Stone Shape Portable Power Bank

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Product Description

Stone Shape Portable Power BankStone Shape Portable Power BankStone Shape Portable Power Bank
1. Single USB output
2. battery indicator
3. Automatic recognition of charge and discharge
4. Advanced SMPS management, rational circuit layout, power consumption lowe to 20μA
5. Protection from overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit
6. Available colours: black, blue, green, yellow
7. Capacity: 3000mah/3600mah/4000mah/4400mah/5200mah

OEM, support.

About our company

Hongkong Greatchip Electronics CO. Ltd was established at 2009. We are a professional and experienced manufacturer of mobile phone accessories. We have 5 years of industrial design experience.

We focus on product research, developing and production of mobile phone accessories. Our products include the wide range of cases, chargers, cables, earphones, screen protectors, stylus pen. We also have more than 10 inventions and patent like HC, SHOWKOO, IMATCH. Besides, we have accumulated abundant experience in ODM and OEM operations. Our mainly markets are Europe, United States, Australia, Middle East, Southeast, Asia and so on. Since our founding date, , the company adhering to the purpose of Honesty first, Efficiency first, Customer foremost, Service foremost services to the customer. Has developed a reputation of excellence from customers at home and abroad.

We will strive to produce the highest quality products supported with the highest quality, after-sales service. Looking forward to be your friends and strategic partner for sustainable development.

Why choose us?

We have the superb development team, A well-equipped production line. Creative innovation, Best Quality. Best quality control.

We have the most excellent, aggressive, United team. Learning more, tranining more. We are ommitted to give you the best service.

1Lead time2-3 days after payment received, OEM order depend on qty.
2Shipping DHL, Fedex, EMS, UPS, China Post, HK Post.
3PaymentAccept Paypal, TT, Western Union, LC etc.  
4Warranty All products with 3 month warranty
Our warranty does not extended to any products that are physically damaged
5Return policyWe accept return in 7 days if there is any quality problem (proof or photos need)

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