Self leveling cement floor

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cement-based mortar for permanent sealing of water leaks and seepage in concrete and masonry
High quality

Self levelling cement level floors that are uneven

Introduction :

Including cement based self-leveling screed / self-leveling mortar / screeds , etc., it is a combination of active ingredients of dry mixed powdery materials , on-site mixed with water to use . The blade is slightly expanded , you can get a high flat base surface . Hardening fast in the last 24 hours to walk, or follow-up project ( such as timber flooring , diamond plate , etc. ) , construction of fast , simple and traditional artificial leveling unmatched .


1: Has good fluidity in weight or slight external force can automatically leveling .

2: Has good stability , condensation does not occur before hardening stratification and segregation phenomena such as bleeding .

3: Construction in thin layers (3-5mm), high strength. Water resistance and wear resistance .
4: And grass-roots firmly bonded construction speed, saving time and effort .

1:Without isolation , with a good fluidity , to a certain thickness within a self-leveling .
2:There may be a reasonable construction and self-leveling time .
3:The characteristics of a fast dried .
4:By adjusting the formulation to meet the carrying capacity of different design requirements . Has excellent adhesion strength , not hierarchical hollowing .
5:With appropriate flexibility ( flexural strength ) .
6:Has good cohesion and abrasion resistance.
7:Low shrinkage, environmental characteristics .

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