Senior green latex paint New Building Materials

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Senior green latex paint

Shengde Jia senior environmental latex paint is high-grade paint for wall decoration. This product is high hiding power, strong adhesion, alkali resistance prevents mold and algae fouling resistance is excellent scrub resistance and easy construction.

This product is made of high quality pigments, with the new environmentally friendly formula, greatly reduce the residual air of harmful substances, and to ensure greater coating area, significant savings in unit costs brushing area, construction is more convenient, is an environmentally friendly, and convenient construction and economy of bothHigh-performance products.

Interior and exterior paint Application: for wall decoration in the general building houses, office buildings, corporate offices and meeting rooms.

Diatom latex paint

    Shengde Jia diatom anti-formaldehyde full effect interior latex paint, contains a suction force super natural diatom, opening a new blue ocean detergency, super efficient decomposition of formaldehyde in indoor air, so that you and your family to enjoy the indoor net fresh air when the product itself is ignorant of the net environmental protection, also has full effect function. Super scrub, scrub stains easily, indemnity cover minor cracks, waterproof, breathable, super alkali, doubling mildew, can be color and other useful features, it is ideal for the pursuit of higher quality of life at home decoration. Diatoms anti-formaldehyde full effect interior latex paint, a brush for family health insurance, once and for all get the indoor air, so fresh and nature never stop your home.

 Senior green latex paint  New Building Materials

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Q:Mercerizing paint what it means
Silk paint is mainly used for interior walls, ceilings, concrete, gypsum board, plaster, brick structure, asbestos board and other surface high-grade decorative architectural coatings, mainly for exterior paint or interior paint.
Q:Seeking: paint the specific terms and content of the GB, often see those GB / T.
Some people think that this standard is too broad, and some companies that such provisions to take care of low-end products or small business tendencies and questioned. In fact, the national standard is only the basic guarantee of product quality, reflecting the level of national economic development, and people's living standards and industry level, with the social development will continue to revise and improve. Provinces can develop local standards according to specific circumstances, but the technical requirements of local standards must be higher or lower than the national standard, so as to ensure product quality, and continuously improve the technical level. Similarly, the production enterprises should also develop higher than the national, industry, and local standards of enterprise internal control standards, enterprise standards of technical standards and international well-known companies gradually closer to the technical indicators, so as to truly international standards, for large or famous Brand enterprises can use this to launch higher than the national standards, non-toxic, health, safety, pollution-free products to meet the requirements of higher requirements of the user, and through more stringent corporate standards to the community commitment to establish their own s brand. This is also to improve the industry healthy competition, to suppress low-end products selling style, promote brand awareness of an opportunity.
Q:What is hand sweeping paint, what to do with what is different from the paint
Paint is applied to the surface of the object can be firmly bonded with the base layer to form a complete and tough protective film of the material can be divided into: oily, synthetic resin, water, powder four stages.
Q:Sanya how can sell paint and paint?
In the vicinity of the moon bridge there is a bus to get off the Bank of China on the line 2 Road 4 Road 10 Road to
Q:It is best to buy their own harmless dyes with what grass to do paint
Yellow - gardenia: gardenia open, full of fragrant trees. The fruit, made by the ancients yellow dye, can also be used as medicine, can also be used for food pigments or paint pigments. The actual dye out of the bright colors, and the dyeing process is also more simple, as long as the use of hot boiling method can extract the pigment.
Q:What color is
Metal ink, refers to the use of small metal foil instead of traditional inks made of pigments or dyes, with a unique metal shiny effect of the ink. Often said that the metal ink is mainly silver ink and gold ink. Silver ink is made of aluminum pigment; gold ink is generally made of copper pigment and zinc pigment in different proportions, by controlling and changing their ratio can produce green gold, green red gold, red gold ink or the Need Pantone metal color ink.
Q:What is the difference between imitation stone paint and real stone paint?
imitation stone hardness and texture: really stone imitation stone texture than imitation stone paint strong
Q:What is the difference between the paint and the paint?
Both are in the paint category. Paint, is the traditional name; paint, is a modern call, contains more scientific and technological ingredients, in the field of modern technology and industrial applications. But the paint has some habitual call or retained, such as latex paint, primer, finish, etc., and water paint is the main solvent-based paint, such as most of the building latex paint is water paint, so from the scope of speaking , The paint range is wider than the water paint. Narrowly refers to the use of organic solvents for the medium or high solid, solvent-free paint.
Q:What is the meaning of the bottom of the paint?
Simply said the primer and the finish, when the paint is a suit, a barrel of primer and two barrels of paint, the workers will brush once again painted primer and twice the finish, can be said to be a bottom two sides.
Q:What is matte paint and high gloss paint
Matte paint, also known as matting paint, is the furniture surface coating is divided into high-gloss finish and matte finish after the introduction of a new variety of furniture coatings. We usually say that the matte paint is mainly a transparent painted matt paint, different from the color of the sub-optical enamel.

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