Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style

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Item specifice:

Material: Fabric,Plastic Style: Modern,American Usage: Commercial
Color: White,Red,Green,Yellow,Black,Purple,Blue,Orange,Grey,Ivory,Other Structure: Folded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Adjustable

Product Description:

Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style

Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style description:

1. Durable black nylon frame

2. Aluminum bracket connecting backrest and seat, make chairs very strong

3. The material of mechanism is aluminum

4. Korean Samhongsa class 4 gas lift

5. Aluminum base can load 1136 kg

6. The seat is upholstered mesh or fabric, seat is waterfall design, it promotes circulation

7. The diameter of PU castors is 65MM


Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style Chair Feature:

1. Adjustable headrest

2. Adjustable lumbar support, lumbar support can be push, with height adjustable lumbar support

3. 4D adjustable arms, the rotating soft PU pad can be adjusted for depth&width

4. Sychronized-tilting mechanism is with 5 lever locking position, it's very comfortable

5. Seat is with slider


Executive Office Mesh Chair High Back Chair


3D PU multifunctional   armrest: swivel,lift,forward & backward

Main Material

High density mesh and   flexible fabric 

Gas lift

Chrome metal


Synchronized-tilting   mechanism(136°) ,lumbar height & forward or backward adjustment, seat   with slider


Five aluminum star   base


PU, nylon


Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style Chair Reference:


Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style

Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style

Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style Color Options:


Staff Mesh Chair Comfortable and Ergonomic Style Packing Picture:



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Q:Where can I buy an office chair for overweight people for under $150?
Most chairs are designed to hold 250 lbs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. So if you are 300 lbs most chairs would be ok unless you sit it in significantly more than that. If so, you are going to want to search for Bariatric chairs or chairs for 24 hour seating. They are more heavy duty, typically are designed for 450-650 lbs all day every day BUT they usually cost more unless you can find one refurbished. They are steel framed instead of plastic or aluminum. I would check around online and see if there are any office furniture dealers in your area that may be able to help out. Good Luck
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Q:Removing the smell from an upholstered computer chair?
Spray evenly with Pet Spotter made by Zep, which you can purchase at Home Depot. let dry, preferably outside if possible.. Repeat so long as smell remains, and vacuum chair at end. It will work, but it may take a few times depending on how deep, the urine soaked into the chair. Another thing you could do if it is really bad, is wet the chair up pretty good with the pet spotter, but evenly, and then extract with shop vac if you have.. Look at vacuum attachemnt or hose end as you do this to see that liquid is still coming up, and just keep going til no more is, and then if it still smells( now that it is wet, if it will smell, it s gonna smell), keep repeating.. No matter how bad it is, this second way that I told you about should have it taken care of in the most an hour's time.
Q:help! chair rental dilemma for wedding reception?
My mother got re-married and I planned her whole wedding (I'm 15!!!) he he I want this to be my future job. Talk to a local seamstress she can most likely make you chair covers that are very elegant Provide her fabric (if you buy large amounts you will get major discount, especially on line) She had ours ready in a month. (175) With paying her, the fabric and a little negotiating came out to nearly nothing in price tag compared to renting chair covers :)
Q:Time out in a chair vs the corner? What is really the difference?
chair she's sitting, so it's more comfortable, corner is done standing up, this makes it more uncomfortable.
Q:anyone know what a salt chair is?
Salt Chair The compact footprint of the Salt Chair makes it a smart choice for cafes or any location where you want to seat as many people as possible around a table or in a defined space. Unlike chairs that have widely splayed legs, Salt chairs can be placed next to each other without wasting a lot of space in between. This Shaker-style chair is a timeless classic, and its lack of ornament and unnecessary excess makes it befitting of the modern aesthetic. It is finished in a water-based opaque paint that really makes the Chair’s profile pop. The color may appear inconsistent with the name of this item, but this Chair is as fundamental as the salt shaker on your table. The Salt Chair is unpretentious, familiar and made for everyday use.
Q:Using the quiet chair technique as a teacher?
Yes, it still is used. Quiet Chair is a nicer name than Time Out Chair and better understood by a 2nd grader. If you have the children together on a rug by your story chair, insist that all are quiet and ready to listen before you begin a story. Hands on own lap, voices off. Do this for lessons, too. If they talk when they shouldn't, give a warning. Then have child move further away if on the floor or move the desk a bit to increase personal space. Then the child moves to the Quiet Chair. Loud and disruptive is just not acceptable during lessons time. If this is a recurring problem, add a step to your morning attendance and calendar routine. Review the class rules - even if you have to do it every day for a week. Emphasize what you expect for storytime and lessons. 1-2-3- eyes on me, and a frequently repeated rule in my room, Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. This is our expectation. That makes it more a matter of breaking the rule, not just making the teacher mad (which I try not to do). We stop and recite the rule to get back on track.
Q:Static Stability-Bicycle vs. Rocking Chair?
Hello Jeremy. The rocking chair has a design which is more stable, because 1) the rocks are fixed to the chair 2) the weight is better distributed, towards the center of gravity 3) if we push the rockin chair in one direction, it tends to go back by bouncing The bicycle is dinamically stable only in movement, by an effect of spinning as a gyroscope. 1) When stopped the front wheel can move in two axis causing lack of stability 2) The back wheel can rotate forward causing lack of stability 3) Teh weight of the bibycle in accomodated in one line (between 2 points). For greater stability we need at least 3 points to accomodate weight with stability. In the rocking chair we can considere it as having 4 points of contact. Greetings from Mexico. Javier P.D.
Q:what would make a good gaming chair?
Beanbag chair @Chris I was thinking casual gaming not hardcore. You're right. A nice recliner is good.
Q:Where can i find a cool chair?

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