Resistive Touch Screen LCD Monitor TU 718A

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200 set
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30000 set/month
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Technical Data



Display Size


Housing Color


Aspect Ratio

16:9 (Wide Screen)



Power supply

12V DC


Dual inputs



Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angel(U/D/L/R)

35/ 50/ 55/ 55

Blue screen

Video signal disappears with automatic appearance of the blue screen


· Support Wireless Gamepad

· Earphone Port

· USB&SD Card Port for movies, music, E-book and photos/charging cell phones

· SD card port with lock to prevent cards being taking by passengers

· Brand-new Digital Panels 

· Resistive Touch screen

· Monitors’ angle can be 45 degrees adjusted so that the passengers can still see the pictures clearly when the front seats lean back


· Wireless gamepad (+ USD 3 dollars/pc)

Delivery Time

within 15 days after deposit arrives (for 200pcs)

Payment Conditions

30% PRE T/T, 70% Before Delivery



Packing & Delivery

Packaging Detail:honeycomb  carton
Delivery Detail:10-15days


bus advertising
Support play video with connected photo and roll-text
support USD SD CF
Support cut-in broadcasting


  1. For buses, subways, retail stores, airports. etc.

  2. Automatically boot playback, repeat loop playback, timer switch

  3. Text, picture, videos, play together, scroll playback

  4. Split-screen play. custom split-screen display

  5. Support muti-picture playback, musical background

  6. Customized shell color, Logo

  7. Input voltage:9-36V

  8. USB port, CF card, SD card

  9. Can be customized WIFI,TOUCH,FUNCTION

The prices are valid except for costs increase because of unexpected factors such as 1) increasing cost for raw material; 2) increasing cost of labor. 


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