Sacheted Vermiculite Non Abesto Expanded Vermiculite

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Sacheted Vermiculite & Expanded Vermiculite

1.Product name: Vermiculite

2.Brand name: CNBM

3.H.S Code:2530102000

4.Appearance:silver white color or golden color

5.Type:raw vermicultie ,expanded vermiculite

6.Grade:superfine,fine,medium,large grade

7.Applications :Industrial grade,construction grade ,agricultural grade ,horticultural grade

Raw Vermiculite

Vermiculite gradeVermiculite sizeExpansion ratio       
Super fine0.3-1mm20-40mesh 40-60mesh7-9times
Fine1-2mm   0.7-2mm9-10times
Medium2-4mm 1.4-4mm10-11times
Large3-6mm 4-8mm8-10times



Expanded Vermiculite

Vermiculite gradeVermiculite size                                Bulk density               
Super fine0.3-1mm120-150kgs/m3
Large3-6mm 4-8mm90-120kgs/m3


Raw Vermiculite

Expanded vermiculite





5.Sample is free with 1kgs

6.Price is negotiated





5.Sample is free with 1kgs


6.Price is negotiated

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Q:What kind of stone is vermiculite?
Sometimes, be like the fine soil. Vermiculite is heated to 300 degrees Celsius, it will expand to 20 times and then bent. Vermiculite is a bit like leech (Hirudo commonly known as the leech),
Q:An I doing this right mushrooms ?
It needs to be fertilized by a male geco...if you havea make in their then possibly! On the bright side you know it's a female for sure. Yah if there is no male then there is no possible way it could hatch
Q:I'm doing a science fair project.(what material absorb water.?
You might consider switching the substrate in the incubator to vermiculite rather then using moss. Vermiculite and perlite are the two main recommended substrates for incubation. They surround the eggs better and retain moisture reliably. Wet the vermiculite and then squeeze out as much water as you can by hand. The consistency that you are left with is what you want. Damp enough for the pieces to slightly stick together. I always incubate my corns with an a lid on the egg container with small air holes. There is often enough condensation produced to keep the medium moist through-out the incubation period but occasionally it does have to be re-moistened slightly. In that case lightly drip some water on the substrate in between the eggs. Don't wet the eggs themselves. The hatchlings should be separated from each other to avoid cannibilism and keep track of feeding. Deli containers are ideal, any take-out restaurant in your neighbourhood would likely be willing to sell you enough to house your clutch.
Q:Does the vermiculite contain alkaline? Can it be planted with azalea?
Azalea summer sun shading, should pay attention to warm cold winter. In winter, cultivated in the open field should adopt cold protection measures to ensure its safe wintering. In the ornamental azaleas, Western azalea cold hardiness of the weakest, the temperature dropped to 0 degrees below freezing prone. In addition, when the azalea is cultivated in the north, it is not suitable to use tap water directly whether it is watering or applying fertilizer. It should be acidified and used again when the pH value is about 6. Usually can be appropriate to apply some alum fertilizer, prevention and control of soil alkalization, resulting in yellow leaves fall.
Q:Are these worth while products to use in a garden?
Perfectly ok
Q:How do i measure my perlite and vermiculite for my Leopard Gecko egg incubator in pounds?
Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian. It occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently. It is an industrial mineral and a commercial product useful for its light weight after processing. Vermiculite is a natural clay mineral that expands with the application of heat. The expansion process is called exfoliation and it is routinely accomplished in purpose-designed commercial furnaces. Vermiculite is formed by weathering or hydrothermal alteration of biotite or phlogopite. Large commercial vermiculite mines currently exist in South Africa, China, and Brazil.
Q:Leopard Gecko eggs - incubating?
Well, for sure not in the Languages category of Yahoo! Answers.
Q:How to use vermiculite or perlite with existing lawn?
That stuff isn't very safe to breathe, same with perlite. It breaks into little flat flakes and dust that sticks to everything. I just imagine how messy it would be. Plus unless it's wet it's so light that a slight breeze could blow it around, and with static electicity it would be all over the cat's fur. But I'd be interested to see how it would actually work.
Q:how to measure out a 2:1:1 ratio of ingredients?
Vermiculite holds moisture and helps hold nutrients and perlite helps with drainage.
Q:Asphalt expansion vermiculite process and material requirements
1, the use of artificial mixing, it is not appropriate to use mechanical agitation, you can first quantitative cement and vermiculite dry mixing evenly, pour a proper amount of water, mixing evenly.2, due to the expansion of vermiculite absorbent faster, construction is best to transport raw materials to the laying site, with mixing shop, in order to ensure accurate water and sand, to ensure the quality of the project.3, heat insulation layer of virtual thickness, generally for the design thickness of 130% (not including leveling layer), paving with wood solid to the design thickness.

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