Heavy Duty Vertical Cnc Lathe Machine

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heavy duty vertical cnc lathe machine has CE & ISO9001
turning diameter 8000mm
hydrostatic guideway.
workpiece height:3150mm

heavy duty cnc vertical lathe

Max. turning diameter of vertical tool postmm500063008000
Working table diametermm450056007100
Max. height of work-piecemm315031503150
Max. weight of work-piecet505050
Working table range of rotation speedr/min0.28-210.28-210.2-16.8
Working table step of rotation speedstepsteplesssteplessstepless
Horizontal travel of tool postmm276535004200
Crossbeam travelmm280028004500
Power of main motorkw75100100
Weight of machine(approx.)t90110225

heavy duty vertical cnc lathe machine Usage range

a. Turning the internal and external cylindrical surface and plane

b. Turning internal and external conical surface,

c. Grooving

d. Drilling, bearizing, reaming

e. Head face

f. Severance

heavy duty vertical cnc lathe machine Advantage

a Working table adopts hydrostatic guide way.

b.The spindle is to use model NN30(Grade D)bearing and able to turn precisely.

c.Gear case is to use 40Cr gear wheel of gear grinding,which has high precision

and little noise

d.Plastic coated guide ways are wearable

e.Centralized lubricating oil supplying is convenient

f. Castings of lathe are to use lost foam foundry(short for LFF)technique.Castings

are wearable with good quality and dealt by aging.

heavy duty vertical cnc lathe machine Certificate

a.European CE certificate

b. ISO9001:2008 quality management system

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Q:How to identify the travel of a lathe and the maximum diameter of the rotation
C618, C620 the maximum radius of rotation, but he represents the arm when the switch does not interfere with the radius of rotation, such as C61 ...
Q:What is 20 lathes
20 lathe is the spindle center to the bed distance of 200 mm lathe.
Q:Now CNC lathes, what software editing procedures, what language is used
process parameters, tool movement trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle speed, feed, back to eat knife, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward, Cutting fluid on, off, etc.), in accordance with the NC machine tool specified by the instruction code and program format written into the processing program
Q:In the lathe on the processing of cylindrical surface, the accuracy of the general can achieve how much? What is the surface roughness Ra?
In general, the machining of the outer surface of the lathe can be achieved with precision: the accuracy of the outer circle, the precision of the cylinder, the accuracy of the surface roughness (the precision of the surface roughness)
Q:How does the machining accuracy of the lathe
3, shape tolerance: generally with a specific symbol + digital way to represent.
Q:What are the lathe processing materials?
The materials used for the processing of lathes are usually cut steel and copper, easy to cut steel S and phosphorus P high material, sulfur and manganese in the steel is the form of manganese sulfide, and manganese sulfide in the steel
Q:The difference between machine tools and lathes
English name: machine tool) refers to the machine manufacturing machine, also known as the machine or machine tool machine, used to refer to machine tools.
Q:How does the rotation of the CNC lathe and the feed per minute?
Then converted into per minute feed is 600X0.1 per minute is 600MM.
Q:How to use a common lathe around the spring
2. A knife on the side of a square steel, open a hole in the middle.
Q:Why the CNC lathe workpiece with the top after the top of the spindle will ring
Spindle and tailstock are not generated by the heart of the positioning,

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