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Since 1958.
1).Standard: API6D, CE, IBR, JIS..
2).Certificate: ISO 9001, TS..
4).WCB, CF3, CF3M, CF8, CF8M..


Part NameMaterial
Body, BonnetWCB(ZG230-450), WCC(ZG270-500), WC6(ZG15CrMo), CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L)
Plug, Seat304(0Cr18Ni9), 316(0Cr17Ni12Mo2), 316L(00Cr17Ni14Mo2) 17-4PH
Packing PTFE, R.TFE, Grafoil
Sealing RingXB350, PTFE
Stem304 316 316L 17-4PH
Nominal Diameter DN20253240506580100125150200
Rate Flow CoefficientLinear6.91117.627.54469110176275440690
Rate Travel16254060
Electrical Actuator Type


381LSA-08 PSL201


381LSA-20 PSL202


381LSB-30 PSL204


381LSC-65 PSL312

Nominal Diameter DN250300350
Rate Flow CoefficientLinear100016502160
Rate Travel100100100
Electrical Actuator Type361LSC-99/381LSC-99/PSL314
Nominal Pressure(Mpa)Mpa1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4(6.3)/2.0, 5.0, 11.0, 15.0
Bar16, 25, 40, 64(63)/20, 50, 110, 150

ANSI: Class150, Class300,

 Class600, Class900

Inherent Flow CharacteristicEqual-Percentage, linear
Inherent Adjust Rate50
Eletricity Supply220V 50HZ   Please notify if choose the anther electricity supply
Input Signal4~20mA
Feedback Signal4~20mA
Allowable LeakageANSI B16.104 Class IV
TemperatureNormal Temp-20~200, -40~250, -60~250
Radiator-40~350, -60~450
High Temp450~650 High Temperature Material
Low TempD0:-60~-100, D1:-100~-200, D2:-200~-250
Adjusting & Stopping-40~150 (PTFE-PTFE), -60~200 (PTFE-Reinforced PTFE)
The structure of the single seat control valve series is the simplest among all the kinds of control valves, with the accurate flow characteristic, lightest weight and most widely usage. The advantages of this series valves has least leakage, and less pressure reduction losses than the cage and double seat control valves. If the allowable pressure is available, the single seat control valves shall be the first option compare to the cage or double seat kinds.
 Steam Control Valve


1.Compare to other kinds valves, the single seat valve usually has the bigger unbalanced force (Ft) when it closed, so the matched actuator must have the enough output force, if the working condition is beyond the allowable pressure, do not choose the single seat valves as possible.
2.As for the single seat control valves with the bigger diameter, the unbalanced force and cost shall be calculated, because the unbalanced force, increases, the cost of the actuator will increases accordingly.
3.When the flow is big (exceed the Kv of the single seat control valve), then this series is not available any more.
4.Sometimes, the output force of actuators (especially the pneumatic actuator) from every factory is different.


There are two units’ seat, plugs and sealing surface in the normal type double seat control valves, while as for the cage type, it also has two units sealing surface, but it only has one plug. Because of the two flow channel, so the flow capacity (flow efficiency Kv) of the double seat control valves are bigger than the single seat type, but the leakage grade is lower than the single seat type, it is usually grade II, at most grade III.
 Steam Control Valve1.Forbid to choose the double seat control valves for the conditions of small opening and small flow capacity.
2.If the single seat type or cage type is available for the working condition, do not choose the double seat control valves. 
3.As for the control valve with the diameter DN is bigger than 250mm,  choose the rotatory valve ( V-shaped ball valve, butterfly valves, eccentric valves) to replace the double seat control valves if possible, otherwise there is a requirement of precise flow characteristic.
4.There is big leakage for the double seat control valve, consider cautiously before opting.


