mini travel blenderVT-06 mini travel blenderVT-06

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$42.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
Supply Capability:
10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:180W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:500ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:How many kinds of water heaters are there now?
Gas is hot, strong exhaust, with pipes. This is also outdoor remote control, high technology, domestic rare.
Q:How do I make a simple drinking water filter?
(2) subtract the bottom of the empty plastic bottle with scissors, and drill a few small holes on the plastic bottle cap (usually 7 to 10 will be enough);(3) cut the clean gauze into square shape (about 3 to 4 pieces together). The flat pad is in the bottle cap, and it covers the lid tightly;
Q:Do you have to connect the electric water heater?
Yes, the grounding safety is the basic condition of the installation of electric water heaters. There is no safety guarantee for the circuit grounding (ground wire) in the home, and the electric water heater is not selected. After the purchase, please follow the instructions in the installation and use, installation of electric water heater grounding device is very important
Q:Can I put the perfume in the fridge?
The fixing agent is used to combine various spices together, including balsam, ambergris and civet and musk deer body gas gland secretion. Alcohol or ethyl acetate concentration depends on perfume, Eau De Toilette or cologne. Perfume shelf life depends on the preservation of the environment, avoid light, cool place, can be preserved for a long time, decades, or even hundreds of years.
Q:What are the major differences between backwash filters and self-cleaning filters?
2 backwashing filter is divided into several kinds, such as automatic backwashing, manual backwashing, multi column backwashing, etc.Self cleaning filter and full-automatic self-cleaning filter
Q:How to choose freezer, freezer?
Freezer, freezer belong to large home appliance, safety is more important, the following are your reference:Choose good after-sales service. As we all know, freezers, refrigerators are large appliances, the problem can be resolved in the first time is the best.
Q:The SUPOR frying pan I bought could not be used in the induction cooker. How should I use it?
To use the electromagnetic oven pan, and is to have the magnetic iron or steel, aluminum can not be used on electromagnetic furnace!Look at the instruction manual and use it! That saves you a lot of trouble!
Q:What's the effect of a home bread machine? What's the difference between making bread and selling it?
Bread machine is also good, but baking is difficult. What's bad is different from what you sell.
Q:Is glass electric kettle good or stainless steel?
Glass kettle, more beautiful, and I feel not so much stainless steel scale, cleaning more convenient, the price I do not know, if I bought it, I would choose the Taobao Golden Dolphin electrical mall, they feel trusted
Q:What's wrong with making bread with a bread machine?
There's less water, and the bread powder usually contains yeast, sugar and salt, so you don't have to add these. You see, the bread should be packed. I usually put 250ml of water or milk, an egg, two tablespoon, half oil, half a cup of sugar, three scoops of milk powder, three cups of flour, two small spoon of yeast can be, flour is the most common.

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