Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire

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Product Description:

Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire

Main Structure

1.Rated 200C  600V
2.Electrical Cable Wire
3,Heat Resistant Wire
4.Applicable for internal wiring
5,Superior flexible

Product Name

Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire  



Rated temperature-60C+200C,peaks to 230C
Rated voltage600V
Testing voltage2000V
ColorAll colors
ConductorTinned copper
InsulationExtruded silicone rubber
ApplicationApplicable for internal wiring




Applicable for internal wiring

Not for immersed applications

Superior flexibility



Wiring of Electrical Household Appliance,Lamps,Electronic Equipment and High Temperature Environmet,etc...


Product Description






No. x mm

Outer Diameter 




UL35120,516 x 0,202,50± 0,1010,10
0,7524x 0,202,70± 0,1513,20
1,032x 0,202,90± 0,1516,00
1,530x 0,253,20± 0,2021,00
2,041x 0,253,50± 0,2027,00
2,549x 0,253,60± 0,2031,00
456x 0,304,30± 0,2046,50
684x 0,305,65± 0,2579,40
1084x 0,407,75± 0,25133,50
16126x 0,408,95± 0,25197,00
25196x 0,4014,75± 0,25291,00
35276x 0,4016,5± 0,30388,00
50396x 0,4018,6± 0,30575,00
70360x 0,5020,9± 0,30774,00
95475x 0,5022,9± 0,30998,00



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very interesting question

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