Unique Design Temperature Control Colour Changing Led Bath Faucets Bathroom Faucets

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Product Description:brass body  & handle,brass cartridge,Chromium plated:0.25um, Nickel plated:8um,with two 60CM flex hoses & fastening piece, hydropower,If the water is cold,the LED is blue, the colors will change to green if the water is warm.

Carton Size:52*36*12cm

About Product:

1.Built-in LED light.

2. LED Power Source: a)4*1.5V AA batteries voltage supply, low power consumption; b)"by water flow, described as "hydropower" in the Specification.

3.LED color: Red, Green, Blue.

4. All necessary installation accessories included.

5.Built-In durable ceramic valves ensure no water leakage.

6.Laboratory tested for up to 600,000 life cycles at 90 degrees.

7.Laboratory tested to withstand high water pressure of 1.7MPA.

8. 2 years warranty.

Q:Seek the toilet water pipe specific height
Water pipe installation Note: 1, the water should be equipped with indoor total valve, before installation must check the water pipe and connecting accessories are damaged, trachoma, cracks and so on. 2, the installation of kitchen, Wei Guan Road, the size of the pipe in the wall should take into account the final size of the wall after the paste, that is, in advance to consider the thickness of the wall. 3, the wall, the ground, as little as possible with or without connecting accessories to reduce the risk of leakage points. Connect the accessories to ensure that the installation, no leakage. 4, the design of water pipes should be considered when the washing machine faucet installation location, the layout of the water. Also note that the location of the power outlet is appropriate. Kitchen kitchen drums inside the drum washing machine must determine the size of the washing machine and kitchen cabinets in order to stay up and down the water position.
Q:I am replacing my kitchen faucet and I have a garbage disposal in front of it. Should I remove the garbage disposal or just work around it?
they sell a basin wrench, a long shaft with a swivel crows foot. it extends, leave the garbage disposal alone for not , remove it as the very last resort Lowe's or Home depot
Q:Does the bathroom wash basin faucet need to install the angle valve?
The Now most of the basin faucet are safe in the basin table, the table below the hose together on the line.
Q:I removed the faucet assembly from the bathroom sink/basin to replace it with a new one and it's completely yellowed underneath. It's not as bad as it was after I tried to clean it with the rubbing compound I would use on my car but still not gone.I have to get it all cleaned away because the new one is not the same shape at the base as the old one.Anyone here had experience with this and know the best stuff to use?
Chances are its from the pipe dope or plumbers putty that was used. Treat it like a greasy stain and use some baking soda, some cleaner like Greased Lightening or Blue Wolf. You can also try putting some hydrogen peroxide on it over night and covered with a rag or some plastic if its not granite or marble. Should clean up fine then. Good luck!
Q:Im installing a new kitchen faucet. I have disconnected all hoses and the sprayer from the kitchen sink. I have disconnected the handles and stem.My problem is Im not sure how to remove the two washers directly under the sink handles for cold and hot. Once I get them off I should be able to remove the remaining locking nut on each side.Any suggestions to get these rusted pesky washers off?I have the following tools at my disposal:Basin WrenchPliersScrewdriversDrillDremel Rotary ToolSmall ChiselHammerMallet (Metal and rubber)plus pretty much any other basic tools.Any help much appreciated.
The washers may actually be a set screw escutchon. Try to loosen the lock nut that is in the cabinet under the faucet. You then should be able to pull up the stem assembly. Look at the top washer and see if it has a set screw holding it to the stem. Loosen the set screw and unthread the washer off the stem. The remaining assembly would then be removed into the cabinet.
Q:It slides around constantly. I can even lift it 3/4 inch upwards and see the pipes underneath in their little holes. I have felt under there with my fingers but I don't know what I'm feeling for to try and tighten it. What is the mechanism that tightens it to my sink, and how do I go about fixing it?
i know you know how to tighten it underneath, it's just a loose nut, but as an addition put water based epoxy between the faucet and the basin to have better hold. do not use the faucet overnight for best results.
Q:So, my cat is about 10 years old now and up until a few months ago he would drink his water out of his designated water bowl we set out for him. But one day I filled up the sink in my bathroom to soak some clothes in it and I noticed he LOVED drinking out of it. But soon, that was the ONLY place he would drink out of. For awhile I would fill up the sink and leave it there for him, but eventually that wasn't good enough for him. Now the water has to be running and he sticks his head under to drink. He won't drink any other water any other way and it's getting rather irritating. He will sit in my bathroom and meow until I turn on the faucet for him, sometimes at ungodly hours while I'm sleeping, and he just won't quit! Why do you think he has such high expectations? And how can I break this habit he's gotten into?
My roomates cat is the same way. Some cats just demand fresh, cold water. It can become stale very quickly sitting out in their bowl. I tried locking her out of the bathroom all the time, but she's developed lightning speed and is always sitting on the edge of sink waiting for me to wash my hands before I can even close the door. Just replenish his water as often as possible and try to assert that he is no longer allowed in the bathroom. I've resorted to just letting mine drink the faucet water. Let them have a tiny luxury, it's not hurting anyone.
Q:Why the leading and the basin to be supporting, fix it is not up
Because the industry does not have a unified standard standards, each production of various, especially some of the larger brand manufacturers in order to monopolize the market deliberately avoid the commonly used specifications, making customers to buy their basin must match the leading, or to buy the leading package Basin.
Q:What is the use of the hole below the basin faucet, on the basin
You should be a drainage hole
Q:Im trying to replace my faucet sink in my bathroom the bolts wont come off ! I tried using the wrench I have but it wont turn what can I do? is there another tool I can use
The tool is called a basin wrench. Sometimes they can be on very tight and or corroded. I have had to cut some off.
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Kaiping,Guangdong
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above RMB5 Million
Main Markets
Europe and the United States, Australia

Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Guangzhou
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 4 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 3000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 2
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average

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