mini travel blenderVT-04 mini travel blenderVT-04

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$40.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:180W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:500ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:With ACA MB600 bread machine. Nothing succeeds like nothing
This sometimes appears, is mainly due to the choice of the flour and raw material! We must use the advanced professional flour for sugar with COFCO white sugar, egg with a good egg farm, Angela yeast can be used to make good use of the oil, salad oil, add a little bubble powder, right, fermentation time is too long for you! There will be cake like! Poor taste very rough!
Q:Electric water heater, water storage or instant heating is better, and safe?
Storage of water, then, the better sales of the three brands are Haier, Smith and Aston, of which Haier occupies 40% of China's market share, but with electricity prevention is more authoritative is the anti - electric wall technology
Q:Which brand of rice cooker is good?
I think the price of PHILPS electric cooker or can, in my house this took quite a long time, has been very good, some time ago bought a clever series of meal for my parents, there is a recipe, heat preservation hour, hour appointment cooking, sometimes also can be used to "cook" function. When the anti cooked very quickly.
Q:The electric kettle suddenly stopped working
Then remove the kettle's base.
Q:What is the working principle of an induction cooker?
There is a little understanding, if is the change of the magnetic field on the bottom of the pot generate eddy current, that it should not be limited to iron, aluminum copper can, in the electromagnetic induction phenomenon, wire movement in the magnetic field are generally not iron, copper, aluminum and copper pot but can not be heated on electromagnetic oven, that is to say, can not change the magnetic field of copper and aluminum electric eddy current, it can prove whether eddy current thermal effect is not produced by the heat in the pan and whether can be understood as changes in the magnetic field the magnetic domains of molecular iron products produced in the rapid vibration, which makes the the molecules can increase the iron temperature. This may explain why the copper aluminum can not be heated.
Q:How to fix the water tap of the water dispenser?
Water tap dripping of water dispenser:(1) the cause of the failure: the float valve of the water purifier is not properly installed; when the water tank is full of water, the float valve can not stop the water flowing from the lower barrel of the water purifier, and the water leakage is caused.To remove the method: re install the float valve, and first tap the tap to test whether it is working properly, and then placed in the water dispenser;
Q:Why does the oven smoke?
If it's the new oven, it's a bit smoky for the first time, and it's gone for a whileOr when you use it, there is a grease drop on the heating panelIt'll be all right after a whileHowever, at the same time should pay attention to the box temperature will be too high, too high, that is, the thermostat is broken
Q:Coffee machine, coffee making method
Several common coffee drinks:Integrated coffee: a variety of coffee beans, different degrees of baking, according to a certain proportion of the deployment of their own taste of coffee.Italian coffee is a deep baked whole coffee bean.Japanese roasted coffee: pure heavy cooking made Japan's unique flavor of charcoal burning, sweet and bitter, and more preserved the original flavor of coffee.Hawaii coffee: has a strong sour and unique aroma, medium baked beans with a strong acid, deep baking flavor to the next floor.Bitter coffee: no sugar, no heavy accompany, boiling coffee has a strong fragrance, but it is the most bitter.Lanshan coffee: Jamaica is the name of Lanshan, which is surrounded by the Caribbean sea. Sour taste, sweet taste, bitter taste are very harmonious, and have excellent flavor and aroma, suitable for single product coffee, moderate baking should be done.Java: origin: Indonesia sumatra. Arabica. After baking, the bitter taste is very strong, and the aroma is very delicate, no acid.Kang Na coffee: origin: Hawaii, Kang Na region. The coffee beans produced by volcanic lava, with a grape bouquet, have a unique flavor.Santos: Brazil St Paul of Brazil province. Gan, acid, bitter, three flavor neutral, with moderate acidity, taste extraordinary, elegant.
Q:Heat pump water heater high and low pressure in which range is the most appropriate?
As the water temperature rises, the pressure rises accordingly.
Q:need a new vacuum cleaner what is the best brand?
Although which may help you

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