Senior green latex paint New Building Materials

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Senior green latex paint

Shengde Jia senior environmental latex paint is high-grade paint for wall decoration. This product is high hiding power, strong adhesion, alkali resistance prevents mold and algae fouling resistance is excellent scrub resistance and easy construction.

This product is made of high quality pigments, with the new environmentally friendly formula, greatly reduce the residual air of harmful substances, and to ensure greater coating area, significant savings in unit costs brushing area, construction is more convenient, is an environmentally friendly, and convenient construction and economy of bothHigh-performance products.

Interior and exterior paint Application: for wall decoration in the general building houses, office buildings, corporate offices and meeting rooms.

Diatom latex paint

    Shengde Jia diatom anti-formaldehyde full effect interior latex paint, contains a suction force super natural diatom, opening a new blue ocean detergency, super efficient decomposition of formaldehyde in indoor air, so that you and your family to enjoy the indoor net fresh air when the product itself is ignorant of the net environmental protection, also has full effect function. Super scrub, scrub stains easily, indemnity cover minor cracks, waterproof, breathable, super alkali, doubling mildew, can be color and other useful features, it is ideal for the pursuit of higher quality of life at home decoration. Diatoms anti-formaldehyde full effect interior latex paint, a brush for family health insurance, once and for all get the indoor air, so fresh and nature never stop your home.

 Senior green latex paint  New Building Materials

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Q:How can you wash off the chemical dyes on hand?
Other things are not good. Opponents hurt a little more. Suggested or wearing gloves, do not get in the hands of better.
Q:How long will it take for a house to paint?
House decoration after the pollution, according to the national standard "civil construction project indoor environmental pollution control norms" provisions, listed formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, TVOC five projects. Therefore, the use of what kind of governance products and governance methods, should be based on indoor air in any harmful substances and excessive standards of the actual situation to make a choice.
Q:Does samsung have to do a polymer battery?
Oh, Samsung's cell phone batteries and flat-panel batteries are polymer batteries
Q:Polymer cement mortar 1m3 how many kilograms
The density of polymer mortar will be lighter than cement mortar, so the weight is also about 1800 kg / cubic meter. That is, there are about 1.8 tons of one side. The price of 1 ton 1500, 1 cubic about 2700 or so.
Q:any graphic suggestions for painting a thsirt?
Hello Kitty or hearts and rainbows . or I got Beiber fever what you going to do about it ?
Q:Brush latex paint or stickers good wallpaper?
environmental aspects, the latex paint and wallpaper in the end which is more environmentally friendly? Paint is certainly VOC and free formaldehyde, but the general manufacturers of brand-name paint can control the harmful substances at a relatively low level, and paint dry These harmful substances will be completely volatile, and then there will be no environmental issues. So that the paint is in the short term there will be a relatively low degree of minor pollution.
Q:Accidentally watercolor paint stained clothes, the application of what way to wash away?
And then decolorization with detergent or fresh ammonia;
Q:Clothes have the taste of the dye, washed a few how to do it?
Ink stains, lipstick stains washed with detergent after washing, or with glutinous rice and detergent and mix thoroughly, can also be coated with toothpaste stained part of the rub, and then rinse with water. If it is silk material, to stain the surface down on the clean paper, coated with dry lotion or alcohol, rub the silk stains on the back, until the stain disappears, and then wash, rinse.
Q:What is the difference between water-based ink and ink?
PP forum, a lot of ink information, there are a lot of ink and print friends
Q:What is the difference between organic pigments and dyes?
The traditional use of dyes is the dyeing of textiles, and the traditional use of pigments is to color non-textiles, this is because the dye has affinity for the textile, fiber molecules can be adsorbed, fixed, while the pigment pile of all colored objects are no affinity, Mainly by resin, adhesives and other film-forming substances and coloring objects combined with the dye in the course of the general use of the first dissolved in the use of media, even disperse dyes or vat dyes, in the dyeing is also experienced from a crystal state first Dissolved in the water into a molecular state and then dyed on the fiber on the process.Therefore, the color of the fuel itself does not mean that it is in the fabric color / pigment in the use of the process due to insoluble in the use of media, so always the original crystal state The color of the pigment itself represents the color of the pigment on the substrate.Now the production of pigments in the world has been growing, the domestic production of organic pigments enterprises have begun to increase, the domestic more representative Such as Jiangsu De Choi Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd. and so on.

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