XLPE insulation Medium Voltage Power cable

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Application: Manily used in power industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, building and other constructional projects, specially in transmission line rated from 3.6/6kV to 26/35kV.

Standards: GB/T 12706.2-2008, GB/T 12706.3-2008

Product characteristic:

Rated voltage is 3.6/6kV~26/35kV.
Max long-term working temperature for cable conductor is 90℃.When in short circuit (max 5s), max temperature of cable conductor not exceeding 250℃.
Ambient installation temperature should not be less than 0℃, the Min. Bending radium should be no less than: single core cables minimum bend diameter not less than 20D (mm); multiple core cables minimum bend diameternot less than 15D (mm).

Cable cross-section configuration:

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Q:Having another set of Xbox 360 power and video cables?
the study ring of loss of life is while quadrants a million 3 and four and crimson. It doesnt make any distinction with the colour of crimson. what do you advise by potential of moving into circles? If it substitute right into a undertaking with the av leads all 4 quadrants could save flashing crimson!
Q:Where do I attach the Remote Power cable of my Amp to my Kenwood Radio?
Kenwood Kdc-mp245
Q:Power cord(cable) size?
I suppose this may work, just remember make sure you don't overheat your cord, and your motor runs ok with this setup, over or under voltage is hard on a motor. try using a volt meter on the motor while under load in order to find the proper voltage for the generator, that % is calculated and may not be acurate in real life.
Q:Does Power outages affect cable phone service?
With every day pass, our country is getting into more and more trouble. The inflation, unemployment and falling value of dollar are the main concern for our Government but authorities are just sleeping, they don’t want to face the fact. Media is also involve in it, they are force to stop showing the real economic situation to the people.
Q:can i cut my computer Power Supply cables/USB and HDD cable to add an extension myself? They're all short.
Your question isn't very clear, but if you know a bit about electronics, then yes, you can alter the length of any cable you want. I suspect however that you don't, in which case, get someone who knows to do it for you, or just leave well alone. Even with the computer turned off and unplugged from the wall, there is still enough current in the PSU capacitors to kill or seriously hurt you. I suggest if you didn't know this already to steer well clear.
Q:do ps3 video and power cables are atleast 5-6 feet?
The included cables are the standard 6' in length. There's nothing special about the PS3's power cord, so you can buy a longer one if you need it. The PS3 can also use standard HDMI and optical audio cables, so finding those in various lengths is easy. However if you need a longer PS3 AV cable (for composite, svideo or component video) you'll have to buy one online. They exist, or you can use a simple cable extension.
Q:I need an additional power cable for a new HDD?
All you need to do is pop down to your local computer store and get a power splitter, just make sure you get the right type, IDE and SATA drives have a different kind of power connector, so just make 100% sure before you buy!
Q:Could the Xbox 360 Power Cable be the cause of RROD??
Nope nothing new, there are like 5 types of RROD which is why they ask you to check the ligt on the power cable. if its green then its the consle but if its red then its the power cord. it might have been Red or you might have had the 1 time only problem which i had
Q:Engineering materials inspection, all types of cable wires should be issued a test report?
Buy a distributor on the line, the computer city generally have
Q:My puppy has broken the black plastic on the outside of my laptop power cable, is it dangerous?
I have a house rabbit who does the same given the chance! In fact I now need a new phone cable. Get some electrical tape,and wrap it round while it's off. If the wire inside isnt damaged, it should be fine.

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