PBP Series Shielded SMD Power Inductor

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Product Description:

1. pbp series shielded smd power Inductor

2. Rated current:0.5-10A

3. Inductance0.5~6000uH

4. Quality assured

5. competitive price

smallest possible size and high performance they are with high energy storage



The Surface Mount Inductors are designed for the smallest possible size and high performance,

They are with high energy storage and very low resistance making them the ideal inductors for

DC-DC conversion in the following application.

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Q:Inductor Operation?
in transient the coil acts like a short circuit ( the resistance is omitted ) after the transient it acts like a currenr source that oppisite the true current when the field collspse it will be just like a short circuit or a very small resistance you must be very carful for example never plug a transformer - AC adapter for example - in DC voltage cuase it will be just like short circuiting the DC source and this dangerous as for what you ask you will only need it if you study transient circuit behavior for steady state in DC circuit you can treat the inductor as a short circuit or a very small resistance NOTE:the inductor behaveor very differnt in AC circuir
Q:Capacitor Inductor question, Please help?
If the closing of the switch connects the inductor and capacitor in series into a closed circuit, then the capacitor will discharge through the inductor which will store the energy in its magnetic field. Then the inductor will transfer this stored energy back to the capacitor which will become charged with the opposite polarity (storing the energy in its electric field) and then discharge again in the opposite direction through the inductor. This swinging back and forth of the stored energy between inductor and capacitor will continue indefinitely. With resistance in the circuit (and in practice there is always some) the swings will gradually die out. The undamped swing frequency 2π/√(LC).
Q:Physics question about Energy stored in an inductor?
E 0.5 L i^2 the energy would be increased by 2^2 or quadrupled answer 5
Q:How many turns does the inductor have?
the magnetic energy stored in inductor (L), having N turns, is E (mag) 0.5 L I^2 ----------------- given mag. flux with each turn [phi (1)] 19*10^-6 Weber/turn Total flux linked with L [phi (N)] 19*10^-6* N but total flux L I 19*10^-6* N L 19*10^-6* N / I E (mag) 0.5 [19*10^-6* N / I] I^2 E (mag) 0.5 *19*10^-6* N * I N 1.40*10^-3 /[0.5 *19*10^-6* 180*10^-3] N 818.7
Q:what happens if you use a bigger inductor?
The larger inductor will significantly slow down the closed loop response, and, as a result, the system could become unstable.
Q:A question regarding inductor?
Q:Simple AC Circuit Analysis of Inductor?
The magnitude of the circuit impedance is equal to the inductive reactance provided by the inductance: L X ωL, but ω 200 rad/s so that X 200(0.25) 50 ohm while V 100 volts the phasor current for the circuit: I V/Z where V is the voltage phasor V 100 angle 0º and the complex impedance: Z jX j50 Therefore: I 100/(jX) -j2 2 angle -90º The phasor current lags the phasor voltage by 90º.
Q:A student wants to figure out if an unlabeled item is a capacitor or inductor. He applies a voltage with dife?
inductor. Inductive reactance is proportional to frequency, so it goes up as frequency goes up. Since Current is inversely proportional to reactance, as frequency goes up, current goes down. A cap would be the opposite. .
Q:what are the inductors in a motherboard for ?
Inductors induces power voltage, so it won't sag. capacitors is for filtering against noise.
Q:Can inductor coils be made out of just copper wire ?
Only if the individual turns of wire are insulated from each other by being spaced slightly apart on a nonconductive form. If the specifications of the coil require that the turns be in physical contact with each other to provide a specific inductance, you will need enamelled wire in order for it to work right. One of the key concepts of building electronic things designed by others is that you use the recommended materials and methods.
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Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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