Special Thermocouple Used Compensation Lead Wire and Cable

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It  is suitable for connecting the measured equipment and the instruments.  It is used to compensate the error occurs at the connecting between  these devices and the thermocouples because of the change of  temperature. It is widely used in the measuring devices in the mine,  metallurgy and thermoelectricity factories.

Type and the Component of the conductor

type of   composite use of thermocouple

type of Compensation lead wire

classification   according to the use and allowance error

compositive   materials






common using   and common degree







common using   and common degree

heat resistant   using and common degree


alloy mainly with copper and nickel






common using   and common degree

heat resistant   using and common degree










common using   and common degree common using and precise degree

heat resistant   using and common degree

heat resistant   using and precise degree

alloy mainly with nickel and chrome

alloy mainly   with nickel






common using and common degree耐热用普通级

heat resistant   using and common degree

alloy mainly with nickel and chrome

alloy mainly with copper and nickel






common using   and common degree

heat resistant using and common degree


alloy mainly with copper and nickel










common using   and common degree common using precise degree

heat resistant   using and common degree

heat resistant   using and precise degree


alloy mainly with copper and nickel

Note: 1) usually we use G refers to the   using temperature between -20 and 90,use H refers to the using scope of heat resistance between 0 and 150.

     2) the code name of exact degree is S. its allowance of compensation conductor is a   half of the current degree’s. It is suitable for measuring special exact   temperature.

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