CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine Tool CNC EDM Machine

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CNC EDM machine

1.Travel of work table (X/Y axis):320x500mm

2.Travel of U, V axis:+/- 50mm


The machines characteristics:

1.Make features of big taper, considerable thickness, high efficiency, high precision and new structure etc, lead this industry;

2.There are computer, machine electric and pulse power supply all in the controller;

3.Main computer has two kinds of typessingle board computer and microcomputer;

4.Double CPUs structure in microcomputer, program and control at the same time;

5.Good rigidity, running placidly, strong function, convenient and reliable operation.

Q:Line cutting high-frequency intermittent discharge processing, discharge work properly, do not discharge the table to stop running, how to do
High frequency part from your point of view, the machine is relatively large problem.
Q:What is the electric discharge machine?
EDM is the use of immersion in the working fluid between the two electrodes between the pulse discharge caused by the erosion of the conductive material of the special processing methods, also known as discharge processing or electro-erosion processing, the English referred to as EDM.
Q:What is the metamorphic layer?
Is the phenomenon of micro-cracks, etc. lead to wire cutting mold prone to early wear and tear directly affect the mold blanking gap to maintain and mold edge easy to collapse to shorten the mold life
Q:Evaluation of EDM wire cutting process effect is good or bad, generally used to measure what
The choice of environment: the choice of the environment and the line cutting discharge processing equipment and its operators have a direct relationship, the choice of environmental factors have the following effects: one ﹑ damage to equipment performance and accuracy, to shorten the life of the machine;
Q:Please detail the off-line cutting, thank you!
Japanese factory development with a small computer automatic program design of the line cutting EDM
Q:What is the difference between ultrasonic EDM and ultrasonic machining?
Ultrasonic EDM is a special kind of processing, it is supplemented by ultrasonic vibration of the composite discharge processing methods, but also a multi-disciplinary integrated advanced technology.
Q:Line cutting ground wire is not easy to break the line
For high-speed wire cutting processing, widely used? 0.06 ~ 0.25mm molybdenum wire, because of its resistance to loss, high tensile strength, silk is not easy to become brittle and less broken wire.
Q:What is the line cutting
It not only makes the application of EDM developed, but also has replaced some aspects of EDM perforation, forming processing.
Q:CNC wire cutting machine in the processing process, suddenly no discharge, what is the reason
By the discharge processing erosion conditions constraints, to a certain extent, processing is very unstable, until there is no current discharge short circuit occurs.
Q:Wire cutting processing thickness of how to adjust the parameters
By the discharge processing erosion conditions constraints, to a certain extent, processing is very unstable, until there is no current discharge short circuit occurs.
Our products include Metal Processing machines, Metal Forging machines, special EDM machines, and complete set of equipment machinery & equipments for metallurgy industry, covering 14 kinds of series machines, such as vertical CNC machining centers, horizontal CNC machining centers, CNC plano-type(gantry-type) machining centers, floor type boring and milling machining centers, turning lathes series, grinding machine series, gear processing machine series, milling and boring series, plate shearing series, press brake (plate bending machine) series, plate rolling series, CTL&Slitting production lines, press machine series, EDM series and cold-rolling equipments, etc.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 40.00% Eastern Asia
25.00% Western Europe
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% North America
3.00% South America
2.00% Africa
Company Certifications

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai,Qingdao
Export Percentage 21% - 30%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size:
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Contract Manufacturing
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