pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

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pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

3 MACHINE WITH SPACIAL SCREWS for your reference

pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

our technical advantage

pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

our packing:

 Fine package on pallet. In case of  the size and weight requirment, it will be loaded in seperated containers.

Our Services

1. Our manufactory team will help you to choose the TYD machines to match your production demand

2. We apply the OEM service to meet your production requirment 

3. Our after-sale service will help you to maintain the machine in proper condition

Company Information

our factory is one of the professional plastic injection molding machinery manufactury in China

The characteristics of the machines are high efficiency and energy saving, the spec are from 50 grams to 20000 grams.

We have 100 sales and service facilities were founded in China and overseas market.

Up to now, our products have sold in Brazil, Pakistan, Russia and other places.

We have passed the ISO 9001:2008 and CE certification.  

The main parts of the machine come from Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and other countries. 

pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products

pp disposable food box plastic injection molding machine for thin wall products


Q. How to choose the TYD injection molding machine?

A. It based on the mold size and mold stroke according to products weight and dimension, wall thickness, properly clamping force and combined with the injection pressure. Our work team will help you to make the good choice if you can apply the products spec.

Q. Do you OEM?

A. Yes, our OEM team would like to work with you. 

Q. where is your factory location?

A. we are located in Zhoushan seacost City which  is near the Shanghai and Ningbo city. your are welcome to visit our factory.

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Q:How much is a new injection molding machine, mainly mobile phone shell?
Do mobile phone shell now is dedicated to PC material, PC material barrel and screw, injection molding machine must be bought for the number 100 is enough, the price should be between 10-12 million, depending on the brand and
Q:How big is the minimum injection molding machine?
Industrial products, minimum injection molding machine, about 12-15 grams [injection volume]If used in scientific research, it can be made specially,
Q:110 tons injection molding machine injection quantity is how many grams?
This specific is too clear, you still go to ask the professionals in the field of injection molding machine
Q:How will the screw speed of injection molding machine be adjusted slowly?
Injection molding machine screw speed, first, adjust the injection molding machine pre molding pressure and flow, and then adjust the back pressure
Q:Injection molding machine rankings?
Haida machine, A Well-Known Trademark in China, national Mianjian products, high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang famous trademarks, China Plastic Machinery Industry Association executive director of the unit.
Q:What are the categories of injection molding machines? 5
As the structure and types of injection molding products are relatively large, the injection molding machine used for molding injection products is also more. The injection machine is classified according to the following ways:1. classify the raw materials by plasticization and injection.2., according to the injection machine configuration, different classification.3. classification according to the processing capacity of injection molding machine.4. according to the special use of the injection machine classification.According to the classification of raw materials plasticizing and injection methods, the injection machine can be divided into: (1) plunger type, (2) reciprocating screw type and (3) screw, plasticizing plunger, injection type three.According to the structure of the injection machine, it can be divided into: (1) vertical injection molding machine, (2) horizontal injection machine, (3) angle injection machine, (4) multimode injection machine, (5) combined injection machine.According to the size of the processing capacity to the injection machine classification, can be divided into: (1) ultra small injection machine, (2) small injection molding machine, (3) medium-sized injection molding machine, (4) large injection machine (5) super large injection molding machine.By use of the injection machine can be divided into: (1) general injection machine, injection machine exhaust (2), (3) high speed precision injection machine, injection machine (4), (5) three plastic shoes injection head single mold injection machine, double head two (6) injection mould injection molding machine.
Q:What exactly does the KO hole in the injection mold mean? Where is the general position?
Sometimes according to the actual situation of mold to open several KO hole, then to determine the other KO hole position according to the injection molding machine of the dynamic template parameters for dynamic injection molding machine has opened many holes as the top stick.
Q:What does an injection maker do?
The main job of the injection molding machine is to operate the injection molding machine to produce the plastic shell. The size of the shell is directly related to the size of the mold. The principle of the injection molding machine is to melt the plastic pellets through the heating system of the injection molding machine into the mold, into the shape of the mold, and then cool down through the cooling channel in the mold, shape, and then release into a product. All rubber products are similar in injection molding, such as soles, cups, finishing boxes, etc.. The work principle is quite the same.An injection molding worker is one of the common line workers. Injection molding workers generally stand up and work harder.
Q:List of injection molding machines
Nippon Steel JSW, NISSEI and NISSEI the United States UBE Ube brand: Cincinnati CINCINNATI domestic or Hong Kong and Taiwan: Haitian, Zhenxiong, Jia Ming, Donghua and so on.
Q:How to maintain the injection molding machine?
The inspection before use is mainly divided into the following steps:1, first of all, check the fuel tank to determine the amount of oil in the standard2. Then check the room heat and oil temperature. The oil should be preheated at room temperature. The room temperature should be treated as heat sink3, and finally check the pressure gauge, whether the swing is serious, can return to zero and mileage statusThe inspection in use is divided into the following steps1. start, overflow valve to minimum pressure2. check and adjust the regulating pressure of overflow valve, whether the continuous rise and fall evenly, all normal, and then transferred to set pressure3. oil pump oil shell electromagnet inspection, the oil temperature 20 degrees -50 degree is normal, the pump shell temperature is 10 degrees higher than the room temperature, -30 degree is normal4. oil leak check5. noise and vibration inspection6. pressure gauge check7. the work of electrical components and the reliability of safety devices are examined8. the fastening nut and screw of each column and cylinder element are looseAfter use, that is, after checking downtime:1. tank oil surface inspection2. check the hydraulic components3., the valve handle position should be restored to the "pressure relief", "stop", "back" position.4. check whether the control switch button and electrical components are loose and sensitive5. machine column and oil bearing movable connection, moving parts filling lubricating oil6. turn off the power and do the work safely

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