SMD Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead

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low frequency Inductor/filter

1.SMD multilayer ferrite chip bead

2.Low Crosstalk/DCR Features

3.competitive price customer's requests



1.Low crosstalk/DCR, high reliability

2.Low crosstalk between adjacent circuits

3.Single MZA series chip provides noise attenuation for four lines, ideal for various highly miniaturized I/D lines

4.Internal electrodes feature low DC resistance, minimizing wasteful power consumption

5.Electroplated terminal electrodes accommodate flow and reflow soldering

6.Monolithic structure ensures high reliability

7.Operating temperature range: from -25 to 85 degree Celsius



1.High-frequency noise counter measured in computer


3.Portable telephones and other equipments





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Q:Physics Question on Faraday's Law and Inductors?
The natural (resonant) frequency (fₒ) of a LC circuit is given by . fₒ 1/(2π√LC) Find the value of C that gives a frequency 6.90^6 Hz . (fₒ)² 1/(4π²LC) C 1/(4π²L.fₒ²) . C 1/(4π² x 1.07^-6H x [6.90^6Hz]²) . . ►C 4.97^-10F (0.497pF/0.50pF)
Q:Is anyone taking Femara as an ovulation inductor?
I took Clomid days 5-9 and it looked as though it would make my AF a sprint shorter. I in many instances have 7-8 days of a few style of bleeding/recognizing/etc in spite of the undeniable fact that it variety of feels like the day after the 1st pill it grew to become into all long gone. additionally with Clomid it could skinny the uterine wall so my following classes weren't as heavy as everyday. unsure if Femara has the area result besides. appropriate needs!!!
Q:Given: an ideal current source is connected in series with an ideal inductor?
You use the definition of inductance (L) V L*di/dt where V is the induced voltage, and di/dt is the rate of change of current in the inductor. i(t) 10 cos(500*t) di/dt -500*10*sin(500*t) V -25*sin(500*t) note that the current function is not a sinusoid but is a cos function.
Q:Question on finding current through inductor?
sophisticated matter. lookup over yahoo. just that might help!
Q:Whats the energy stored in a inductor?
Inductance of a solenoid, air L µ₀N²A/Ln Ln is length in meters A is area in meters² N is number of turns µ₀ is the magnetic constant 1.2566×10−6 H/m (or T·m/A) use the above formula to calculate inductance. Change units to meters. then use E ½LI² Energy in an inductor to get the energy. .
Q:An inductor is to be made by wrapping wires around a paper tube of radius 0.702 cm and length 8.44 cm. How m.?
An inductor is to be made by wrapping wires around a paper tube of radius 0.702 cm and length 8.44 cm. How many turns will give the inductor an inductance of 8.000e-3 H? L μ 0 * N^2 * A ÷ length μ 0 4π * 10^-7 T * m /A L 8.0* 10^-3 Length 8.44 cm 8.44 * 10^-2 m Radius 0.702 cm 7.02 * 10^-3 m Area of circle π * r^2 π * (7.02 * 10^-3)^2 1.548 * 10^-4 m^2 8.000 * 10^-3 (4π * 10^-7) * N^2 * (1.548 * 10^-4) ÷ (8.44 * 10^-2) Multiply both sides by (8.44 * 10^-2) (8.44 * 10^-2) * (8.000 * 10^-3) (4π * 10^-7) * N^2 * (1.548 * 10^-4) N^2 [(8.44 * 10^-2) * (8.000 * 10^-3)] ÷ [(4π * 10^-7) * (1.548 * 10^-4)] N^2 3.47 * 10^6 N 1862 turns L μ 0 * N^2 * A ÷ length
Q:Find the energy stored in the inductor in the circuit shown, under DC condition?
At DC the current through the inductor will be 3*4/62 amps. The energy is .5*L*I^2.5*.5*2^21 Joule.
Q:What is the average resistance of a inductor?
It will probably be less than 300 ohms. Varies, but it's just a length of copper wire, it can be as low as less than an ohm. That is a very narrow range of inductors, usual values are in the 10 - 1000 µH. edit: A little research turns up an audio inductor of 100mH that has 1000 ohms DC resistance, so higher resistance is possible. .
Q:A 24.0 mH inductor is connected across an AC generator that produces a peak voltage of 10.4 V.?
10.4 I X X L 2 pi f I 10400/(24*2*pi*100) 0.69 A
Q:An inductor in the form of a solenoid contains 400 turns, is 15.0 cm in length, and has a cross-sectional area?
EMF - dΦ/dt -μₒNA/L (di/dt) di/dt - (1.75x10^-4)(0.15) / (4π×10^-7)(400)(3x10^-4) - 174 Amp/sec
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