Prism Shape Power Bank/ Portable Charger/ Mobile Power Bank

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Product Description:

Product Description

2600mAh Prism Shape Power Bank/ Portable Charger/ Mobile Power Bank

As a mobile communication device, mobile phone has become a part of the human life can not lack.
Mobile phone and tablets provide convenience to our life, we can use them to make a phone call, sending Message, surfing internet, playing games and even commercialactivities. Such the colorful function, make The power can not meet the needs of people every day. Therefore, power bank has gradually become an Indispensable partner and backer of mobile phone and other portable electronic products.

Power Bank keeps your devices on all the time. You can play games anytime and anywhere.
Boss gets mad at you when you miss the meetings, just because your phone is out of battery.
All the things you worry will no longer exist. Power bank will never be out of battery.
Power bank is playing an important role in competing with other competitors on business. It can supply enormous power for those who want to make great profit in business.
Nowadays, portable electronic products have become a trend. As a result, our power bank can bring
Convenience to your life.

Δ Feature Δ

1)Power bank, mobile charger, portable charger, mobile power, portable power,
Mobile phone charger, external battery charger, portable power bank, mobile power bank, powerbank
2)Intelligen micro-controller power managerment solutions, stable and high efficiency. With Super Protection function; Core intelligence protection; Overcharge protection; Discharge protection and Leakage protection to prevent any possible damages.
3)With 2600 mAh quality lithium polymer battery, it can charge a mobile phone about 1 times.
4)Flexible recharging of Power bank via notebook USB port or wall adapter with USB charging cable.
5)Take with this sleek, stylish portable charger with you wherever you go for almost any smart phone, Tablet PC, eReader, MP3 player and MANY other devices.

Δ Specifications Δ

*Capacity: 2600mAh
*Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
*Input: 5V/1A
*Output: 5V/1A
*Measurement: 92*35*25mm
*Weight: 76g
*Lifespan: ≥ 500 times
*Color: Blue, green, yellow, pink, black, white
*Products States: One LED indicator, one USB extra

1. Overcurrent protection
When the current increasing in an exception, power bank immediately
Start voltage buffer fuction, ensure the voltage in a steady state at any time.,
Avoid cause your charging device any damage.
2. Short circuit protection
When there is a short circuit occur in external device, power bank start
Protection function, shut down the supply and avoid short circuit damage.
3. Overheat protection
When the power bank work long in high temperature environments(Exceed 60 degrees),
Power bank will not be dangerous due to the high temperatures.
4. Overdischarge protection
When power bank discharge reached the critical point, the circuit automatic start
Protection function and stop discharge.
5. Overcharge protection
Long time charge for mobile power supply or use power bank charge for the phone.
When reach saturation point, system automatically shut down, avoiding the overload problems.
6. Overvoltage protection
Long time charge for mobile power supply or use power bank charge for the phone,
When reach saturation point, in order to prevent over-voltage, the system automatically turns off.

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