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*low frequency Inductor/filter

*High power storage

*Easy insertion,low loose

*Used in various electronic and industry products






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Q:Capacitors/Inductors in DC?
A capacitor consists of two metal 'plates' separated by a thin gap; the gap is filled with an insulator (the 'dielectric') such as air or plastic. The gap means that a (direct) current can't flow across it. Strictly speaking, alternating current doesn't 'flow through' anything - the electrons are just repeatedly going backwards and forwards a fraction of a mm without actually getting anywhere. When you apply an alternating voltage to a capacitor, in half of the cycle the capacitor charges up: one plate loses electrons and becomes positive; the other plate gains electrons and becomes negative. In the other half of the cycle, this is reversed (it's slightly more complex than this, but you get the picture). The plates are being alternately made positive/negative, then negative/positive by supplying and removing electrons. We say the alternating current 'passes through' the capacitor, but what's really happening is that each plate is getting charged and discharged. Capacitors store energy in the electric field set up between the oppositely charged plates. The dielectric also stores energy because the charge distribution around the atoms is distorted by the electric field. An inductor is just a coil of wire wound on a core. It's an electromagnet and stores energy in the magnetic field produced. With DC it's no different to passing a current through a length of wire - the magnetic field irrelevant (except for a short time when the current is turned on or off). So it's a short circuit. With an alternating current, the magnetic field is repeatedly created and collapses; this gives rise to the inductor's impedance.
Q:Inductor equation help?
Your equation looks correct, but I don't understand the stuff after dt+. (The i(t_0) looks like it might be initial conditions, but the other terms don't make sense.) In your circuit and equation i(t) and L can be either i1(t) or i2(t) and L1 or L2. The current add to get i(t).
Q:Physics! Help! Inductor! Current!?
you are right i Io e^(-Rt/L) this when solved for t gives 6.5 * 10^-4 s
Q:Calculate the current through the inductor.?
since t 0.use equation I(t) Im * e ^ (-tR/L) if it sdischarging or if its charging, replace (e^(-tR/L)) with (1-e^(-tR/L)). It depends on the circuit though
Q:Is this inductor example correct?
The answer is incorrect. The voltage waveform is incorrect. The voltage must remain constant during intervals in which the slope of the current is constant. The voltage should be -2.5V between 2 and 6ms. The stored energy is also incorrect. At t3ms, i 6.25ma; so the energy stored at that time should be 6.25^2 X 2H / 2 39.06 micro-Joules.
Q:Help with Physics homework, Inductors and Inductance?
(a) r 0.1m areapi*r*r 0.03141 Flux N*B*A Cos 0 0.000081666T (b) Flux L*I 0.000081666T L 0.000081666T/ 3.8 0.000021491052632H
Q:What is the rms value of the current through the inductor?
I v/Z Z Xl in this case as r0 Xl 2 Pi f L 2 * 3.14 * 60 * 5 I 110 / (2 * 3.14 * 60 * 5) 0.058 A
Q:Can the current in an inductor change instantaneously?
It would require a theoretically infinite voltage to do this. V L di/dt
Q:how to calculate SRF of a inductor?
the self resonant frequency (SRF) of an inductor is computed by knowing the self capacitance (C), the inductance (L) and the formula f 1/(2 * pi * sqrt(L * C))
Q:How can I measure the inductance of an unmarked inductor?
I guess theoretically you can use the 60 Hz 120 AC Volts from you home wall socket as your source, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT AT ALL. You cannot just measure the current in an inductor because the inductor has reactance against current while allowing voltage to vary across it. The only thing you can try to do graphically measure out the current curve, measure the rise time and approximate the inductance keeping in mind the frequency that way. The problem is that the current is going to reach its settle point a lot quicker than you can measure it unless you have specialized equipment. My advice to you is to bite the bullet and visit your nearest community college/university with a physics/electrical engineering department and try to get a lab tech to help you. Let me know if you need any help calculating or setting up to measure the inductance. My question is why do you need inductors anyway? It is one thing if you do not have an O-scope, but no generator? What good is the inductor?
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