travel blenderVT-15 travel blenderVT-15

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$95.00 / unit
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month
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 Travel Blender surface:spray painting power:400W  frequency:50-60Hz Voltage:220-230V 2 bottle capacity:800mlRPM:24000/min with LED button(New) it can be automatically cease working after 20 Seconds


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Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner with the cheapest price-tag?
Lisa,, very strong suction power, functions very well with pet hair and comes with a pet hair tool), or the Eureka Airspeed Bagless. The Eureka also has great reviews and the pet tools, but isn't quite as powerful in the testing I've done. If you are able to spend a little more money, then the Dyson DC25 Animal is a great vacuum with slightly stronger suction power than both the Shark and the Eureka, it comes with their really cool ball technology that makes it's super easy to use, and it's really lightweight
Q:The residential air conditioning machine within the power supply and power supply?
The first indoor parts are usually made of 220 v electric power supply to the transformer - control main board - seg. Actually, the power supply is controlled by the indoor machine of outdoor mainboard control 220 v power on and off. There are a few models is the direct outdoor on 220 v power supply controlled by the indoor machine control main board 12 v or 24 v direct current control of the ac contactor to outdoor open or stop the outdoor but now the mainstream models are adopted.
Q:Is it convenient to use a toaster?
I usually use a toaster to knead the dough and bake it in the oven. Because the bread machine baked thick skin, not very delicious. So if you just for the convenience of using bread machine, then I would advise you not to buy bread, bread machine to make the taste is very general, but also need high gluten flour to make bread, instead of home of ordinary flour, you're still in your city for high gluten flour. There are bread machine to do is that a few taste, eat every day will be annoying. In short, it is convenient to advise you not to buy, it is better to buy off the shelf, the cost of doing their own and outside almost. If you like baking, then you can buy dough kneading, no other use.
Q:The coffee made by the semi-automatic coffee machine tastes light
Semi automatic machine for making coffee is very exquisite, coffee beans to taste good, is the key, then you use your weight, strength, temperature, powder extraction time and quantity, the lack of which all can not make a good cup of coffee
Q:Vacuum cleaners for pet hair?
the dyson seems to be a great vacume, but it is no where close to your budget, and when you go shopping, you will find the 700 dollar price tag on the one you want is unacceptable...yes there is a difference. instead, I suggest a eureka bagless vacume. I got mine for 85 dollars at Lowes. it comes with a dusting wand that is cleaned by the vacume. And it has incredible suction, and all filters are washable in your sink. since you have a 300 dollar budget, they sell a great attatchment for this vacume for pet hair on furniture ...I use it to vacume my another great option is a shop vac for pre vacuming around pet beds. Any small shop vac works great for this. Have fun shopping.
Q:From the angle of the inner liner, what's the importance of choosing the rice cooker?
Generally speaking, a thicker liner is better than a thin heat transfer, and can also be compared from weight if it is impossible to judge. In addition, non stick coating, easy to wash pot, but not hard to scratch. Ceramic sprayed in this way better, but not sticky, a little bit worse. So good-looking, but the heat transfer is poor, only suitable for soup. It's better not to cook rice. It sticks to the pot. Hard oxidation durable. Non viscous is superior to stainless steel only.
Q:Does the water heater touch water? Is the water in the water fountain closed?
The inside of the water dispenser is not completely closed. Can you bubble up when you don't see the water? But to say the cockroach is unlikely to go, gap drinking machine interface is very small, but be careful when changing the water may fall into the cracks, so every time the water fountains ran out and replaced with new water to clean dirty drinking machine interface.
Q:Which is better, bread machine or oven?
Bake the shop and set up factories if the oven is practical, you can select the appropriate size and power, professional control system, high capacity ratio, the drawback is that large volume, high power consumption, small scale production is wasted. At the same time to set with the system, such as mixer, proofing boxes, cutting machine, opening machine and so on investment cost.
Q:How to clean the green objects in the filter of the water fountain?
Water dispenser with a filter, though itself has certain bactericidal effect, but after a long time, bacterial contamination of the filter cartridge will be accumulated for a long time so the drinking water machine with a filter should be cleaned regularly, if necessary, also need to replace the filter
Q:Do you have any phobias?

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