The structure of the cage type control valve series is the relative simpler among all the kinds of control valves with the accurate flow characteristic. Besides the single seat control valve, the cage type control valve is secondly most used among all the kinds of control valves. It plays an important role in the nine kinds control valves types, in one project, the quantity of the cage type valves some time will exceeds 60% among all the control valves.
 Steam Control Valve1.Because of the balanced plug, this series valves are able to bear big differential pressure, while the matched output force from the actuator is relatively small.
2.Because of the balanced plug, this series valve can be operated stably without frequent vibration.
3.The windows on the cage are deployed symmetrically, the total flow kinetic energy consumes in the core of the cage, so the other inside partare not easy to be damaged, then the noise is lower, the working life is longer.
4.The windows on the cage can be made to meet different flow characteristic according to the working requirement, so the valves with same diameter are able to meet many different requirement of flow capacity CV.


The self-operated pressure regulator is a kind which does not need outside power but take advantage of the power from medium to act and adjust by itself. The most notable feature of this series regulator is that it can be used in the working place without the electricity and gas supplying, which saves the power at the same time. In the specific range, the pressure setting can be adjusted at will.So it can be widely used in many fields like petroleum, chemical,electricity, metallurgy, food, textile, machinery and civilian building and so on to reduce/release or stabilize the pressure of the gas, steam and liquid and so on.
 Steam Control Valve

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Q:What do the Z, J, H and D represent in the valve type?
Valve type code Z, J, L, Q, D, G, X, H, A, Y, S, respectively:Gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, plug valve, check valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve and steam trapThe connecting codes for valves are 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7, respectively:1, internal thread, 2, external thread, 4, flange, 6, welding,
Q:Valve pressure grade division
Valve (Famen) is a control component in the fluid delivery system. It has the functions of closing, adjusting, guiding, preventing reverse flow, stabilizing voltage, shunting or overflow and releasing pressure.Valves can be used to control air, water, steam, a variety of corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media and other types of fluid flow.The valve according to the material is divided into cast iron valves, cast steel valves, stainless steel valves, chrome molybdenum steel, chromium molybdenum vanadium steel valves, valve, dual phase steel valves, plastic valves, non-standard customized valve material etc..
Q:Comparison of foreign valves, such as Jiang Sen, SIEMENS, Honeywell, Watts, Tyco valves?
Watts is the origin of industrial water valve, after so many years of development, the current air-conditioning, water supply and drainage, fire, general valve Liwoci is most commonly used, compared with the best foreign brands.
Q:What are mine valves?
In fact, much, no matter what the industry, with many types of valves. You want to see what works on the use of what media, in the choice of what type of valve is more appropriate.
Q:Is the valve galvanized?
Butterfly valve gate, some hot-dip galvanized, and other valves are not.
Q:Which valve can play a good regulatory role?
A wide range of valves, the function is different, although like conventional butterfly valve, ball valve can play a regulatory role, but their role is not linear, so if you need to adjust the precision of the valve, it is best to select the control valve.
Q:What does "DN15" mean? What does "PN 16" mean?
Valve DN15 refers to the nominal diameter of the valve 15mm, PN, 16 refers to the pressure of the valve is 1.6MPa.Nominal diameter (nominal, diameter), also known as the average diameter (mean, outside, diameter). DN is the nominal diameter (or nominal diameter), that is, all kinds of pipe and pipe accessories of the general caliber. The pipes with the same nominal diameter can be connected with each other, so they are interchangeable. It is not the actual diameter or diameter of the pipe, although its value is close to or equal to the diameter of the pipe.
Q:What are the most common types of valves?
From the controllable and uncontrollable division (personal opinions, according to our factory valves used to explain)1. hand operated: gate valve, globe valve, ball valve.2. control: single seat valve, two seat valve, ball valve (O ball, V ball), eccentric rotary valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve
Q:What does the "Z45T-16" valve mean?
Z - gate valve4 - flange connection5 - Dark pole, stem non lifting (gate valve structure)T - copper alloy, valve sealing face code16 - pressure code, 1.6MPaMaterial code for grey cast iron valves of nominal pressure less than or equal to PN16 shall be omitted in model preparation.May refer to JB/T 308 valve model compilation method
Q:What does valve A335P22 mean?
May be non-standard label bar, do not understand, A3 should refer to the body, the material is 13Cr.

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