Thermocouple Extension Wire & Cabless

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Thermocouple extension wire & Cable are used to extend the cold ends of the thermo couples in the tmeperature-testing systems.The cable uses imported Teflon as insulation and sheath and is produced by advanced extrusion machine on the assembly line.It has good resistance to high and low temperature,aicid,corrosion,aging,as well as oil and water.Working temperature is -40275.




    1.Thermocouple Extension Wire

Type DescriptionKX-Gs(105)-vv105 flame retardant PVC insulation and sheath,K TYPEKX-Gs(105)-vvR105 flame retardant PVC insulation and sheath,K TYPE,flexibleKX-Gs(105)-vvP105 flame retardant PVC insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire braided shielding,K TYPEKX-Gs(105)-vvRP105 flame retardant PVC insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire braided shielding,K TYPE,flexibleKX-Hs(275)-FF46275 Teflon insulation and sheath,K TYPEKX-Hs(275)-FF46R275 Teflon insulation and sheath,K TYPE,flexibleKX-Hs(275)-FF46P275 Teflon insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire braided shielding,K TYPEKX-Hs(275)-FF46RP275 Teflon insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire braided shielding,K TYPE

    2.Thermocouple Extension Cable

Type DescriptionKX-HSFF46Teflon insulation and sheath,K TYPEKX-HSFF46RTeflon insulation and sheath,K TYPE,flexibleKX-HSFF46PTeflon insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire braided shielding,K TYPEKX-HSFF46RPTeflon insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire braided shielding,K TYPEKX-HSF46PF46PTeflon insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire  braided pair shielding and overall braided shielding,K TYPEKX-HSF46PF46RPTeflon insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire  braided pair shielding  and overall braided shielding,K TYPEKX-HSFF46P2Teflon insulation and sheath,copper-tape shielding,K TYPEKX-HSFF46RP2Teflon insulation and sheath,copper-tape shielding,K TYPE,flexibleKX-HSF46P2F46P2Teflon insulation and sheath,Cu-plastic compound tape pair shielding,Cu-tape overall shielding,K TYPEKX-HSF46P2F46RP2Teflon insulation and sheath,,Cu-plastic compound tape pair shielding,Cu-tape overall shielding,K TYPE,flexible






Type DescriptionKX-GSYPVP-iaPE insulation,PVC sheath,solid conductor,tin-coated,copper wire braided pair shielding  and overall shielding,K TYPEKX-GSYPVRP-iaPE insulation,PVC sheath,tin-coated,copper wire braided pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPE,flexibleKX-GSYP2VP2-iaPE insulation,PVC sheath,solid conductor,Cu-tape pair shielding and overall shielding, K TYPEKX-GSYP2VRP2-iaPE insulation,PVC sheath,solid conductor,Cu-tape pair shielding and overall shield,K TYPE,flexibleKX-GSBPVP-iaPP insulation,PVC sheath,solid conductor,tin-coated copper wire braided pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPEKX-GSBPVRP-iaPP insulation,PVC sheath,tin-coated copper wire braided pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPE,flexibleKX-GSBP2VP2-iaPP insulation,PVC sheath,solid conductor,Cu-tape pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPEKX-GSBP2VRP2-iaPP insulation,PVC sheath,precision,Cu-tape pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPE,flexibleKX-HSF46PVP-iaTefon insulation,PVC sheath,solid conductor,tin-coated copper wire braided pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPEKX-HSF46PVRP-iaTefon insulation,PVC sheath,tin-coated,copper wire braided pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPE,flexibleKX-HSF46P2VP2-iaTeflon insulation,PVC sheath,solid conductor, Cu-tape pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPEKX-HSF46P2VRP2-iaTeflon insulation,PVC sheath,Cu-tape pair shielding and overall shielding,K TYPE,flexible

Node:The above description is just a sample TYPE letter for series KX .For other series SCNCNXKCAKCBEXJX and TX,the TYPE letter will be the first letter of them.



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Q:My computer is displaying a red message saying Power cable not connected plug into video card, why?
you have to open up your computer and plug in the power connector to the card, its easy.
Q:Does a power supply come with the cables that allow you to connect the computer to the wall?
Yeah, it comes with a three prong power cable and a bunch of internal cables, one or two for the motherboard, one or two for graphics cards, and a bunch for drives.
Q:where does the main power cable go on a 50 panasonic viera TV?
Ignoring all the upfront on-line research I undertook, I made 8 separate visits to the showrooms of the 'usual suspects' in UK electrical retail I was so torn between the sony panasonic 42 offerings!! As a brands snob I wanted the Sony because I wanted a sony on my wall.. But every time I viewed the TV's in various store environments I kept getting drawn back to the simplicity if the panasonic's operation, the depth of tone / image on screen vs. the sony. After much consideration I went for the panasonic as (for me) it's a better TV to watch TV on!.. Technically the sony has a faster refresh rate plus slightly more advanced image 'in-fill' technology and technically it should therefore give a
Q:Does throwing punches with weighted cables increase punching power?
No power is genetics. You either have it or dont. It'll increase speed. Don't do to heavy or you'll damage your ligaments and tendons long term.
Q:4 core power cable, 35 mm?
A 4 core cable has 4 conductors in an overall sheath. The 35 mm indicates the area of each conductor's copper is 35 square mm. You can use the 4 core cable for 3-phase power (3 wires with a spare or ground). You cant use a 2-core cable for three phase service, unless you are using three 2-core cables with the 2 wires connected in parallel to provide one of the phases. It can be used for AC or DC. TexMav
Q:Acoustic Audio 10 inch home theatre powered subwoofer use speaker wire or subwoofer cable?
As you used the phrase The wire that was included for the subwoofer, I'll presume that we're talking Home Theater in a Box here. As someone above mentioned, sub frequencies can use a lot more energy. In a larger system where you are consistently running several hundred watts over longer distances, a larger wire would probably be benificial. For a HTIB system such as yours the wire that came with it would be more than adequate over the short run that would typically be needed. Having said that, there is nothing wrong and nothing will be damaged by going to a larger gauge wire. Just not a lot of benefit.
Q:Amp power cable in a renault clio 2002?
Yes. You will have to drill your own hole, and add a grommet.. I reccomend a step bit. Do not forget to add a grommet to protect the wire from rubbing against the firewall.. As I was taught, Look Twice, Drill Once.. Good Luck!!
Q:I have a 42 inch Toshiba REGZA I just got it and my dog chewed on the power cable where can I get another one?
Try Radio Shack or if it has a 3 prong socket any computer power cable will work.
Q:what are the power requirments of 7950gt graphics card?
400-500 watts will be fine. I ran mine on a 430 watt antec for about 18 months just fine. FYI - it did run fine on a generic 350 watt PSU for a couple weeks also. You will be fine with 34 amps or more on your 12 volt rail(s). You need 1, 6-pin, PCI-E power cable, or an adapter that comes with most cards to convert 2, 4-pin cables to 1, 6-pin cable.
Q:Additional power use for cable tv +net with converter box ?
look at the back of each device. it will show you a current rating and usage, exmple 45 watts. Add em up Whats strange is that they draw power even when turned off.some even more when off. use a power strip with an on off switch so you can turn them all off when not in use. Turn them all on watch your electric meter spin. Unplug them and watch it spin. The difference is your savings.

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