv

  1. Max permissible operating temperature 90centigrade

  2. Max short circuit temperature(5 seconds at longest) shall not exceed 250centigrade

  3. The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0centigrade, if not, please heating in advance.

  4. Permissible bending radius ≥12 times of outer diameter of conductors                                                                                 

    4.Model     Name       Application

 Cu  Al            

YJV   YJLV XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable     For laying aerial indoors , in-tunnel or cable trench

YJY   YJLY  XLPE insulated PE sheathed power cable       

YJV22      YJLV22     XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable     For laying indoors , intunnel or cable trench

YJV23        YJLV23     XLPE insulated steel tape armored PE sheathed power cable       

YJV32      YJLV32     XLPE insulated thin steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable       For laying high-drop, well or underwater

YJV43      YJLV43     XLPE insulated thick steel wire armored PE sheathed power cable

Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable with Good Quality

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Q:Howcome my rat can chew through electrical wires and be unharmed?!?
Oh, my rats do the same thing! They've chewed through so many pairs of my headphones anyway, the reason you got shocked is that the wire touched your skin. And with your rat, the wire probably only touched it's teeth, so ur rat wouldn't get shocked. Hope i helped!
Q:How to brake a cat from chewing on wires?
I would wet a paper towel with something that doesn't taste good like lemon juice and coat the wire with it, not too much, just enough so when she bites it, she'll get a bitter taste and probably won't do it again. My cats have weird little quirks as well, in fact, I had this cat one time who loved to eat string, I mean she would actually ingest it. Cats are strange, you just have to be clever when it comes to deterring them from doing something. Also, you might be able to buy something at a pet store that will keep her from biting the wires, I believe its a spray that you put in the area you don't want the cat. Good luck!
Q:electrical wire wire i need for ext lights?
You are working from the wrong direction. What is the draw of the light fixtures? When this and the voltage are known, then the wire size and line loss can be computed then the breaker size is fixed to protect the wiring and the system. The best solution is to call a qualified professional electrician to do the work. The trench for the wire needs to be at least 3 feet deep and buried properly with warning tape over it. In general a 10 ga wire can be protected by a 30 amp breaker, but the 600 foot run means a large line loss and that means a larger wire is needed.
Q:need help on running electrical wire?
You need an electrician to be honest most work on electrical systems need to be covered with the relevent certification under part p of the building regs otherwise you may have problems with insurance /local authoritys etc
Q:How do I increase electrical current on 200' wire?
If you have a under rated wire in the line, even that shorter distance you created, it would over load that gauge capacity and heat up. Hazard Warning. But to analize the drop for study sakes. I don't know.
Q:Motherboard with a little bit is not the impact on the system performance?
Generally by wire, cable accounted for 40% of the cross-sectional volume of the slot.
Q:Repair house to go dark line how to line tube
Sc: welded steel pipe tc: wire tube galvanized or non-galvanized thin steel pipe attached: pipe laying labeling method sc: welded steel pipe tc: wire tube galvanized or non-galvanized thin steel pipe pc: hard plastic pipe ct: cable bridge cp : Metal hose SR: steel trunking RC: water gas pipe KBG: pipe for the buckle-type galvanized thin-walled steel pipe, JDG: for the tight-fitting galvanized thin-walled steel pipe
Q:SERIOUS QUESTION ! Exactly where is the proper place to take a car with an electrical wiring problem?
Any good garage can fix your wiring.
Q:Silicone rubber insulated power cable blistering, stomatal reasons What are the improvements?
The general use of concrete encapsulation, is the need to have cable protection tube, can not be buried cable cable protection tube with hot-dip steel pipe, glass pipe, MPP power pipe these several commonly used
Q:Lenovo notebook b470 computer can not open the machine, but the power adapter lights have been flashing, the last time has been repaired once, is the last did not repair it?
This is a weak line can wear a tube, you rest assured that all right

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