Senior green latex paint New Building Materials

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Senior green latex paint

Shengde Jia senior environmental latex paint is high-grade paint for wall decoration. This product is high hiding power, strong adhesion, alkali resistance prevents mold and algae fouling resistance is excellent scrub resistance and easy construction.

This product is made of high quality pigments, with the new environmentally friendly formula, greatly reduce the residual air of harmful substances, and to ensure greater coating area, significant savings in unit costs brushing area, construction is more convenient, is an environmentally friendly, and convenient construction and economy of bothHigh-performance products.

Interior and exterior paint Application: for wall decoration in the general building houses, office buildings, corporate offices and meeting rooms.

Diatom latex paint

    Shengde Jia diatom anti-formaldehyde full effect interior latex paint, contains a suction force super natural diatom, opening a new blue ocean detergency, super efficient decomposition of formaldehyde in indoor air, so that you and your family to enjoy the indoor net fresh air when the product itself is ignorant of the net environmental protection, also has full effect function. Super scrub, scrub stains easily, indemnity cover minor cracks, waterproof, breathable, super alkali, doubling mildew, can be color and other useful features, it is ideal for the pursuit of higher quality of life at home decoration. Diatoms anti-formaldehyde full effect interior latex paint, a brush for family health insurance, once and for all get the indoor air, so fresh and nature never stop your home.

 Senior green latex paint  New Building Materials

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Q:Carbon black is a pigment or a dye
Carbon black has pigments and dyes. Distinguish them from hue, but in ingredients.
Q:What is the direct red pigment and cationic dye?
Direct red is a dye that is not a pigment. Direct dyes are generally cotton, cationic dyed.
Q:What is the emulsion in the paint?
Synthetic resin is a high molecular compound and is produced by the combination of low molecular raw materials - monomers (such as ethylene, propylene, vinyl chloride, etc.) by polymerizing together into macromolecules. Industrial polymerization methods commonly used are bulk polymerization, suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization, solution polymerization, slurry polymerization, gas phase polymerization and so on. Production of synthetic resin is rich in raw materials, is mainly to oil and natural gas products, such as ethylene, propylene, benzene, formaldehyde and urea.
Q:What is the difference between fireproof paint and fireproof paint?
There is no essential difference, the fire retardant coating according to the different types of solvent can be divided into two types of solvent and water-soluble, (fire paint is usually solvent-based fire retardant coating) two types of fire components used in the same, so it is verified that their Fire resistance performance difference is only in the paint physical and chemical properties and weather resistance is different, solvent-based fire retardant coating these two aspects of performance is better than water-soluble waterproof coating.
Q:Is the waterproof paint a paint? If not, with the paint class, what is the difference?
First of all that it is not paint, because the waterproof coating ingredients are coating material configuration, which added to some of the polyurethane waterproof material. Paint is mainly used for wood structure on the material, and paint is used for wall paint material.
Q:Chinese Song has no paint
600 years ago originated in Europe, about 15th century by the Dutch invented, with linseed oil to reconcile the pigment, in the processing of cloth or wood painting, because the oil paint does not change color, do not become a variety of colors to reconcile Dirty, the painter can draw rich, realistic colors. Oil paint pigment opaque, strong coverage, so the painting can be from deep to shallow, layer by layer, so that the painting produced three-dimensional. At the end of the 14th century, two of the painters of Netherland, Van Ecker Brothers (Young Van Ecker and his brother, Hubert Van Ecker), found a simple method of painting oil, Purely oil painting. Although the historian of art can not conclude that the love grams brother is the inventor of oil painting, but at least they are on the basis of previous tests found an ideal oil-based painting media formula. Many experts believe that their greatest achievement is in the oil by adding a natural resin, so that the pen fluent, the media quick-drying. Young Van Ecker's "Arnolfini's Wedding" and his most famous work "Ghent Altar" (now hidden in the city of Ghent, Belgium, St. Bavin church, composed of 23 paintings. ) Is considered to be an important work in the history of European oil painting.
Q:Paint Question?
to be sure prime it!!!!
Q:Hand Painting Vans (Shoes)?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Hand Painting Vans (Shoes)? For painting shoes, what should the ratio of fabric medium to acrylic paints be? also, how should i let it set (by heating) so it will last long and the paints does not fade as quickly? regards, sim
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of Dulux paint
Drying of the coating film: After the application of latex paint, with the evaporation of water, dry film. And then the appropriate climate conditions, latex paint dry faster, generally about 4h recoat, one day can apply two to three.
Q:What is the difference between dyes and pigments?
Dye refers to a certain medium, can make the fiber or other substances firmly colored compounds. We introduce dyes and pigments that are limited to organic compounds. Ancient dyes take automatic plants. In 1856 Perkin invented the first synthetic dye - Mawei Violet, which made organic chemistry separate from a new discipline - dye chemistry. 1950s. Pattee and Stephen found that dyes containing dichlorotriazinyl groups were bonded to the hydroxyl groups on the fibers under alkaline conditions, marking the dye making the fiber coloring from the physical process to the chemical process, creating a synthetic application of reactive dyes The At present, the dye is not limited to the dyeing and printing of textiles, it is in paint, plastic, paper, leather, optoelectronic communication, food and many other departments to be applied.

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