SMD Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead 0805

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Product Description:

1.SMD multilayer ferrite chip bead

2.High Impedance Characteristics

3.size: 0805


5.competitive price



*Low crosstalk/DCR, high reliability

*Low crosstalk between adjacent circuits

*Single MZA series chip provides noise attenuation for four lines, ideal for various highly miniaturized I/D lines

*Internal electrodes feature low DC resistance, minimizing wasteful power consumption

*Electroplated terminal electrodes accommodate flow and reflow soldering

*Mololithic structure ensures high reliability

*Operating temperature range from -25 to 85℃



*High-frequency noise counter measured in computer


*Portable telephones and other equipments



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Q:two inductors are rated at 150 mH. When you measure the resistance of the two inductors, you find that one has?
C . Use 10 Ohm inductor because it has a higher Q Q wL/R where w is the frequency in radians per second, L the inductance and R the resistance of the inductor.
Q:A 9.5 H inductor carries a current of 1.8 A. At what rate must the current be changed to produce a 60 V emf in?
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Q:A generator is connected to a resistor and a 0.047-H inductor in series. The rms voltage across the generator?
The reactance of the inductor 2πf*L 2π*160*0.047 47.24Ω So the current through the inductor V/XC 1.8/47.24 0.0381A We have V (generator) sqrt(Vr^2 + VL^2) Vr sqrt(V^2 - vL^2) sqrt(8.7^2 - 1.8^2) 8.51V So R V/I 8.51/0.0381 223Ω
Q:Build Inductor at home?
Depends on the type of inductor you want. If you want one that you can show is working, take a nail, one that you can pick up with a magnet. To to the hardware store and buy a roll of doorbell wire. Unwrap a single conductor, and wrap a couple hundred turns around the nail. Connect this to a battery and you'll find that you've created an electormagnet, able to turn the needle on a compass, or to pick up small metal objects.
Q:240 V at 50 Hz applied to an inductor yields a current of 4A calcuate the maximum stored energy during a cycle?
Assuming the current is 4 amps RMS the impedance is j60 ohms, so the inductance is .191 H. The peak current is 1.414*47.07 amps The peak store energy is .5 L Ip^24.77 joules. There is 0 average power consumed by a lossless inductor.
Q:How much energy is stored in the inductor?
U Potential energy R Resistance 6.7ohms I current V/R (10.5V/6.7ohms) 1.57A L inductance 265mH .265H U (.5)LI^2 (given formula in any physics text book) U (.5)*(.265H)*(1.57A)^2 .33 J
Q:Inductor time constraints question?
The time constant is L/R or 10 usec in your case. An exponential circuit will change to with 1% of the final value in 5 time constants, so 5 time constants is often use as the total response time.
Q:Simple AC Circuit Analysis of Inductor?
The magnitude of the circuit impedance is equal to the inductive reactance provided by the inductance: L X ωL, but ω 200 rad/s so that X 200(0.25) 50 ohm while V 100 volts the phasor current for the circuit: I V/Z where V is the voltage phasor V 100 angle 0º and the complex impedance: Z jX j50 Therefore: I 100/(jX) -j2 2 angle -90º The phasor current lags the phasor voltage by 90º.
Q:what is the defference between inductor & wire?
Resistors Shock Absorbers Capacitors Springs Inductors Mass jr
Q:What is the potential difference across a 12mH inductor?
The back emf generated by the collapsing magnetic field is given by . Ɛ (-) L.di/dt L self inductance (H) di/dt rate of change of current (A/s) di/dt (110-50)mA / 13μs 60^-3A / 13^-6s 4.62^3 A/s Ɛ (-) 12.0^-3H x 4.62^3A/s . . ►Ɛ (-) 55.40 V (- sign indicating a back emf)
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Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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