Powerful bagged canister vacuum cleaner with ERP Class A#B82

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950 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: B82



Cord length 5m

Dust capacity 2.0L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder


Product size:310*256*205mm

Giftbox Size:410*280*260mm


Loading QTY:980/2060/2285pcs


700W  :Energy A,Carpet E,Floor A,160W suction power

800W  :Energy B,Carpet F,Floor B

800W  :Energy B,Carpet E,Floor A

1000W :Energy C,Carpet D,Floor A

1200W :Energy D,Carpet D,Floor A

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC


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Q:which is more powerful for suction, 2 amps motor or 15.6 volts motor for vacuum?
the electrical measure of the motor will not tell you how good the suction is. Two vacuum cleaners with the same motor type could have very different suction strength due to the motor design and even the design of the hoses. Honestly, I have never owned a Eureka, but the company has been making vacuum cleaners of high quality for a long time. If those are your two choices - go with the Eureka.
Q:What in your opinion truly sucks with stuff in general?
People. That's the only thing I have a problem with. Individuals are fine, but when the get in a group look out. They turn into idiots.
Q:Are commercial vacuum cleaners available for home use?
Most of the time commercial vacuums are not much different than house hold machine. The usually the only difference is the grounded cord and the machine is warranted for commercial use. The Sanitaire is Eurekas' commercial name. Royal also has a commercial back pack. Thanks, Aaron
Q:Any unintended consequences of Vacuum Cleaners?
I noticed you brought that up on Patient PAws question about this. I am confused though, is it for SELLING 50 dogs, or BREEDING 50 dogs (as in 50 b*tches or a mix). WOuld you be OK with the cap on a number of dogs you can own, or not counting co-ownership (though that could mean that puppy mills would just have 100 owners of the dogs and they could be called boarding facilities) The laws already on the books are too vague and expensive to enforce, and while I will admit I don't know specifics about the laws we have it seems like capping the number of dogs is an easy way to monitor things other than specific laws about conditions that can be more easily avoided. I think that a reaonable cap is a good idea, though like you point out what is reasonable is up for discussion. How many puppies can a responsible breeder be connected to in a year? 100? 150? FInd some number less than the worst of the worst puppy mills but above the good breeders. It isn't a magic cure, just a start. I think the real answer to stopping puppy mills is for people to stop buying, but laws certainly would speed up the process. I was just thinking about all the arguments for laws with animals. People say we need to fucus on our problems but with animals the sad part is they have easy solutions! If people would only get pets they could afford and leave breeding to the people who know what they are doing, there would be no need for shelters and those resources coudld be put to work on arguably more important but much more complicated problems! I would like to see something done, I know that nothing will make this just go away but I think SOME step is necessary. And if nothing else, talking about this law is helping educate people about puppy mills, so be thankful for that part of it at least. Pets are a luxury, why do we even need to waste money on these issues!? It sickenss me that people are so irresponsible we need to be baysat like that.
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Lost Suction?
What type of vacuum do you own (make/model #)? If you could tell me the make/model then I could probably help you a little better. However, if the vacuum you own cost less than $100, then unfortunately it's probably time to buy a new one. Most cheap vacuums tend to loose suction over time, and repairing them can cost almost as much as a new one. It sounds like you have purchased quite a few vacuums, and are probably tired of doing so. Unfortunately, it seems that most vacuum manufacturers now days make vacuums so they only last 3-5 years (and some even less). However, there still are some good vacuums for less than $150 (if you do need to purchase one): the Shark Navigator is a great one and comes with a 5 Year Warranty, the Eureka Airspeed Bagless is another great one that doesn't cost that much. If you want to have a vacuum that will last 20 years, then you are going to need to spend a little more money. If you can do this, then I would recommend looking at a Miele - they have some great options, and are tested to literally run for 20 years, and come with a 7 year warranty. They are expensive, but if you take into consideration the cost of 5+ cheap vacuums, then it's not that bad in the long-run. Anyways, I hope this helps. Good luck.
Q:What are the most common problems do you face with vacuum cleaners ?
The most common problems people have with their vacuums are: 1. They are too heavy to carry up and down stairs. 2. The attachments get lost. 3. The canister vacuums get tangled and caught on furniture. 4. The cords get in the way and easily fall out of the electrical socket. 5. They are too powerful and suck up bathroom rugs and fringe on rugs, or not enough suction. 6. Hardwood floor attachments only have a small hole in the center instead of the entire width of the attachment. 7. Rug beater (carpet attachments) eat rugs and get hair wrapped around the beater bar. 8. They are too loud. 9. Bags are difficult to find and are expensive. 10. Bagless vacuums are difficult to empty. 11. They start to smell like something is burning. Hope that helps!
Q:What should I do with an old vacuum cleaner?
If you don't want it, put it up on okorder.com under free stuff. I guarantee someone will want it for scrap or to try and restore.
Q:How to repair the vibration lever of vacuum cleaner?
If the brush has worn off, replace the brush. If the end cap, flange or casing is damaged, it also needs replacing. Replace the whole vibration lever if necessary
Q:best vacuums cleaners on the market today?
i've got tried a Dyson before and it grew to become into spectacular. I went on line and started procuring for one when I discovered that individuals had many courtroom circumstances on the subject of the Dyson. human beings have observed that the canister cracks particularly and it somewhat is tough to interchange. Then i began examining on the subject of the Bissell healthful domicile Vac and individuals have been raving approximately it. I examine greater helpful comments approximately this vacuum than the Dyson. i offered one for $250 (plus tax) and it somewhat is spectacular! I even have 2 cats, one medium and one long haired. you won't have faith how lots hair it possibilities up each and every time I vacuum. I vacuumed my residences popcorn ceiling by using fact it catches the cat's hair and it grew to become into like I pulled 4 stay cats of the the ceiliing. The hose is super and long and there are a minimum volume of attachments. the appropriate ingredient of all is that it somewhat is a million/2 the value of the Dyson. It additionally has a HEPA filtration device. it somewhat is amazing and does basically a sturdy of a job as a Dyson, possibly greater valuable. in case you seek for Bissell healthful domicile you may desire to locate sites that sell it and there could desire to be comments approximately it besides. it somewhat is great and that i like it.
Q:Im looking for a vacuum part?
Call a shop that repairs vacuum cleaners and ask.

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