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Screw Pump Rotor Whirling Milling Machine

Screw Pump Rotor Whirling Milling Machine

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Screw rotor whirling machine:
1.Processing threads, worms,screws, screw pump rotor
2.High efficiency, precision
3.Low cost

Thread whirling machine was used to manufacture threaded spindles, rotors for eccentric pumps,progressive cavity pump rotors, vacuum pump rotors, screw type compressors, tie bar threads, ball screws, worm shafts and steering worms.

Whirling is a particular type of milling that is position rotates at high speeds around a slowly turning workpiece. The cutting plane on the tools' cutting edges is adapted to the respective thread pitch by tilting the thread-whirling head around its vertical X-axis. The tool's large tilting range enables users to realize high thread pitches and to cut right-handed and left-handed threads. The radial setting of the whirling head determines the thread depth. The tool's design permits down-cut, conventional and up-cut milling.

Provide a number of advantages over traditional single-point threading, including increased productivity, faster set up times, no extra costs for finishing treatment, superior chip control and increased tool life over conventional tools.

Thread whirling features:

1. The machine is our company's own R & D design, with independent intellectual property rights (with six national patent)

2. Applicable to automobiles, motorcycles, machine tools, gearbox, chemical machinery, plastic machinery, construction machinery and other industries

3. Machine tool used FANUC 0i—Mate—TD system to achieve 4-axis rotary 3-linkage control to X, Z, C axis, whirling milling head axis

4. Machine Tool Spindle Servo Motor is to be the largest ratio 1:100 by harmonic reducer; to achieve the precise positioning of the spindle indexing and powerful cutting

5. Machine milling head used with the international advanced level of machine whirling milling turning, milling in multiple knives without re-grinding

6. Using high precision flexible hydraulic chuck to ensure the worm run out accuracy

7. Tool spindle speed can be adjusted so that user can choose the best cutting speed for work pieces with different diameter and material

8.Automatic involute milling for the machining of both ends of the worm, no need for secondary process

9.The precision of the worm made by CNC machine is up to level six (including all parameters);surface roughness Ra0.8 MAX

10.No limitation of number of threads of worm for Whirlwind milling process, the max helix angle up to ± 25 °

Whirling samples show:  

Q:Do three years of ordinary lathe general salary a month how much money
(1) timing wages are divided into monthly and daily knot two:
Q:What is the main organizational structure of ordinary lathe
There are four parallel rails on the bed, for the big carriage (turret) and tailstock relative to the headbox for the correct movement, in order to maintain the bed surface accuracy, in the operation of the lathe should pay attention to maintenance.
Q:CNC lathe programming G71 inside the P and Q how to determine
And N20 is the end of G70, that is, the formula nf
Q:What do you need to learn about CNC lathes?
These are the theory of the most important above, will be able to be programmed.
Q:Is the lathe machine or machine?
Machinery (English name: machinery) refers to the general term for machines and institutions.
Q:What is the lathe of the knife phenomenon
Second, due to the poor stiffness of the material processing, even if the tool is completely accurate design by the size of the workpiece, but because of the deformation of the workpiece will produce thick, thin, the size of the phenomenon of tolerance.
Q:Why should the lathe drive
3, with the vertical milling process, will also be due to the milling cutter grinding the actual size of the change; installed knife, not necessarily completely with the spindle concentric, resulting in changes in the size of the cutter when the rotation.
Q:What is the main movement of an ordinary lathe? What is the feed movement?
The smooth running of the spindle on the bearing directly affects the machining quality of the workpiece. Once the spindle rotation accuracy is reduced, the machine's use value will be reduced.
Q:How does the lathe taper?
Indicates that the difference between the diameter of the big head and the diameter of the small head is "4"
Q:In the NC lathe fixture once a workpiece, processing multiple parts, the program how to write?
There is the use of m98, m99, G50.

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